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MAUTECH School Fee For All Courses 2021/2022

The MAUTECH school fee schedule for the 2020/2021 session and payment procedures has been released by the school management of Modibbo Adama University of Technology.

I splitted the table below into two for all the courses, one for the new students and the second one is for the returning students.

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MAUTECH School Fee

New Students

  Programme New Students
  Identifier For  
Programme Students 100 level 200 level
Agric Economics & Extension AGE 37,300.00 37,300.00
Animal Science & Range Mangt. ASR 37,300.00 37,300.00
Crop Prods & Horticulture CPH 37,300.00 37,300.00
Crop Protection CPT 37,300.00 37,300.00
Forestry & Wildlife Mgt. FWM 42,300.00 42,300.00
Fisheries FSH 42,300.00 42,300.00
Food Science & Tech. FST 39,300.00 39,300.00
Soil Science SOS 39,800.00 39,800.00
Architecture ARC 37,300.00 37,300.00
Industrial Design IDS 40,800.00 40,800.00
Geography GEY 39,800.00 39,800.00
Surveying SVG 40,800.00 40,800.00
Urban & Regional Planning URP 42,300.00 42,300.00
Agric. & Env. Engineering AEE 40,300.00 41,300.00
Chemical Engineering CHE 40,300.00 41,300.00
Civil Engineering CVE 40,300.00 41,300.00
Elect/Elect. Engineering EEE 40,300.00 41,300.00
Mechanical Engineering MCE 40,300.00 41,300.00
Information Technology IMT 37,300.00 37,300.00
Economics ECO    
Management Tech. MGT 37,300.00 37,300.00
Banking and Finance BAF    
Accountancy ACC    
Library Science & Info.Tech. LIS    
Zoology ZOO 40,300.00 40,300.00
Plant Science (Botony) PLS 42,300.00 42,300.00
Microbiology MCB 41,300.00 41,300.00
Biochemistry BCH 37,300.00 37,300.00
Pure Chemistry CHM 47,300.00 47,300.00
Industrial chemistry ICH 47,300.00 47,300.00
Computer Sciences CSC 37,300.00 37,300.00
Mathematics MTH 37,300.00 37,300.00
Maths with Economics MEC    
Physics PHY 47,300.00 47,300.00
Statistics STA 37,300.00 37,300.00
Operationsr Research OPR 37,300.00 37,300.00
Geology GLY 53,200.00 53,200.00
Laboratory Technology LTH 37,300.00 37,300.00
Biotechnology BTH 37,300.00 37,300.00
Biology Education BLE 43,300.00 43,300.00
Geography Education GED 43,300.00 43,300.00
Maths. Education MED 42,300.00 42,300.00
Physics Education PHE 42,300.00 42,300.00
Statistics Education STE 42,300.00 42,300.00
Chemistry Education CME 42,300.00 42,300.00
Business Education BED    
Agric Technology Education ATE 38,300.00 38,300.00
Home Economic Education HEE 38,300.00 38,300.00
Electrical Tech. Education EED 38,300.00 38,300.00
Mech. Tehnology Education MTE 38,300.00 38,300.00
Construction Tech. Education CTE 38,300.00 38,300.00

Returning Students

Programme 100 – 500 level
Agric Economics & Extension 27,300.00
Animal Science & Range Mangt. 27,300.00
Crop Prods & Horticulture 27,300.00
Crop Protection 27,300.00
Forestry & Wildlife Mgt. 32,300.00
Fisheries 32,300.00
Food Science & Tech. 29,300.00
Soil Science 29,800.00
Architecture 27,300.00
Industrial Design 30,800.00
Geography 29,800.00
Surveying 30,800.00
Urban & Regional Planning 32,300.00
Agric. & Env. Engineering 30,300.00
Chemical Engineering 30,300.00
Civil Engineering 30,300.00
Elect/Elect. Engineering 30,300.00
Mechanical Engineering 30,300.00
Information Technology 27,300.00
Economics 27,300.00
Management Tech. 27,300.00
Banking and Finance 27,300.00
Accountancy 27,300.00
Library Science & Info.Tech. 27,300.00
Zoology 30,300.00
Plant Science (Botony) 32,300.00
Microbiology 31,300.00
Biochemistry 27,300.00
Pure Chemistry 37,300.00
Industrial chemistry 37,300.00
Computer Sciences 27,300.00
Mathematics 27,300.00
Maths with Economics 27,300.00
Physics 37,300.00
Statistics 27,300.00
Operationsr Research 27,300.00
Geology 43,200.00
Laboratory Technology 27,300.00
Biotechnology 27,300.00
Biology Education 33,300.00
Geography Education 33,300.00
Maths. Education 32,300.00
Physics Education 32,300.00
Statistics Education 32,300.00
Chemistry Education 32,300.00
Business Education 28,300.00
Agric Technology Education 28,300.00
Home Economic Education 28,300.00
Electrical Tech. Education 28,300.00
Mech. Tehnology Education 28,300.00
Construction Tech. Education 28,300.00

Accommodation: New Hostel- N 20,090.00, Old Hostel- N 8,090.00

 *Note: All foreign students are to pay additional =N=20,000.00

How to pay MAUTECH Schedule Fee

  • How to pay your fee: Click on<Pay your Fees>(on the top right corner of the page); Select the item – School Fees, then Click <Add Selected Items to My Fees List>, Click <Confirm Payment>, the amount to be paid would be displayed.
  • Then select “REMITA”, Click <Pay Now>. (At this point, the amount you will as school fees would be displayed. Note that the System will warn you TWICE with the following message,

“Please Confirm That Your Name is ………????, If It Is Not Then Close This Window, Open AFresh One And Login Again Before Proceeding To Pay, If You Still See Another Person’s Profile, Then Contact The Authorities, If You Proceed Beyond This Point And End Up Paying For Someone Else, You Will Have Yourself To Blame as NO REFUND will be made’’.

  • If you are very sure of the name click pay now, confirm transaction details and click proceed to Gateway. Supply your ATM card details (name on the card, expiration date, etc.). Click

“Submit”, and then click “Finish”. You can then click “Print” to print Receipt with the amount paid and with the REMITA RRR (Remita Retrievance Reference).

  • If you do not have ATM Debit Card and wish to pay cash at the bank, copy your RRR at this point and go to the Bank to pay cash with the RRR copied here. DO NOT GENERATE ANOTHER RRR FOR PAYMENT. Collect Remita Payment Receipt and Bank Teller as evidence of payment.

WARNING: Payment with RRR not generated at this point will not be accepted neither will the University refund such payment.

  • Come back to the portal after payment of cash at Bank and Visit
  • Input your RRR (already used for payment at the Bank). Click “Check”, Message: Successful or Failed.
  • If messaged successful that means you have paid and your Portal Account have been credited/updated with the amount paid. If messaged Failed, see support at Computer Center.
  • Login to the Portal with your username/password again, then click “My Fees”, and click “print” to print Receipt.

If you have issue paying MAUTECH school fee through the mautech safsrms, visit the school admin in charge of the portal.

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