9 Importance of Student-Teacher Relationships

Sometimes ago I was thinking of the positive impact of students and teachers relationship on students’ academic performance. I considered the effect my teachers and lecturers had on me as a student and the impact I had on my students as a teacher. I was able to come to a solid conclusion that one can’t be efficient as a teacher if you can’t relate well with your students in class and out of the classroom.

The three questions below are what I will be providing answers to.

  • What is student-teacher relationships?
  • What are the importance of student-teacher relationships?
  • Is there a limit to teachers and students relationship?

What is student-teacher relationships?

Teachers and students relationship is a state of connectedness between a teacher and his students with the aim of improving their performance academically and making them an instrument of change to their society.

It can also mean that the ability for a teacher to provide the needed mentorship and leadership for a student to succeed in life.

Importance of Student-Teacher Relationships

Whenever you see a student who is not interested in learning then the teacher in question is only interested in the content he wants to deliver in class and not the students.

An environment where the teacher isn’t caring, not inspirational, doesn’t believe in his/her students, etc. may not produce outstanding students.

It is worthy to note that it is the teacher that should initiate the relationship, i.e., he/she must show the students that he is open to their questions and problems, loving, eager to help, accommodating, etc. before the students can now respond.

From my experience, any time I get to a new class to teach and I put on a frowning face; my students always feel a little bit scared. There was a time I put up a frowning face, and a student stood up and told me that it seems I won’t be friendly like their former teacher from the look on my face. I commended the student because she was brave to speak up her mind and immediately I laughed to ease the tension in the class.

So as a teacher, you must be mindful of your look whenever you are with your students because it says a lot about who you will be to them.

Listed below are the importance of teachers and students relationships:

  • It gives an avenue to the students to ask questions and be inquisitive without being criticized by the teacher.
  • It makes the teacher know where a student lags behind academically.
  • It gives room for effective communication in the class
  • It makes the students open to receive what you have prepared for them in class
  • It improves students’ academic performance
  • The learning atmosphere becomes conducive for the students and the teacher
  • It makes your students actively involved in the classroom during teaching
  • It gives an avenue to students to discover their hidden potential
  • It facilitates learning

Is there a limit to teachers and students relationship?

There is a limit to how a teacher should relate to his/her students. Your relationship shouldn’t go beyond the one that is majorly about the students’ academic and success in life. Having a romantic relationship with your students as a male teacher is not good. A love affair between a teacher and his female student can jeopardize the primary assignment of a teacher.

Finally, one of my favorite quotes on the above topic is “A teacher who is not interested in his students can’t produce great students ~ Olajire B.A”

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Bolarinwa Olajire

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