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8 Steps To Pass Post UTME With Ease And Successfully

You can pass Post UTME if you are determined and know what to do for you to achieve a good score. I was happy when the minister for education in Nigeria lifted the ban on Post-UTME. The reason for my joy was because I also gained admission into one of the best Universities in Nigeria via this screening exercise.

Post UTME gives a level playing ground to all students to proof to the school that they were the one that wrote University and Tertiary Matriculation Examination. And this is the reason why most universities in Nigeria conduct Post UTME for all aspiring candidates.

According to the management of University of Ibadan, empirical and verifiable data available at the University of Ibadan have shown convincingly that there has been a considerable improvement in the quality of students admitted into the University since the Post-UTME template was introduced.

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There is an incidence I will never forget about one of my students, he had 253 in UTME and wanted to study Medicine and Surgery at the University of Ibadan. If there were no post-JAMB, he would probably not have met the cut-off mark.

Post-UTME was conducted, he passed post-utme and he came out with the highest Post UTME score conducted by UI. Afterwards, he was offered an admission to study Medicine and Surgery and also given a scholarship at the same institution.

The reason why I gave the above point is to tell you that your JAMB score without a good Post JAMB score won’t help you to gaining admission into Nigeria universities.

Also some candidates are interested in knowing the number of questions set in Post UTME. The thing is it depends on schools, some give 20 0r 50 questions per subject. But I will advise you to lay hand on past questions to know the numbers of questions that would be set.

8 Steps To Pass Post UTME With Ease And Successfully

In order for you to pass Post UTME there are steps you have to follow to aid your preparation and the points listed below are steps to prepare for Post UTME.

  1. Source for past questions of your chosen institution

This will give you a hint of how their questions are structured. And if you are smart enough, you will know which questions occur frequently. Any question you see that occurs frequently should be treated and mastered.

  1. Go through UTME past questions

Majority of the universities or Polytechnics may not have the time to set new questions. And all they do is to pick questions from past UTME questions. It is now required of you to treat all UTME past questions for you to pass post-UTME successfully.

  1. Go through recommended textbooks

This is needed for you to understand some questions you might be having difficulty to answer. Once you are able to understand it, it has become part of you.

  1. Work on your speed and accuracy

You are going to be graded base on the number of questions you are able to answer and not the other way round. This means you must be fast and accurate. This is a competition and an opportunity to get your chosen course. You have thousands of people competing with you and you need to work your way out so as to be among those that will be offer admission.

  1. Have a relatively good O/level result

Sometimes, some institution might decide to have a screening exercise base on your O/level and UTME score. It may be graded 50/50, 60/40, 40/60 respectively for O/level and UTME score. If your O/level result isn’t too good, it will affect your overall grade.

  1. Stay relaxed

You should find a place close to the venue that you can sleep over before the day of the exam. You should avoid travelling down to the venue on that very day. Travelling to the venue on that day will increase your tension and affect your performance.

  1. Get to the venue on time

Getting to the venue of the exam late is one of the reasons why students don’t pass Post UTME. Be punctual!

  1. Be confident and believe in your ability to excel

Many people have written the test and passed very well, so don’t allow fear to steal away your chance of gaining admission.

Study hard by crossing the t’s and dotting the I’s, this is your chance to gain admission into your desired institution and to study your chosen course.


Any of the past questions can be use to prepare for the screening test with your UTME past questions. I wish you the best in your screening exercise.

Free downloads of Post UTME past questions for some Universities are available below for downloads. The material below will help you to pass Post UTME.

Bolarinwa Olajire

A tutor with a demonstrated history of working in the education industry. Skilled in analytical skills. Strong education professional with a M. SC focused in condensed matter. You can follow me on Twitter by clicking on the icon below to ask questions.

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