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How to gain admission into the University of Ibadan

University of Ibadan is the first university in Nigeria and it was established in 1948. Her mission is academic excellence geared towards meeting societal needs.

UI undergraduate admission is purely on merit. However, being offer admission into any tertiary institution especially UI admission is not an easy job, hard work is required in order to be offered admission into your desired course.

University of Ibadan, UI is the best university in Nigeria and that is what makes the university one of the most chosen universities by applicants in JAMB. Due to this, the requirements for admission into UI is of high standard when compared to other universities.

That said, you must meet all the UI admission requirements before you can stand a chance of being offered admission into the institution.

The unfortunate scenerio I have seen is that many students are only wishing to study in UI without giving the required effort, smartness, and intelligent needed to gain admission into the school. For you to gain admission into UI there is a need for you to count the cost before you embark on the journey. If you desire to study any of the course below it is important to be aware of the requirements and be ready to meet them.

The courses I will discuss their admission requirements in this article are Medicine and Surgery, Pharmacy, Electrical / Electronics engineering, Mechanical engineering, Nursing, Civil engineering, Architecture e.t.c. And the reason is that they are courses with the highest number of applicants in JAMB.

Download free post-UTME past questions and read tips on how to pass post-UTME

Different schools with different requirements and the level of competitions also differ for each school. Below are the admission requirements for some certain courses in UI.

Some Courses Offer in University of Ibadan (UI) and their Admission Requirements

This is one of the institutions that students like to choose as their first choice to study Medicine and Surgery, Nursing, Pharmacy, Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering, Civil engineering, e.t.c.

It is important that your WASSCE results must be relatively okay: you must have at least Mathematics(B), English(B), Chemistry(B), Biology(B), Physics(B) and any other subject for your chance to be relatively high.

This means that you must sit tight and prepare very well for your WASSCE. Your preparation must start now.

UTME is the next exam to sit down for and you must be able to score relatively high in the exam. I will advise students to aim at scoring above 250 for you to have good standing.

The reason why you need to score high in JAMB is because UTME score takes 50 percent of the admission percentage distribution.  In the same vein, your UI post UTME score must be relatively high because it makes up the remaining 50 percentage.

Recommended: UI departmental Cut off mark

Medicine and Surgery

University of Ibadan college of medicine admission requirements: below are the requirements for admission into University of Ibadan college of medicine.

UTME subject: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

UTME score for Medicine: I will suggest that you have 250 and above in JAMB

WASSEC result: Five SSCE credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

UI Direct Entry requirement: Most times it is 15 points to study medicine but sometimes it can come down to 14 points. Also UI accepts second class upper in medical related course.

Electrical, Mechanical, Civil Engineering

UTME score: I advise students to aim at scoring above 250 for you to have good standing. This isn’t the cut-off mark but just the opinion of the writer.

UTME subject: Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

WASSEC result: Five SSCE credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and one science subject.

A level requirement: Most times it is 13-16 points but this subject to change.


UI requires 5 ‘O’ level Credits passes at one sitting or six ‘O’ level subjects at 2 sitting to include English. Language, Lit-in-English any other subjects from Arts, Social Sciences or Science.

UTME subject: Any three Arts or Social Science subjects.


UI accepts two ‘A’ level passes but O/L credit passes should include Mathematics and Economics.

UI requires 5 credit passes to include Mathematics, Economics and any two Arts or Social Science subjects.

WASSCE: Mathematics, Economics and any two of Arts or Social Science subjects.

UTME subject: Economics, Mathematics and any of Government, History, Geography, Lit-in-English, French and CRK/IRK.

Computer science

WASSCE result: Five SSCE credit passes to include English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry plus one other science subjects

UTME subject: Mathematics, Physics and one of the Biology, Chemistry, Agric Science, Economics, and Geography.


UI accepts:
(a) UI requires TWO ‘A’ level passes from Arts, Science or Social Science subjects
(b) UI accepts Science subject with a pass in Mathematics

WASSCE result: UI requires 5 ‘O’ level credits in Government/History, English. Language and three other subjects plus at least a pass in Mathematics. UI accepts Science subjects with a pass in Mathematics.

UTME SUBJECTS: Any three subjects.

My advice to students intending to study psychology is that they should make sure they have good WASSCE result and UTME scores(preferably 240 and above) for them to have a better chance.

University of Ibadan undergraduate admission is purely on MERIT and ELDS (Educationally Less Developed State). If you have a good result in your WASSCE, UTME and Cambridge ‘A LEVEL’ for the UTME and DE students, you will definitely be offered an admission. Moreover, UI do put into consideration candidates that come from ELDS and their UI cut off mark is always a little bit lower than those on merit.

