Advantages and Disadvantages of Studying Abroad For Students

It is now common among students from developing countries aspiring to study abroad. And this is because of the poor or fallen standard of education in their country and numerous opportunities that await them abroad. Every student yarns for an environment that is conducive, aid learning, and where they can get value for their money. Some students even debate it that it is more beneficial to study abroad than in Nigeria or some developing countries. However, studying abroad has its own disadvantages which will be discussed in this article.

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Advantages of studying abroad or why it is more beneficial to study abroad

(1) Good educational policy and high investment in education by overseas’ government

Quality of education depends on good policy and the amount invested in it.  Majority of students prefer to study abroad because of the quality of education they are going to receive. Majority of Universities abroad have well-equipped libraries and laboratories, good lecturers, and conducive environment for learning. And these are possible because priority is given to education by their government.

(2) No industrial action by academic staff

One of the diseases that have plaque education in Nigeria is frequently industrial action by the academic and non-academic staff of the universities. This has had a negative effect on the quality of education in Nigeria. Whereas in abroad there is no industrial action by lecturers, and this has helped the Universities abroad by making their academic calendar stable; students know when they will graduate without any delay

(3) Opportunities

There are different opportunities that students tend to enjoy when study abroad. For example, scholarships are available, grants, student loan, teaching assistants, etc. These makes make a little bit easy for students having financial difficulties to further his/her education.

(4) Career advantage

In Africa, a certificate from universities abroad is more valued to the indigenous certificate. This may look wild but it is the fact. You are given preference by employers when you have your or or Ph.D. from Universities in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, etc. And the reason is that most employers believe that certificates abroad have more weight and the holder is well equipped for the job.

(4) International exposure

A touch of international exposure makes a lot of difference in your education. It makes you well equipped and grounded in your field of study. Studying abroad removes some limitation out of your way. For example, there is some scientific research that can only be carried out abroad due to the latest technology available in some of their laboratories.

(5) Opportunity to see world from different views and be globally relevant

I believe you will agree with me that traveling is part of education. It isn’t too good to limit yourself to the four corners of your country, exploring other countries will make you globally relevant. You will see the world from different perspectives via your interaction with people from a background totally different from yours.


Disadvantages of studying abroad

As good as studying abroad might be, it has its own disadvantage(s). The disadvantages are discussed below:

(1) Education is expensive abroad

For example, in Nigeria, it will cost you on average N400, 000 ($1274) to finish your four-year course in the University whereas this same cost isn’t enough to for your first year in US or UK or Canada. This means if you are not on scholarship abroad, you will have to work tirelessly for you to fund your education.

(2) Brain drain

Migration of skilled human resources in search of the better standard of living and quality of life, attractive salaries, world-class education, opportunities for career advancement has a negative effect on developing countries. Many of the students who studied abroad never return home and this has impaired the development of their home country.

(3) Negative influence

Some students have been negatively influenced due to the new environment they find themselves.

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