Importance Of Discipline In School And Student Life

Discipline is an act of training people to be law-abiding, obey rules, and proper correction of disobedience. It is also teaching students that there are consequences for every act of rebellion.

The importance of discipline in school and student life can’t be overemphasized. For a student to live a better and dignified life, he/she must be law-abiding.

A school is a place where students learn the necessary concepts and skills for a successful life. And it provides an environment where students can interact with other students academically, and emotionally, and socially.

The above can’t be achieved if the school did not have laid down rules guiding its smooth running and enforcing them on the students. One of the importance of discipline is to build students who are successful in all ramifications of life

As a Physics teacher, I understand and appreciate the importance of laws. A student can’t do well in Physics exams if he/she doesn’t understand those laws and solve any of the questions based on the rules.

Importance of discipline in School and Student Life

One of the general rules in different schools is that every student must cultivate the habit of reading. The reason is to enable the student to acquire enough knowledge and solve any question in the exam. However, it may seem like something challenging to abide by initially, but the reward, if embraced, is excellent.

Secondly, some of the products of discipline are sincerity, punctuality, and patience. These are virtues a student needs in life to excel. For instance, some schools in Nigeria have a resumption time of 7:30 am, and any student who fails to arrive at school at such time will be punished.

An adage says punctuality is the soul of business. A student who is an early riser from childhood tends to succeed in business.

No child can amount to much without effective discipline. Adequate training of a child in school is one of the ways to help the child excel and attain his full potential in life.

A student void of discipline is a life that is prepared to fail, and this kind of life may cause havoc to the society he/she lives in.

I see discipline as an act of sacrifice; although it may not be pleasurable initially, the result is a peaceful and fulfilled life.

Pro 29:17  Correct thy son, and he shall give thee rest; yea, he shall give delight unto thy soul.

A student must not see discipline in school as if his teachers hate him but as someone designed to make him succeed and attain greatness in life.

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