University of Ibadan admission portal for undergraduates

UI admission portal for undergraduates is a place where you get all required information on UI admission. Furthermore, you can monitor your admission process through the portal. The link to University of Ibadan admission portal is


For students interested in writing Cambridge A level, you have a great task ahead. Though the task isn’t difficult as some students perceive it to be, You must target AT LEAST 15 points: AAB. My advice to students has been to target 16 points(AAA) for them to be in a very good position. Cambridge A level will enable you to secure admission into 200 level in any institution of your choice. It is also an avenue to strengthen your academic muscles.

For DE students who want to use Cambridge A level result

Sale of Jamb DE forms usually kicks off few days after the Cambridge international exams i.e around mid June.

The form is bought and filled online and a slip would be printed out, one which needs to be photocopied & would be needed for the admission processing.

All that’s left is to follow up on information concerning Admission processing on the school’s website. Application for DE candidates usually comes after the UTME candidates are done with theirs. Instructions on what documents to submit at the school’s Admission office such as the A level statement of result, the Jamb slip and O level are updated on the school’s website. The process of application and documents needed online are also updated on the site.

After the whole online application stress all there is is to wait for the admission list and further screening in school.

For the points required in various courses, it’s usually unknown and undisclosed. Except for people who’s got insiders in Admission processing units who may know the required points. The school drafts the required points after screening the number of applicants in various departments, the performance of candidates and the number of candidates they want in each department. But over the years there’s been a range of required points for various courses. UI direct entry for medicine it’s usually 15 or 16 points in A level result. However, as at last year (2016) it came down to 14.

The is article is ENTIRELY THE OPINION of the writer. This article is a product of my experience and observation of University of Ibadan admission for up to two decade. I believe the point made here will give you some hedge over other students in order to gain admission into the school.

Lastly, if you will like to know about UI school fees, kind click here.

Bolarinwa Olajire

A tutor with a demonstrated history of working in the education industry. Skilled in analytical skills. Strong education professional with a M. SC focused in condensed matter. You can follow me on Twitter by clicking on the icon below to ask questions.


  1. Thanks Ola for going through our blog on UI admission. Psychology has been included

  2. does state of origen has any role to play in the requirement of admission

  3. Though catchment area applies to all Federal Universities, but University of Ibadan admit base on merit regardless of your origin once you meet their requirement.

  4. servant boy can you please tell me more as about law and what If u are having 204 in pstutme cn u study law

  5. pls my utme subject are mathematics,English,economics and commerce and I have 249 to study economics as a course In ui

  6. After UTME comes admission. Note post UTME has been cancelled. You will have to wait for your choice institution on the critera for their admission before you can know if your chances to gain admission is bright.

  7. 204 is low to study law. But your choice school will be in the best position to give you cut-oof mark for law

  8. You will have to wait for your choice institution on the critera for their admission before you can know if your chances to gain admission is bright. I think 249 is a good score provide you have a good ssce results. good WASSCE result + good UTME score put you in a better position.

  9. pls will ui nt be biased on a 2sitting result for philosophy? had 238 in utme am I good to go?

  10. it depends on their requirements. if they okay 2 sittings you have nothing to fear. But to the best of my knowledge UI isn’t biase.

  11. What about 215 in jamb and political science as course in U.I, with 3 Bs and 2 Cs in O’level all in one sitting. Hope such person is good to go?

  12. servant Boy, I have B in all the subject required but scored 221 in jamb and applied for computer science please what is my faith?

  13. you have a nice score and O’level result. But in few months from now UI will release their mode of admission and I think you have a chance to be offer admission.

  14. UI will soon release their requirements, but until then you stand a chance. just keep the hope alive.

  15. I want to apply Into UI through Direct Entry,I Finished My ND with a CGPA of 4.01 but my greatest fear is my O’level result in which I ve 1B and 4’C6s…Any Hope and pls is Jamb DE form out?

