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List Of All The Courses Offered In Nigerian Universities

This article gives a list of all the courses offered in Nigerian Universities. The courses are divided into seven fields which include: Medical, Social science, Law, Engineering/Environmental/Technology, Agriculture, Sciences, and Art.


Listed below is Engineering courses

  1. Architecture
  2. Building
  3. Building Technology
  4. Chemical Engineering
  5. Communication and Multimedia Advertising
  6. Communication and Multimedia Printing Journalism
  7. Communication and Multimedia Television/Filming
  8. Communication and Multimedia Design
  9. Environmental Management
  10. Environmental Resources Management
  11. Environmental Management Technology
  12. Estate Management
  13. Fine Art
  14. Fine/Applied Arts
  15. Fine and Industrial Arts
  16. Food Science with Business
  17. Geography and Environmental Science
  18. Geography and Meteorology
  19. Geography and Regional Planning
  20. Geography and Planning
  21. Hotel Management and Tourism
  22. Home Economics and Food Management
  23. Industrial Arts
  24. Industrial Design
  25. Information System
  26. Land Surveying
  27. Land Surveying and Geoinformatics
  28. Meteorology
  29. Quantity Surveying
  30. Remote Sensing and Geosciences Information System
  31. Surveying
  32. Surveying and Geo-Informatics
  33. Technological Management


  1. Common law
  2. Common and Islamic law
  3. Civil law
  4. Islamic /sharia law
  5. Law
  6. Private and Islamic law
  7. Public and Private International law
  8. Criminology and Security Studies


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