7 Effective Ways To Avoid Sleeping While Reading

One of the signs of a sleeping disorder is falling asleep at inappropriate times, mostly when sitting still while reading. Sleeping while reading school notes or textbooks is common among students and even some of them find reading as a sleeping pill. And this is one of the reasons why students fail exams if it goes unchecked.

I have also found myself in this situation and some of the steps I took to avoid sleeping while reading will be explained below

effective ways to avoid sleeping while reading

Get enough sleep at night

You have to check whether you are sleeping up to 7-8 hours at night. Having enough and a good sleep at night will prevent you from getting unnecessarily sleepy the next day.

Increase your motivation level

Your motivation level determines how actively involve you will engage actively in what you do. And this is true while you are reading, when there is little or no motivation while you are reading you tend to fall asleep. You must keep yourself motivated and see reasons why you must read to prevent you from falling asleep while reading.

Change your reading position

From experience, I discovered that whenever I feel like sleeping while reading and I change position, I quickly get awake. For example, you may decide to stand up for a while, take a walk, and rinse your face whenever you sense that you are falling asleep.

Watch what you eat

It is important to eat nutritious food before sitting down to study and try to eat moderately. If you eat too little, there will not be enough energy to keep your brain effective while eating too much will get you tired easily and makes you feel sleepy. Furthermore, eating carbohydrates food in large quantity will make your body struggle to regulate your blood sugar levels and eventually makes you tired and feel sleepy.

Try to understand your most active time

I am most active in the afternoon and at night. So I do my reading during this time because I am pretty sure that am not going to sleep. Reading in the morning gets me low and I do fall asleep easily while reading. It is up to you to discover your most active time and try to engage during those times.

Make your study time interesting

Boringness while studying easily facilitates sleeping mode. Find ways that work best for you to keep your interest in studies. The more your interest arose the longer you stay engaged while studying.

Get rid of distraction

It is essential that you create a place where you can concentrate on your studies. And getting rid of distraction will help to increase your concentration level.

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