  16. Pls I Score 243 In My Utme. And I Have 1 B and 4 c5 is there any hope for me to gain admission to u i

  17. plz I put in for economics education and scored 214 in jamb and waec result was more of c and b..
    any hopw

  18. There is hope. I think in that in less than two months from now UI will release their cut off mark. I believe you should stand a chance

  19. please i had 260 in jamb nd i want to use dis year neco reault will it favour course is nursing.will d result comes out before the screening.nd am also an indigene

  20. pardon sir, i scored 206 in jamb.and I got C in English during my Neco, in which Education\ Eng. is d course I want to study, plz sir, is my admission on an unbalanced scale and will I b given d course

  21. Plz i put in for nursin and i had 209 in my jamb and had 3B’s and 2C’s in my waec. Plz wat my chance of getting admission into UI, or which course will u advice me 2 change to sir

  22. You can since there is now post-utme, just wait for UI to release their post-utme details. But prepare well for it.

  23. good afternoon sir.
    I have tried conclusion my online registration but it’s having issues..
    like tried paying at the bank (Union Bank) and they said their app is faulty ..
    now trying with card and the one time password ain’t coming forth..
    want to know if am the only one facing this challenge

  24. I have successful done the registration to a point and dey were ticked by d sides except the uploading/scanning of MA waec result

  25. Pls will I be able to get admission into University of Ibadan without putting it as 1st choice in jamb

  26. UI gives preference to candidates to made them their first choice. And the number of students that made UI first choice is on a high scale. It will be better if you can purchase change of institution and make them your first choice.

  27. Good day pls can I use my Necco result to gain an admission to ui sir?all my scores are good except my economics or do I have to wait to write next year jamb.pls help me

  28. UI requires 5 ‘O’ level credits in Government/History, English. Language and three other subjects plus at least a pass in Mathematics. This means Biology isn’t compulsory.

  29. Hello,
    Pls can I use Cambridge A level result to gain DE admission into UI having not attended any tetiary institution nor done any special program like IJMB OR JUPEB??

  30. Yes. UI love accepting Cambridge A level for DE admission. However, make sure you have a good point. And as regard NECO result, UI accepts NECO for admission.

  31. Yes, but UI gives preference to candidates that make them first choice when offering admission.

  32. Aim at a very good JAMB score (at least 260). It is just to make your chances bright.

  33. what are the requirements to study education and political science at university of ibadan.

  34. i registered for direct entry before doing my jamb regularisation, hope my admission will not be affected.

  35. sir pls I scored d7 in physics for WAEC and c5 in NECO can I apply university of ibadan as first choice in jamb and will they accept

  36. It depends on the course you want to apply for. If the course isn’t competitive no problem. For instance, UI doesn’t accept combine result for Medicine and Surgery.

  37. pls sir, I scored 276 in my jamb with 8 credits in my o level ‘s result and I applied for law. Do I have d chance of gaining d admission?

  38. Congratulations. Your chance is bright. Please prepare well for your post-utme

  39. Pls,i scored 238 in jamb and UI was my first choice.I had 1A,2Bs and 2C’s and i wantu study medicine.Do I have the chance of gaining admission

  40. If you can do very well in your Post-UTME, you will have a chance to study medicine. It is O’level result + JAMB score + Post-utme that determines admission in UI.

  41. Goodafternoon.
    Please I scored 250 in JAMB. I have 3 B3 in Math, English and Visual Art, C4 in Physics and C5 in Geography at Olevel, One sitting. I want to study Architecture
    I want to change my Choice of school from UNILAG first choice to UI first choice because last year I had 269 in JAMB and 20/30 in Unilag post UTME (Less than 1,300 candidates scored 20 and above in the post Utme exam) and yet I was not given admission for architecture due to catchment area. Cut off for merit was 68.95 and I had 68.425. Cut off for catchment area was below what i scored but i am from Anambra State so I was not considered.
    If UI does not apply catchment area do I stand a chance if i Change choice of school now?
    Please advice urgently. God bless you.

  42. Sorry for what happened last year. I believe this year will be different. And sincerely you have a good JAMB score (250). UI,UNILAG,OAU do use catchment area.However, UI admission is purely on merit, if you can try to do well in the post-utme, you stand a chance. Your 0’level and JAMB score is a plus for you. Just make sure your post utme score is high. Note UI doesn’t offer Architecture.

  43. For last year Merit was 63.63% while ELDS was 59%. ELDS is educationally less developed state. Note the JAMB cut offmark UI used last year was 200 for candidates to qualify to write post utme

  44. Pls Sir I Am Willing To Go And Study Law, In UI And Do N’t Have Any Idea About Their Minimum Cut Off Point For Jamb?
    I Need Your Advice Sir!

  45. Sir pls o, i have 228 in jamb,with 1b and 4cs m i good to go for arts courses or political science

  46. In UI, Post UTME is the final whistle once you score above 200 in JAMB. You have a chance if you can do well in your Post UTME.

