Cambridge A, AS, And IGCSE Grading System

Students use Cambridge A and AS levels to gain admission into the University, and it is also an avenue to prepare students for university education. So, knowing the grading system will help students to know whether they stand a chance to gain admission into their choice university and program.

IGCSE on the other hand, test students on several subjects. It is reputable as the world’s number one international qualification for ages 14-16, and it is acceptable and recognized by top universities and employers across the globe.

As and A levels are part of the Cambridge advanced stage, and internationally benchmarked qualifications that provide excellent preparation for university education.

The grading system between A, As, and IGCSE is a bit different; I will show that below. Also, I will explain which grade is good enough to get you to the college of your dream.

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Cambridge A, As, IGCSE Grading System

A and As Levels Grading

GradeMark Range
A*90 – 100 (Excellent)
A80 – 89 (Very Good)
B70 – 79 (Good)
C60 – 69 (Satisfactory)
D50 – 59 (Passing)
E40 – 49

Ungraded means the student has failed the exam and also failed to reach the standard required for a pass.

In IGCSE, the grading system has no Ungraded (U). And that is the little difference between A and As Levels and IGCSE

IGCSE Grading

GradeMark Range
A*90 – 100
A80 – 89
B70 – 79
C60 – 69
D50 – 59
E40 – 49
F30 – 39
G20 – 29

For instance, a student who wants to study Medicine and Surgery in Nigeria must have at least ABB. A and A* are 5 points, and B is 4 points. So, the total points with ABB is 13 points (an additional 1 point is always added for not having U) which make the total point 14 pt. This point puts you in a good position to be offered admission in any University in Nigeria.

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