Wonderful And Unique teacher gifts For appreciation

Have you ever thought about how motivated your favorite teacher(s) will be anytime you present him/her a gift?

unique teacher gifts

From a teacher’s perspective, I always feel honored when my students appreciate me with gifts. There is a family I really love and appreciate because of how they value me anytime I come to teach their children. The family is one of the few families that understood the importance of appreciation gifts for their children teachers.

Let me give a brief of how I was being treated by the family. I was served a nice meal the first time I went to their house to take the children home lesson. This came to me as a surprise because I wasn’t expecting it. This became a frequent treat for the parents to me. Sincerely I always enjoy the treat because it makes me feel appreciated as a teacher and not only that I made sure I gave their children the best of me. As if that is all, on my wedding day, I received a lot of gifts from the parents and even from their children like a towel (by the children), rice cooker, cash, souvenirs that I distributed on the day, etc. These gifts are what I term unique teacher gifts

I came from the part of the world where government, parents, school administrators, etc. don’t appreciate teachers but when you see few that do, it makes you feel good, makes you committed to delivering the best, and make your students your topmost priority.

Now to the main reason for this articles: unique teacher gifts

It will be easy for you to know the type of gifts to give to your teachers if you are close to them because you would prior information about what they cherish. One of the qualities of a good teacher is that he/she appreciates whatever gift you give to him/her. However, I will list some unique gifts you can give your teachers.

An artistic work

If you are good at art and design, you can give your teacher a portrait. This is will make him sense the deep value you have for him in putting such down for him/her. Anything you do yourself and present to him/her will be highly appreciated. More examples of such things include a school bag, a pair of sandal, flower vase, etc. provided they are made by you in any way, it will be highly appreciated.

A poem

You can get a card and write a lovely poem for your favorite teachers. Personally, I love to read poems written by my students to appreciate me as a gift.

A gift of good words

Words like thank you or you are special, you are the best, you are looking great etc. are also a great way to appreciate the impact your teachers have made on you. A colleague made a negative comment about our students; he said “since the time I have been preparing students for international exams, none of them have appreciated him with the word thank you save one girl” This shows how much teachers value good words from the students although you may not know they love it. A good word is like medicine to the heart, it makes it more active and eager to deliver more great things. This is one of the cheapest gifts you can give to your favorite teacher(s) which majority of student doesn’t know how far such gift can go. Although it cheap but it is a powerful tool to make your teachers feel appreciated.

Celebrate your favorite teacher during his/her birthday day

You might want to give him/her biscuits, teddy bear cake for your female teacher(s), birthday song, birthday card etc.

Christmas gifts or end of the year gifts

No matter how small such gift is, personally I do like when my students give me things during Christmas or end of the year. Cultivate the habit of buying Christmas gift or end of the year gifts for your favorite teachers. These gifts include Christmas hamper filled with cookies, beverages, chocolate, wine etc. or Christmas baskets, perfume, shirts, Christmas card, lovely end of the year message or Christmas message, etc. I know of a family that used to give their children’s teachers creates of eggs.  It is not about the gift or the value of it but it is at the heart of appreciation coming from the students or parents to the teachers.

Finally, there is nothing too small or too big to give to your teachers, they are the set of people that their works need to be valued and appreciated. And also they see the presents as a unique teacher gifts that will stay long in their heart.

Bolarinwa Olajire

A lecturer, Educationist, PhD student at FUNAAB, and a Blogger.

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