  47. FUNAI (Alex ekweame university ebonyi) cut off mark was 180 last year. If this doesn’t change, your chance is bright provided you do well in post jamb

  48. pls sir, I need to know how UI use to do their calculation in their admission process bcos someone told me UI will never give me admission bcos my o’ level result is very poor, I have three C5 and five C6 no A1 and B2 at all. I scored 276 in my jamb and I applied for law. Sir, am I not wasting my time if I should do their postUTME without doin any change of course or institution?

  49. This is th information from UI Portal “recommendation for admission will be based on the aggregate score obtained from JAMB score and Post UTME score. The JAMB score and Post UTME score will be scaled down to 50 each and the summation of the scores is the aggregate score.” i.e Your JAMB score (50) and Post UTME score (50) are the crucial determinant provide you have 5 O’level credit pass in relevant subjects.
    The cut-off mark for law for 2017/2018 is 70.38.

  50. please sir I need your help , I got 256 in jamb 2018. I got 1B2, 2B3, 2C4, 2C5, 1C6 In my WASSEC 2018, when I calculated my point I got 14points, I applied for UI to study medicine and surgery and their cut off mark for medicine this year is 240. I am from Edo state and I am claiming my state. I want to know if I stand a chance to get admission whether in terms of merit or catchment area. Pls answer sincerely this would really be of help. Thank you.

  51. Sincerely, target 80% and above in UI Post UTME and you will come and thank me later.

  52. sir. I scored 261 in my jamb and applied for law but my waec result was bad ,English c5 ,maths b3,crs b3,literature d7,government A1 as u can see I can’t study law with d7 in literature but can ui admit me to study international relations with this d7 in literature if I change course since I wrote it in jamb or should I register the result in post utme and leave law and write the post utme and by September if Neco release result I will add it as 2 sitting and if is not good I will change to international relations.pls reply I need u help ,remember I ask 2 question

  53. In JAMB Brochure UI doesn’t provide detailed information. However, there is a platform on JAMB called Course Eligibility status checker, it will help you to know whether you are eligible for any course in any institution. (copy this link on your browser to know how to use it: this one first and I will answer the second. Try to leave a comment after you have done so.

  54. yes,sir but for international relations is economic which I don’t have in waec ,so. pls answer the second question and pls advice me on what to do because ui have release post utme form and am confused sir

  55. I will suggest that you still fill in law. The Post UTME test will be written around september and i think you can still update your data since your result will be out by then. Also there is a chance for change of course on UI portal after the Post UTME score is out. If you didnt meet up with law and your score meet up with international relation, you can use that to update your result, the course, and other details. I hope I have answered you.

  56. The information I got now from the admission office is that you should select awaiting result when fill the post utme form online and after you have got the NECO result you can now update it on the portal.
    UI require one sitting for law, I hope you will make all your papers in NECO.

  57. UI is not offering mass communication rather communication and language arts.

  58. Sir my mathematics result has not been releases by waec, can I get admission in ui

  59. sir,I added my waec result which I failed literature and I add 2 sitting with the neco as awaiting during my registration for ui post utme and I applied for law but now the neco result is out and I credited all my subject … sir what will I do ,is it possible to delete the waec result and put neco as 1 sitting since ui have close they registration for post utme.

  60. Try to login and see if it is possible to update your O’level result, if not walk down to UI admission office to ask for possible solution. They are friendly and will definitely help.

  61. Pls i want 2 study medicine in ui
    I had 220 in jamb
    I had one A,three B’s and one C4 in waec
    Pls do i stand a chance?

  62. You stand a chance if you can have a good post utme score. Your JAMB score will be divided by 8, and added to your Post utme score of (50). In your case 220/8 = 27.5, so you need like 45 or 46 in post utme to study medicine.

  63. Hi. I’m from Cameroon and I wish to study computer sciences at UI. I have completed one out of 3 years BTech programme in computer software engineering here in cameroon. Can I continue from 2nd level over there? What will my admission requirements, fees and if necessary, accomodation requirements?

  64. O’level : 5 credit passes in math, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology. Make sure you score at least 200 in JAMB. And most times the department cut-off mark after post-utme is less than 55%. That means target 60% in you post-utme.

  65. I want to study Guidance and counseling in Ui but I don’t have a credit pass in Biology.Please sir,I need your advice.

  66. This is the requirements to Guidance and counseling in UI, 5 ‘O’ level subjects at one sitting or 6 ‘O’ level subjects at 2 sittings to include English Language and any other relevant and related subjects from Arts, Science or Social Sciences.
    So I don’t think Biology is that important if you have credit passes in other related subjects.

