15 Qualities A Good teacher Must Possess

The role of teachers especially good ones in the life of students can’t be overemphasized. They are responsible for molding and also a guide to students. How successful a student can be is a function of how impactful his/her teachers are.

Your attitude in and outside the class can influence your students positively. Some teachers teach and relate to students as if they are forced into the profession: they bully, harass, and even maltreat students. But this kind of teachers should know that a child not well taught is a child lost.

One of the reasons why the standard of education has fallen in some nations is because of the inadequate of good teachers in such nations. Imagine a situation whereby some teachers encourage their students to engage in examination malpractice. This implies that a low-quality teacher will produce low-quality students vice versa.

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Qualities of a Good Teacher

Listed below are the qualities a good teacher should possess for him/her to be a successful teacher:

  1. Teachers should judge their success by the success of their students
  2. Teachers should impact more by their character and commitment than their communication
  3. Teachers exist to serve the students
  4. Any teacher could become a master teacher
  5. Teachers should be more of student oriented than subject oriented: ability to build student’s mental muscle and also communicate the subject with the students’ needs and interests in mind
  6. Alter your style regularly according to each situation: you should be able to know when your student is bored
  7. Teachers should have self-esteem and high emotional intelligence
  8. Teachers must know how to excel using their strength to overcome their weakness
  9. Teachers should have good expectation of their students
  10. Teachers must be caring and hardworking
  11. They must be able to cause their students to learn
  12. They must understand the concept of irreducible minimum: this is the smallest unit of information necessary for a given class to gain acceptable understanding of a given subject
  13. They must teach to the point of applying the content
  14. A good teacher must show empathy
  15. A good teacher must be positively minded about his students i.e.he shouldn’t see any student as a write off.

Whenever I look back and think through the numbers of teachers I have passed through, I discovered that I love teachers that are accommodating, ready to listen to my questions, interested in my future and is an authority in his field (ability to impact the needed knowledge).

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