Basic Tips For Fresher in Nigerian University

The first day for fresher in the University is a day of excitement and joy. You have crossed the hurdle of WAEC, JAMB, and Post-UTME, and a new chapter has just been opened.  You are now in a life of your dream and a community that is far different from your high school or secondary school.

I can’t deny the fact that some fresher may not be 100% happy because they were unable to be offered their preferred course of study. However, the joy of being in a university sometimes erodes such sad feeling of not studying the chosen field.

Parents and guardians are happy for your success, and their expectation is for you to make the best use of the new life you just found yourself.

As a fresher or first-year student, you have to manage this excitement so that it won’t rob you of your primary aim in the school.

I remember one of our best students when I was in secondary school gained admission into the University of Ibadan (UI) to study medicine. Because of his inexperience of how to survive in the University, he joined bad gangs, and it hurts his life. The expectation on him was so high that we thought he would outshine his peers in medical school, but he just managed to graduate.

In order not to have a bad experience as a first-year student in Nigeria University, kindly follow the survival tips below.

4 Tips for Freshers in Nigerian University

  1. Define your aim and objectives on your first day

Your goal is the expected result after your graduation, and your objectives are the steps to achieve the purpose. For example, you can say I want to be the best student in my department by having a CGPA of 4.9. Then you will now draw out steps on how to achieve the 4.9 CGPA.

As a fresher, if you don’t have an aim and objectives, you will be carried away with any form of wind on campus. Campus life in Nigeria is fun because it is loaded with different activities that can make you lose focus if you haven’t drawn the map of your life.

One of the things that almost affected me when I was on campus was that I did not draw the map for my life. I wasn’t 100% happy because I wanted to study Electrical/Electronics and I found myself studying Physics Electronics. I wasn’t excited, so I didn’t put in much effort. It was in the second year that I got things right, and I was able to graduate with Second Class Upper.

Regardless of the course of study, draw a plan for your life and follow through.

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  1. Move with the right people

If you move with the wise, you will be wise, but the companion of fools shall be destroyed. It isn’t anybody that comes your way that you will become their friend. You have to decisively and intentionally choose your friend. Choose a friend that will add value to your life and not the ones that will take you out of your plan.

  1. Understand your new terrain

As a fresher, you must understand how things work in the school in your first year. Know where to go and where not to go, appreciate your lecturers and their style of setting questions. What I am driving at here is that you should get acquainted with the university environment as soon as possible.

  1. Play when it is right to do so

There are so many activities in the university that are very interesting. However, don’t allow them to affect your primary purpose.

One of the things I do recommend for students to participate in while at the university that will contribute positively to their life are a sport, politics, and social day

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