How To Easily Gain Admission Into University Of Ilorin

This article will answer the question for all candidates seeking admission into the school- how does UNILORIN give admission? It also contains some of the courses offered in the University and their admission requirements.

The  three major criteria UNILORIN do use before they give admission to candidates are:

  • O’level result
  • UTME Score
  • Post UTME Score

Candidates seeking admission must note that the general age limit for admission into University is sixteen (16) years and this is applicable to University of Ilorin.

The three criteria mentioned above will determine whether you will be giving admission into the school or not. It then mean that you must meet the O’level requirements, meet up with the cut off mark, and pass post UTME screening test.

It is common to see students wishing to study Medicine and Surgery, Pharmacy, Electrical / Electronic engineering, Mechanical engineering, Nursing, Civil engineering, Architecture etc., but their hope has been dashed because they failed to meet up with the requirements.

There is a need for you to count the cost before you embark on any journey. If you desire to study any of the above courses it is important to be aware of the requirements and be ready to meet up with it.

The first thing to do is to go through the O’level requirements for the course you want study to see if you met the requirement.

Secondly, make sure you pass JAMB. I will advise you to aim at scoring 250 and above for you to have good standing. Although UNILORIN cut off mark is 180 for majority of the courses offered in the but some courses require that you score above 200.

If you are able to meet up with the UNILORIN cut off mark for your course, you will then be invited to write Post UTME.

Lastly, it is your post UTME result that will determine whether you will be giving admission or not. Scoring 80% and above in in Post UTME will give you chance to study competitive courses like Medicine and Surgery, Economics, Pharmacy, Nursing, etc. Each department has a cut off mark used for students that will be given admission.

University of Ilorin is transparent if you can score high in your Post UTME after meeting O’level and UTME requirements.

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UNILORIN Admission Requirements for Some Courses

It is important that your WASSCE results must be relatively okay: you must have at least Mathematics (B), English (B), Chemistry (B), Biology (B), Physics (B) and any other subject for your chances to be relatively high. This means that you must sit tight and prepare very well for your WASSCE. Your preparation must start now.

Medicine and Surgery

Direct entry requirement for medicine: ILORIN accepts B.Sc (Second Class Honours) in Anatomy, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Physiology, Zoology and other Basic Sciences fields. Also accept a minimum aggregate of 13 points.

ILORIN requires five O Level credit passes at only one sitting(English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.) and minimum score of 240 in JAMB examination.

UTME subjects:Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Electrical /Electronic, Mechanical, Civil and Agricultural engineering

UTME subject: Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

WASSEC result: Five SSCE credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and one science subject.

Elect/Elect – ILORIN requires ‘A’ level passes in Physic, Mathematics and Chemistry. Accepts ND/HND upper credit in relevant subjects, plus one year post ND/HND experience.

Mechanical and Agricultural – ILORIN accept ND/HND into 200 level and HND, first degree holders into 300 level. .ABU does not accept First Degree Holder. ILORIN require A/L passes in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics plus UTME requirement. UTME subjects: Ilorin accepts Biology

Common Law

(i) ILORIN accepts passes in the following:-
(a) HND (excluding Secretarial Studies);
(b) ACIS;.
(c) ACA, AIB.
(d) Other full qualifications in Accountancy
(h) ‘A’ Level pass in English Literature may be considered in lieu of ‘O’ level requirement in Literature-in- English
(i) A Pass grade in ‘O’ Level Mathematics is required.
(j) Degree holders need not possess Literature-in-English and Mathematics.
(ii) ILORIN does not require English Literature for degree holders.
(iii) ILORIN accepts “A” level English Literature in lieu of Literature-in-English. Also accepts Commercial subjects

WASSCE : Five SSCE credit passes to include English Language, Literature – in – English and any other three Arts/Social Science subjects.

UTME Subjects: Literature-in-English and any two other Arts/or Social Science subjects.

Social science – I will briefly discuss on the requirements for Accounting and Economics


(a) ILORIN requires ‘A’ level passes in Accounting and at least one of Mathematics, Business Management, Economics, Statistics, Geography and Government plus UTME requirements.

(b) ILORIN Accepts National Diploma in Accounting/Finance plus UTME.

(c) ILORIN requires ‘O; level credit passes in any three of Accounting, Business Method, Commerce, Geography, Economics, Statistics and Government. Don’t forget that english and mathematics must be included to make it five(5) credits for O/level

(d) UTME subjects: Mathematics, Economics and any other Social Science subject


University of Ilorin accepts;

UTME subject:ILORIN require Economics, Mathematics either Government or Geography or History. ILORIN requires one subject from Accounting, Commerce, Business Method, Geography Government and Statistics

O/ level : Mathematics, Economics and any two of Arts or Social Science subjects : ILORIN requires one of the two other subjects from Accounting, Commerce, Business Methods, Geography, Statistics and Government. You should note that credit pass is included.


ILORIN requires ‘A’ level passes in Chemistry and Physics plus ‘O’ level credit in Mathematics and Biology. ILORIN do not accept HND in Mining Engineering.

WASSCE result: ILORIN accept ‘O’ level credit passes in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and do not accept Geography. English and Mathematics are included

UTME subject: ILORIN require Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.


