JAMB CAPS 2022 Admission Status Accept/Reject

JAMB CAPS was designed for UTME and Direct Entry candidates to check their JAMB admission status. The portal helps Candidates to Accept or Reject their admission offer after they have checked their JAMB admission status through the Central Admission Processing System portal (CAPS) link inducted by Joint Admission and Matriculation Board.

The Importance of JAMB CAPS

  • Restored autonomy to schools with regards to admission process
  • Transparency, Openness, and Accountability in the admission process
  • Market place to source for students
  • Involvement of candidates in the admission process – Every candidate is required to “Accept” or “Reject” his/her admission before the process is said to be completed

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How To Use JAMB CAPS To Check Admission Status Using JAMB Portal

The steps below help you on how to check your JAMB admission status on CAPS portal

  • Visit the official JAMB CAPS portal website and click directly on Jamb Caps login https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/efacility_/.
  • Login with the credentials( email and password) account you have created with JAMB
  • Click on “check admission status” on the JAMB portal
  • Select your examination year, supply your JAMB registration number in the required column and then click on the ‘Access my CAPS‘ button.
  • There is an option on your left hand-side, Click on ‘Admission Status’
  • Locate and click on the ‘Search’ button in front of your JAMB Registration Number to load your profile.
  • Your admission status will be revealed, you can now accept/reject your admission offer under ‘Admission Profile’.

If you’ve been admitted, you can either Accept admission or Reject admission.

The graphics or image below will also guide you on how to use the portal effectively.

How to use Central Admission Processing System portal in Pictures

Jamb Caps

Jamb caps login page

Jamb caps dashboard

Additional Information

  1. Institution forwards recommended list to JAMB desk officer
  2. Desk officer processes recommended list and generates list of provisional admissions
  3. JAMB contacts candidates to accept or decline admission
  4. If candidate accepts, admission is concluded for candidate
  5. If candidate declines, s(he) is returned to market place for possible consideration by other institutions

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If your school is yet to release admission list, it will read: “admission in progress, check back later” under the tag ‘Admission Status’. In this case, you won’t be able to click on the ‘Accept admission’ or ‘Reject admission’ button. And don’t panic if you didn’t see ‘Accept admission’ or ‘Reject admission’ but continue to check CAPS website as the site is being uploaded daily as institutions forward recommended list to JAMB.

How To Check JAMB Admission Status Without Email

JAMB has made it clear that candidates will have access their profile during or after registration through Mobile APP on the candidates’ phone. This means that your can access your JAMB CAPS without your email through JAMB APP on Google Play store. So, perhaps, your have forgotten your JAMB email and password to access your admission status, you can follow the simple steps below

  1. Visit Google Play Store on your Phone
  2. Search and download JAMB Mobile App
  3. Login using your JAMB registration number
  4. Scroll down to locate ‘Check Admission Status‘ and click
  5. Enter your registration number in the space provided
  6. Select the year you wrote the exam
  7. Click on Next to check your admission status


  1. If you see “Subquery return more than 1 value…” when you tried to login. It may be that you use the same account for DE and UTME. Don’t Panic, it will be resolved.
  2. If you login and notice invalid credentials, check whether you input the correct Jamb registration number and password. Also try to change your password. But note, use a computer, immediately you click on reset password, Jamb will send a link to your e-mail address, go to your e-mail address and click on the reset password link for your to reset the password. The reset password link only have like 2-5 minutes before it becomes inactive. Once you have done that you will be able to access your admission status with the new password you have reset.
  3. If you see “approved” on your JAMB CAPS dashboard, it means you have been offered admission
  4. If you see “”Admission in progress” on your dashboard, it means you should check back later
  5. If you mistakenly click on ‘accept admission’ and you haven’t been offered admission by your institution, there is no need to panic.

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  1. Please I accepted when it was showing approved… Please do I have chance of being admitted pls??

  2. Since your CAPS dashboard showed admission approved and you have accepted, it means you have being offered admission

  3. pls i’m nw admitted to unilorin as direct entry candidate but unable to login to jamb caps…after entring my email and password it respond is invalid credentials.

  4. If you are sure that your details on JAMB CAPS login page are correctly entered, that might mean the problem is from their website. It will be rectified. What you need to do is to keep checking back.

  5. Wait until your school releases its second list or you keep checking JAMB CAPS,probably your status can change. And this can only happen provided the second list favors you.

  6. Plz I used d same email for my jamb nd direct entry registration and now am having admission issues with my caps …plZ I nid help

  7. Good day Ma/Sir,I have been having this problem when trying to login my jamb account,it keeps saying “Invalid email address or password” Since it’s been up to one week that the problem persisted,I halt using my mobile phone & went to a cyber cafe’.I took my utme registration slip (2017) along,my profile creation printout too.Yet d cafe’ couldn’t help. At first,they insisted that i didnt input my detail properly but then even when themselves input it, it still didnt respond. Next,i was told that d only thing left was to reset my password.Ok, i said,desperate. But still,on the reset page,after i input my email & date of birth as required, it responded”Invalid email address,No records found” the cyber cafe personnel were also very perplexed,dey didnt know wat to do.I went 2 jamb office here in kaduna state,d same problems repeated itself,i went home without resolve.Please i nid urgent help as i nid to check & accept my admission status on JAMB CAPS, D admission list is being released.I await urgent reply,Thanks.

  8. I will advice you put a call to JAMB or send an e-mail (You can contact JAMB for support through enquiries@jamb.gov.ng or you can call them through 08123658955 or 07055520289 for your complaints). In addition to that, go to the University you chose to log the complaints to them (admission office of your school). You might be lucky to meet someone with a listening hear who can assist.

    I believe JAMB will resolve the issue in short. And you should keep checking the portal.