  67. hellooo

    govt \e/

    hausa \b/

    islamic \c/

    this is my ijmb result and i want study polscience in abu zaria can i get admission

  68. Servant boi,I did waec 2016 so d mathematics is cancelled and took jamb dis year 2019 wish to study in UI would they allow such a things.pls I need a favour which is ur number

  69. Am going for theatre art and they’ve cancelled my maths in o’level will UI give me admission

  70. Theatre requirements are English Language, Literature in English and other subjects from Arts or Social Science. Although literature in Eng is no longer compulsory. This means you can still be offered admission without mathematics if you have 5 or 6 credit in other subjects.

  71. Good Sir
    I have a question
    I put in for architecture in ui but my jamb score is relatively low…it’s 227…judging with the fact that ARCHITECTURE has not been available in UI for 2-3 years now,people might not put in for it…so the cut off mark might be relatively low(it was 52 before).
    Is it advisable for me to go ahead and apply for it?

  72. Eriigbagbo, go ahead and apply for it. It isn’t hard to pass UI PUTME and meet the cut-off even if it is 70.

  73. Please sir, my o’level result grade are C5-English
    And with a Jamb score of 273
    What’s my chance to securing admission into Medicine in UI?

  74. You have a very good chance. Prepare well for your post jamb and aim at scoring above 80%.

  75. is it possible for someone ofage 15 to gain admission into university of ibadan to study mls

  76. 16 years old is the required age. However, things can change. I will recommend that you go to the admission office in UI for more enquiries.

  77. Type here..Pls sir what do i need to score in jamb to to gain admission into ui for med and surgery. Tga

  78. You must have at least 250 in JAMB. However, you must try to score very high in post utme to have a chance to study medicine in UI.

  79. Hello sir, I had D7 in chemistry and I wanted to study architecture in ui do I have a chance of admission but have 1A 1B and 3C. Pls I need an urgent reply.

  80. I will advise that you visit the UI admission office to get the correct information.

  81. You can only if you can score at least 260 in UTME and above 80% in Post UTME

  82. pls, as a science student, i got A1,B2,B3 in my 9 subject in o’level result, except maths D7, pls, can ui accept my o’level result for computer science?… if no, what course can i study there?

  83. What are chances of gaining admission to study mech eng @unilag with 75.95% for non catchment.Thanks.

  84. Last year UNILAG merit for mechanical engr was 79.275%. The mark can be lower or higher this year. I want you to keep hope alive. You might have a bright chance.

  85. Pls i do not do CoC But i score more than 60. And i don’t meet law cut off. Can ui gave me a better course

  86. If your name isnt on the first admission list, you have to do COC before you can be consider for other courses.

  87. i passed my :

    and i failed:
    agric science

    please can i still go for political science

  88. Can a person who has b3 in crs e8 in govt c6in eng and c5 in lit at o level gain admission into ui

  89. Please sir,what can I study in ui with this my ‘O’level result
    Marketing b3
    CR’s b3
    Geography c5
    Civic b3
    English c6
    Math b3
    Biology b3
    Chemistry c4
    Physics cancelled

  90. Sir please I want to know if I can combine two o level results for physiotherapy in University of ibadan, what are the requirements for the course

  91. Yes you can but combine result must be six credit passes in relevant subject.

  92. If you can target 80% and above in Post UTME, your admission is sure.

  93. Is this result(D.E) eligible to study LAW at U.I?

    MATH F9

  94. Pls am an applicant pls am 15 years old this year and i also read the rules and regulations of the school that only 16 years above are reliable to give an admission and pls i Have 6 credit on my waec result and also i havent finish written my neco
    Am i going to be given an admission or not

  95. Pls sir, i scored 224 in jamb,Eng d7 math B3 physics C4 Chemistry B3
    Am I good to study electrical and electronics engineering in Ui?

  96. Did University of ibadan give student from Lagos State polytechnic direct entry

  97. What do I do?
    I scored 46 in ui post utme and i want to study nursing. Is there any solution?

  98. I have b in English and literature and c6 in government, economic and crs will ui give me mass communication and what should I aspire for jamb

  99. Good day sir please I have 53.3 as my aggregate to study history in OAU, I am from an ELDS state and the cut off mark for history for ELDS is 50 but till today OAU have not given me admission. Please what might have been the problem?

  100. Can I gain admission into UI with a waec result that Mathematics was cancelled but I had A1 in further Mathematics

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