List of courses offered at NOUN (Postgraduates Included)


The National Open University of Nigeria is an ODL institution renowned for providing functional, flexible, accessible, cost-effective education adequate for flourishing in the 21st century and beyond.

National open university of nigeria


List of courses offered at National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN)

Below are the National Open University Courses:

Faculty of Agricultural Science

  1. Agric. (Agricultural Extension and Rural Development Option)
  2. Agric. (Crop Production and Protection Sciences Option)
  3. Agric. (Soil and Land Resources Management Option)
  4. Agric. (Agricultural Economics and Agro Business Option)

PGD Agricultural Extension and Management

  1. Agric. (Aquaculture and Fisheries Management Option)
  2. Agric. (Animal Science Option)

B.Sc. Hotel and Catering Management (Admission Suspended)

B.Sc. Agricultural Extension and Management


Faculty of Arts

  • M.A Christian Religious Studies
  • Ph.D Christian Religious Studies
  • PGD. Christian Religious Studies
  • B.A. Islamic Studies
  • B.A. Christian Religious studies
  • B.A. French
  • B.A. English


Faculty of Education

  • M.Ed Guidance and Counselling (Admission Suspended)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)
  • Ph.D Mathematical Education
  • Ph.D Educational Technology
  • Ph.D Science Education
  • Ph.D Educational Administration and Planning
  • M.Ed. Educational Technology
  • M.Ed. Science Education
  • M.Ed. Educational Administration and Planning
  • B.Sc.(Ed) Business
  • B.A.(Ed) Primary
  • B.A.(Ed) French
  • B.A.(Ed) English
  • B.A.(Ed) Early Childhood Education
  • B.Sc.(Ed) Physics
  • B.Sc.(Ed) Mathematics
  • B.Sc.(Ed) Computer Science
  • B.Sc.(Ed) Integrated Science
  • B.Sc.(Ed) Chemistry
  • B.Sc.(Ed) Biology
  • B.Sc.(Ed) Agricultural Science


Faculty of Health Science

  • Bachelor of Nursing Science (BNSc) (Admission Suspended)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in (PGD) HIV/AIDS Education and Management (Admission Suspended)
  • B.Sc Public Health
  • (BNSc) Bachelor of Nursing Science


Faculty of Law

  • PGD in Legislative Drafting (Admission Suspended)
  • LLB Law (Admission Suspended)


Faculty of Management Science

  • B.Sc Banking and Finance (Admission on hold)
  • B.Sc Marketing (Admission on hold)
  • BSc Public Administration (Admission Suspended)
  • B.Sc Business Administration (Admission Suspended)
  • MSc Public Administration (Admission Suspended)
  • MSc Business Administration (Admission Suspended)
  • PGD Financial Management (Admission Suspended)
  • PGD Business Administration (Admission Suspended)
  • PGD Public Administration (Admission Suspended)
  • B.Sc Accounting (Admission Suspended)
  • B.Sc. Entrepreneurship
  • Master of Public Administration (MPA)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • B.Sc. Cooperative and Rural Development


Faculty of Science

  • B.Sc. Data Management (Admission Suspended)
  • B.Sc Physics
  • B.Sc Biology
  • B.Sc Chemistry
  • M.Sc. Information Technology
  • PGD. Information Technology
  • B.Sc. Mathematics/Computer Science
  • B.Sc. Mathematics
  • B.Sc. Environmental Management and Toxicology
  • B.Sc. Computer Science
  • B.Sc. Information Technology


Faculty of Social Sciences

  • B.Sc. International and Diplomatic Studies (Admission Suspended)
  • PGD Mass Communication          Social Sciences
  • B.Sc. Tourism Studies     Social Sciences
  • B.Sc Economics                 Social Sciences
  • B.Sc. Political Science      Social Sciences
  • M.Sc. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution        Social Sciences
  • M.Sc. Mass Communication        Social Sciences
  • PGD. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution         Social Sciences
  • PGD. Criminology and Security Studies   Social Sciences
  • B.Sc. Mass Communication          Social Sciences
  • B.Sc. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution         Social Sciences
  • B.Sc. Criminology and Security Studies   Social Sciences

Admission Requirements For NOUN Undergraduate Courses

i) A minimum of 5 credits in O’ levels

ii) A diploma degree in relevant subject is acceptable with upper credit

iii) A level is also acceptable with good grade


Admission Requirements for National Open University Of Nigeria postgraduates

i) To qualify for admission into any of the postgraduate programmes of the University, a candidate must meet, among others, all matriculation requirements of at least five (5) credit passes including English Language and Mathematics. Some programmes accept at least a pass in Mathematics.

ii) For Postgraduate Diploma Programmes, Candidates must possess either a minimum of pass Bachelors Degree in any discipline from a University recognised by the Senate of the NOUN OR a Higher National Diploma with a minimum of Lower Credit. For the Postgraduate Diploma in Legislative Drafting, the candidate must have been called to the Bar. Also for admission into the school of Business and Human Resource Management Postgraduate Diploma programmes, candidates with professional qualifications such as ACA, ACIS, ACIB, ACII, ACIA, etc may be considered on individual merit.

iii) For Master degree programmes, candidates must possess either a Bachelors Degree with a minimum of second class lower in the relevant field of study from a University recongnised by the Senate of the NOUN. However, holders of lower classification and with a minimum of 2 years of relevant post-qualification experience may be considered on individual merit OR a Postgraduate Diploma in related field of study from a recongnised University OR A Higher National Diploma with a minimum of Upper Credit in the relevant field of study. Candidate with membership certificate of relevant professional bodies may apply for the Master of Business (MBA) programme.

iv) For the Doctor of Philosophy Degree prorammes, candidates must possess a masters degree in relevant field of study from a University recongised by the Senate of the NOUN with a minimum score average of not less than 60% or a cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.5 on a 5-point scale. Studying with us gives a rewarding experience as we give you all the support you need to succeed. You are welcome.

You can visit the university website for more on the admission requirements for National Open University courses Click here

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