How a teacher can improve his/her success rate

Statistics have shown that the majority of students under a boring teacher/lecturer fail the subject/course being taught by such a teacher. However, one of the qualities of a good teacher is that he must be inspiring. This has been a challenge in our educational system for decades; any student who desires success must be able to move through this barrier. Efforts are now being made by institutions and organizations to give seminars and workshops to teachers.

“A teacher’s success is determined by the success of his students ~servantboy.”

I can never forget teachers who impacted me academically; they achieved this through the way they efficiently taught me and showed me care. They are interesting and lively teachers whom I will always remember.

Teachers must stand up to change the failure rate by working on properly delivering their course’s content. Moreover, students must be able to see the passion and joy of impacting the knowledge from the teachers. Many teachers today took up teaching jobs out of frustration because there is no alternative. And therefore, the joy of being a teacher is not in them, which invariably affects the quality of their teaching.

For you to be successful as a teacher, you must be able to do the following:

  • Have a lot of enthusiasm for the job: This is very crucial for a better delivery. Lack of enthusiasm has been one factor contributing to teachers’ boredom; some people believe it is because of low pay or because a teacher is just using the job to waste time.
  • Communicate the subject in terms of the student’s needs and interests. The interest of the students must be put first before designing the strategy to use for the teaching.
  • Love your students: Love is a great drive that can enhance superb delivery in class. If you love your students, you will not want to appear boring. Your love must not be performance-dependent; love them unconditionally. This is where most teachers get it wrong; they always show love to students who are performing academically while looking down on students who are struggling.
  • Smile always.
  • Have a thorough understanding of the subject: confidence to deliver comes when you are an authority in your field. This will help you map out a plan that will make your students enjoy your class at all times.
  • Have high expectations of your students: Whatever you expect is what you get. When you think highly of them, you will have the zeal to impact them more with joy.
  • Always establish eye contact with your students: Don’t look timid before your students.
  • Always speak louder and communicate effectively.
  • Be caring to your students.

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