6 Exam Preparation Study Tips for Students

The top exam preparation study tips are discussed in this article. This will help you to adequately prepare for the exam and at the same time ace the exam. Below are the 6 top exam preparation study tips:

1. Give yourself enough time to study

The best thing to do is to start studying months before the exam. This will help you to master the preparatory materials and be fully prepared for the exam. Don’t leave it until the last minute. While some students do seem to thrive on last-minute cramming, it’s widely accepted that this is not the best way to approach an exam for most people. People who may have difficulty on how to read and understand, need enough time to digest the material.

2. Know the study pattern that works best for you

For you to assimilate better during your study time, you must know the pattern that works best for you.

Make sure you feel as comfortable and able to focus as possible. This can be achieved by getting rid of all distraction. For some people, this may mean almost complete silence, for others, background music helps. Some of us concentrate and assimilate better in the early hours of the day, while others thrive in the mid-day. Think about what works for you, and take the time to get it right.

3. Practice past questions

One of the most effective ways to prepare for exams is to practice taking past questions. I have discovered that examination bodies, teachers, and lecturers don’t have all the time to set entire new questions. They majorly rely on past versions of the exam. Having said this, practicing taking past versions will help you get used to the format of the questions, and this will help your confidence level before and during the exams.

4. Organize study groups with colleagues

There was a particular exam I was preparing for and I had a problem with a particular question I saw in the past questions during my study session. I was able to get the solution to the question when a friend in my study group explained the solution to me. The most interesting thing is that the question came out in the exam. What this means is that study groups will help facilitate learning and it is effective way to challenge yourself.

5. Plan your exam day

The first thing you need to do a day before your exam day is to get everything you need ready. Don’t be like some people who will be arranging what they need on the exam day in a hurry. One of the dangers of doing things in a hurry on the exam day is that you might forget all you have read. And this is why people fail an exam.

Moreover, you should make sure that you get to the exam venue one hour before the exam. This can be achieved when you plan your route and journey time. If possible, visit the venue a day before the exam. If not, write down clear directions.

6. Drink a reasonable amount of water before you enter the exam hall

According to Gorska, “Water supplies the brain with energy for all brain functions, including thinking and memory processes. When the brain is functioning with the necessary amount of water, we are capable of faster thinking, better focus, mental clarity, and creativity.” And when the brain is functioning maximally success is guaranteed in the exam.

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