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Preparatory Guide Physics is made for students who wants to write UTME. Post-UTME, Cambridge A-Level, and JUPEB. This revision guide (E-book) will help you to focus on the main point you need in each topic.

Are you a student looking for:

  • Advanced level physics notes pdf
  • Cambridge international as and a level physics revision guide
  • UTME and Post UTME Physics revision guide
  • WAEC and NECO Prepartaory guide

Then this Physics revision guide is for you. I compiled this revision guide from different notes I have used to prepare my students for Cambridge A level, UTME, and Post-UTME Physics.

Each topic in the E-book has a lot of worked examples that will make you understand physics easily and to pass it excellently in your exams.

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The topics covered in preparatory guide physics E-book are:

1.  Physical quantities and measurement

2.  Kinematics

3.  Dynamics, motion and conservation of linear momentum

4.  Moment of a force, couple and inclined plane

5.  Circular motion: Periodic motion

6.  Deformation of solid: Elasticity

7.  Work, Energy, and Power

8.  Oscillation

9.  Wave motion

10. Stationary wave, Interference, and Diffraction

11. Simple Machine

12. Optics

13. Current of Electricity

14. Direct Current

15. Electric Field

16. Capacitance of Capacitor

17. Gravitational Field

18. Nuclear Physics

19. Ideal Gas

20. Gas Law

21. Magnetic Field

22. Surface Tension

23. Heat Energy

24. Alternating Current

25. Conduction through liquids

26. Basic Electronics

27. Quantization of Energy

28. Application Physics

Lastly, after downloading this notes you also have a privilege to ask any question that you are finding difficult in Physics as you prepare for your exams by leaving a comment below.

Download the full chapters of Physics Preparatory Guide for Cambridge A level, UTME, and Post-UTME by clicking on Physics Preparatory Guide AS & A level, UTME and Post UTME

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