Benefits of Parent-Teacher Relationship

Parent-teacher relationships are pivotal to the success of any student. Children benefit most when their parents (guardians) and teachers know one another and have some relevant information about how things work at home and school.

One of the challenges facing some teachers is the inability to get adequate support from parents or guardians for their students. Getting the best out of any student requires effort from both parties.

Children show more improvement when teachers and parents work together to create a plan and decide on strategies to help them academically than when no relationship exists. This collaborative effort is required, especially when the child isn’t doing well academically.

The success I have recorded with some of my students is due to my relationship with their parents. I was able to tell the parents the role they needed to play to assist their children, and they were able to measure my impact and communicate to me areas I needed to work more on their children.

It is important to note that the teacher and the parents are working toward the same goal which is a success. The teachers and parents have expectations that must be communicated effectively to each other.


  • It helps both parties to understand where the student is lacking and how to work on it collectively.
  • It enhances academic improvement, i.e., influences students’ progress
  • Children are more secure in expressing their needs when they notice there is a cordial relationship between their teachers and parents
  • It becomes easy for parents and teachers to measure the success of the students
  • It helps the student to show positive behaviour at home and school

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