  9. tnks.Ok.But a friend of mine used my mobile number to register 2018 UTME, He used my number to send his full name to 55019 and got a profile code. Pls could dat have been wat affected my own account. Is there possibly an interference???.

  10. You shouldn’t have done that. According to JAMB, a cell phone number used for the text message is automatically tied to your name and will be used in all communications related to your Application/Examination. However, in the real sense that is not the cause, the problem is with JAMB.

  11. I wish i never did. But like u advised i sent a mail to enquiries@jamb.gov.ng relating all d issue.I even sent a tweet to @JAMBHQ on twitter.Though no reply have come from either of them.

  12. You can also give them a call maybe on monday. And don’t forget to go to the admission officer of your University. I believe something positive will come out of it.

  13. About calling, i tried severally to reach them, but all d numbers were not going through. Though i intend to keep trying. About going to the admission office of the school i applied for, the thing is, i applied university of jos but i live in kaduna, so i dont really know what to do. I dont really have d transport means… I’m really in an excruciating mood now. I think God need to intervene.Thanks however.

  14. i check it, is showing me not admitted, does that mean that no admission for me this year?

  15. No that is not what it means (it means your school hasn’t recommended you yet). So far your school hasn’t concluded the admission process, you still stand a chance. Keep checking

  16. God will intervene. tweet @UniJosBreaking perhaps you may see help from the person that handles Unijos twitter handle. I believe it will be resolved.

  17. Can you send your login details to my e-mail so as to help you check at my end?

  18. Good day sir, I called d jamb helpline like u recommended. The man who picked up d call was totally not-helpful. He kept saying i should go to d cyber cafe even when i told him i Had already gone there ad jamb office kad, he even wanted to get angry when i insisted i had already gone to cyber café. So pls, what else am i to do?? i went to jamb office kad, today again but dey still couldnt help. And pls have far with d details i sent to ur mail????

  19. Sorry i made a mistake in the e-mail address. Kindly resend it, I have edited the address.

  20. Thank You Sir, I am very grateful. The issue is now resolved. I can now access my profile.Thank u for ur help. I sure will recommend ur blog to all my friends.

  21. Pls sir I tried login in Buh it was telling me wrong password…whereas my password was very correct

  22. The trick is this
    i) click on reset/forget password
    ii) immediately go to your inbox because the the link jamb will send to you will expire within 5 minutes
    iii) click on the link
    iv) enter your new password (let it be the same password you used before)
    v) click on submit
    Doing this will enable you to access your jamb caps portal

  23. i used the same email address i used for 2017 jamb to register for 2018 jamb.I am still waiting for my school’s list.I just registered for 2018 jamb incase my name doesnt come out.I hope the same email i used wont affect my 2017 admission

  24. Do you see “welcome back” after you have inputed correctly your login details on CAPS?

  25. I accepted the admission but if I checked my admission status to print the admission letter it is showing no admission offered

  26. i tried to login into jamb caps but its showing me invalid login credential n i tried to reset ir but it’s not going through.

  27. May be You are entering wrong details. Try to reset your password and check your mail immediately(one minute) after you have clicked on reset on JAMB CAPS, I think this should help.

  28. I have tired to login but it`s showing incorrect password. I have also tried to reset the password but not working . Please what do I do?

  29. Reset the password again and check your mail immediately cos after 2 minutes it will lapse. If this didnt work, go to the nearest JAMB office.

  30. Pls ABSU offered me addmission but my name is not reflecting on the jamb website, what will I do?

  31. Plz I need help my sister jamb course was law.then wen her school supplementary form came out she bought and enter religion as an alternative course. We tried checking her name on jamb caps we discovered her course has been changed to education history, and d admission says not admitted. Does it means she is considered for admission?

  32. Try to report to the admission office of the school where she was offered admission. The school will be the one to make necessary correction and it will effect on JAMB CAPS.

  33. Subquery returned more than 1 value. This is not permitted when the subquery follows =, !=, <, , >= or when the subquery is used as an expression. Pls help me my jamb profile login has been showing this

  34. I didnt register for DE yet its still showing the subquery message. Please help me

  35. hello sir pls help me I can’t locate any link of caps wen I log into my jamb. when I click check admission status it shows I am not eligible to use caps. I used the nunber I use for jamb 3yrs ago this year. a friend was telling caps was not used back then and as such that why I won’t be Able to access caps. pls I need ur opinion pls

  36. Pls sir, I av not been given admission and I choose udusok anytime I check sorry no admission is given yet pls. What should I do sir.

  37. You have to be patient, the admission list is released batch by batch. However, to be on a safe side, you can put in for another UTME if your name didn’t come out eventually.

  38. Please sir i have been unable to access my jamb caps due to the fact that I forgot my password and I’m unable to retrieve it because a wrong email was inputed for me during my Jamb registeration and I lost the sim I used for my jamb registration please what should I do ?

  39. The best thing is for you to retrieve your lost SIM from service provider’s office. As there is no known way to check without the number you used during registration and email address.
    May be you should open Jamb support ticket for help.

  40. I try to check my admission status now and I saw u have been given admission and I should access my caps and now I’m unable to access it pls what is the solution pls

  41. how do I know the course they gave me
    The dash board is only showing congratulations, I accept and they showed me welcome but I don’t know the course they offered me

  42. my cap is showing me admission has being processed
    please can someone explain this to me

  43. pls sir i have been tying to log in my cap with my email nd password but it showing invaild pls sir how can u help nd secondly i score 153 in jamb can i gain admission with it in eksu

  44. Pls sir, can you log in your jamb caps even when youve not registered for postume and uploaded my result?

  45. Sir am having issues of email. There are saying that my password isn’t correct sir pls what should I do next

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