If you want to secure admission into UNILORIN through Cambridge A level and IJMB, I will suggest you target 14-16 points.

For direct entry students an upper credit or distinction is required for DE. I will advise students in this category to target distinction for them to a good chance.

Bolarinwa Olajire

A tutor with demonstrated history of working in the education industry. Skilled in analytical skills. Strong education professional with a M. SC focused in condensed matter.


  1. are this subjects okay for sociology nd international relation in utme _English language,Economics,Commerce and Government

    1. For sociology: UI requires 3 subjects from Social Science or Arts subjects..
      For International relation: Economics, Literature- in- English and Geography/Government/History.

      From the above, your subjects combination are okay.

    1. Unilorin direct entry requirements for nursing: ILORIN requires two A’ level or equivalent in a minimum of two relevant subjects from Biology, Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, Physics/Mathematics.

      Jamb combination for unilorin nursing: Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

      O’Level result: Five SSCE credit passes in Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and English Language.

    1. Yes. Unilorin requires ‘O; level credit passes in any three of Accounting, Business Method, Commerce, Geography, Economics, Statistics and Government.And the JAMB subject combination is Mathematics, Economics and any other Social Science subject

  2. Please i want to study finance or Accounting , i scored 237 in d just concluded jamb and my o level i have commerce A1,EnglishB3,Financial Accounting B3,GeographyA1,Economicis C5. Please what are my chances and what is the post I’m cut off mark. And if there is any group u can join me.

    1. You have a chance because you have a decent jamb score. All you need is to wait for when unilorin post-utme will be out. Before then, prepare well for the post JAMB (aim like 75 and above).

  3. I don’t know if Unilorin set questions base on course combination. But if yes my course combination is English, commerce mathematics, economics and accounting

    1. I have a sample of post utme past question that a blogger like myself prepared. I will send it to your email. Try to peruse it and see if it is useful.

    1. You can If you know your result will be available before the admission process for direct entry commence.

    1. English Lang, Mathematics Plus UNILORIN requires ‘O’ level credit passes in any three (3) of Accounting, Business Method, Commerce, Geography, Economics, Statistics and Government.

      1. I have B3 in Biology, C5 in Chemistry, Physics and English, C4 in Mathematics.
        I scored 260 in JAMB,What’s my chance of getting admission into MBBS. Medicine and programme.

    1. Mimi, having D7 in chemistry and English can’t give you a chance. I think should sit for WAEC or NECO again.

  4. In the requirements for de accounting, I saw ND in accounting plus UTME… Does it mean I will have to write JAMB bcos i didn’t write JAMB initially, I just did JAMB regularization? What do I do?

  5. I heard unilorin accepts students with fresh o level result but I Sat for mine last year.I want to study sociology and I choose English, Economics, Government, Crs fr my UTME and I have B2 in Mathematics,C6 in English, literature in English, Government, B3 in CRS,Economics, Civic Education, C5 in Data processing, C4 in Yoruba.What is my expected score for UTME and post UTME. I have been at home for 3years.In anticipation to your reply

    1. Unilorin isn’t has hard to enter as many people speculate. I will advise you score at least 240 and target above 70% in Post-UTME. (I heard unilorin accepts students with fresh o level result)- this statement is false.

  6. Pls I ave c6 nd c5 combination in all my subjects nd I am applying for medicine and surgery.
    Cn It be possible?

  7. Type here..pls I score 209 in jamb…..and I want to study electrical engineering……. am I good to go,or should I just do change of course??

    1. This department is competitive. If you can attain at least 80% in Post-utme, you may have a chance.

  8. I got d7 in biology and c6 in chemistry with a jamb score of 231.. What are my chances of getting admission to study chemical engineering in unilorin.

  9. I got d7 in chem and i score 200 in jamb and i wanna study information communication science what my chance of gaining admission?

    1. Yes, you have a chance. The requirements is Five (5) O’Level credits in SSCE/NECO/GCE or equivalent to include English Language and Mathematics; and at least three other subjects from Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Agric. Science, Economics, Geography, Computer Studies/Data Processing.

  10. I have B3 in mathematics, chemistry and biology. While I have C6 in physics and C5 in English. Will that be enough for the O level requirements for Medicine and Surgery. Also what do I need to score in jamb and post utme?

    1. I don’t really know much about UNIORIN inter-departmental transfer. However, you may visit the school admission office for clarification.

  11. Sir, I got 240 in jamb, C5 in maths, C6 in English, B3 in accounting, B3 in commerce and I’m using two sittings. Should I change course or I should continue?

  12. Sir I am about to write jamb
    I am aspiring for unilorin
    Linguistics I have f9 in my car
    The others subjects are C’s and B’s can I gain admission and if not sir is there any other alternative course

  13. Pls i has c5 nd c6 in all my five o’level result what are my chances of studing medical laboratory science in unilorin

  14. Sir , I scored 276 in my utme, and also I had three C’6 with two C’5 in my O’ level result what is my chances of being given physiotherapy as a course in unilorin with 65 % in post – utme………………….. I also need how to calculate aggregate score in unilorin with the aggregate score for physiotherapy

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