6 Importance Of Technology In Education

Education is one of the areas where information technology has been very useful. Its role in the improvement of the education section can’t be overemphasis. Learning has become much easier due to the use of technology.

It is no longer news that a teacher should possess 21st century skills to be relevant in this dispensation and this can be achieved through the use of ICT. This is a way of leveraging learning with emerging technologies i.e., ICT gadgets. Effective teaching requires that a teacher should be able to make use of the technologies available for proper delivery of his content.

Technology has enabled teachers to be up to date with new techniques and help their students to be updated with the latest technologies in education. Information technology not only helps students to learn new things but also reduces the number of dropouts.

Importance of Technology in Education

Improved Lesson Plan

Lesson planning is how teachers synthesize the curriculum goals with pedagogy and knowledge of their specific teaching context. So, to be an effective teacher, one must use the latest technology to access enough materials that will aid lesson planning. Also, effective teaching requires that a teacher should be able to make use of the technologies available for proper delivery of his content.

Effective lesson planning contributes to successful learning outcomes for students in several ways. A well-designed lesson plan: Helps students and teachers understand the goals of an instructional module. Allows the teacher to translate the curriculum into learning activities.

Enhances Independent Learning

Through the help of the internet, students don’t need to depend on their physical teachers to learn. The internet is filled with enough material that can aid learning for students.

Technology has helped students to become more independent in learning through the access they have to resources of the global network. Although a teacher can teach them how to search for materials or information, the students will have to decide which website he/she can gather the information they need.

During the pandemic outbreak, many students have no alternative but to learn without their physical classrooms and teachers. Even many schools and private tutors look for a way to continue to engage their students. Most of the platforms that most schools use include telegram, WhatsApp, skype, zoom, LMS (Learning Management System), etc. The LMS is the e-learning platform created on the school portal where students can download lecture materials, submit an assignment, take CBT, etc.

Assessment And Grading are less stressful

Most schools are now conducting computer-based test (CBT) to ease the stress they do encounter when faced with a large number of students. Also, this kind of testing has helped students with disabilities. For example, screen readers, magnification tools, and text-to-voice or voice-to-text applications can help learners with visual, auditory, and motor impairments.

Access to Attract Students from Any part of the World

E-learning has helped most schools to attract foreign students. For example, a student in Nigeria may not be opportune to attend schools in the USA, but through e-learning, he/she can school abroad without being in that country physically.

Aid Teachers-Students Relationship

Teacher-student relationship is a state of connectedness between a teacher and his students. In this present age, any teacher who is able to integrate technology into subject areas will be loved by the students. Technology helps make teaching and learning more meaningful and fun. Students are also able to collaborate with their own classmates through technological applications.

Enhances collaborative Work

Students can now collaborate with other students in another country likewise the teachers. This is possible because of technology.

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