The Importance Of Education In Fighting Corruption In Nigeria

The importance of education can’t be overemphasized. Education equips us with knowledge of the world around us and changes it into something better. It develops in us a better perspective of looking at life. It helps us build good opinions and have points of view on things in life.

The importance of Education in fighting corruption in Nigeria

Education is an important tool that can kill corruption in Nigeria. Fighting corruption is not about jailing some selected few in the country but conscious steps in putting an end to it through the use of effective tools.

Corruption is defined as lack of integrity or honesty (especially susceptibility to bribery); use of a position of trust for dishonest gain.

Corruption is endemic in Nigeria and this is due to the fact that we haven’t used an effective tool that can fight it to finish.

The usual approach in Nigeria is to arrest corrupt persons. And many a time people celebrate whenever they hear news of this kind i.e. people being arrested for corruption or money stolen are being recovered. This is commendable but can’t provide a lasting kill corruption in Nigeria.

Corruption is of the mind and this was attested to by a statement made by former president of Nigeria during an interview, that corruption is a behavioral pattern. And to correct a behavioral pattern, the only effective tool is education. One of the reasons why education can perform this role is because it teaches and enlightens the mind.

The mind of every citizen in this country needs to be taught at every stage of our educational system that honesty and integrity are important ingredients for a successful and fulfilling life.

Types of corruption in Nigeria

Below are the most prevalent types of corruption in Nigeria:

  1. Bribery
  2. Theft and privatization of public resources and funds
  3. Forgery and falsification,
  4. Misappropriation of money
  5. Abuse of state funds
  6. Nepotism and Favoritism
  7. Promotion of personal interests
  8. Protection and covering up events.
  9. Abuse of power
  10. Manipulation of regulation
  11. Electoral violations
  12. Extortion
  13.  Transfer of gifts to influence the content of the policy

Below is the list of the importance of education in fighting against corruption or why education is important in fighting corruption in Nigeria:

Importance of Education in fighting corruption in Nigeria

Education gives a better perspective

One major thing education does is that it gives a better perspective on life. A good perspective of life will make one live above corruption and this can only be achieved if the government sees education as a tool to fight corruption.

Education enlighten the mind

A mind that is enlightened will have no fear of tomorrow. One of the major reasons why corruption is prevalent is fear of the unknown. A person that uses his position for dishonest gain has a thought pattern that is faulty and the thought is usually like this “let me quickly use this position to enrich myself because if I don’t do it now, I may remain poor”. This kind of mind is shortsighted and thinks the only way out of poverty is to use his position to dishonest gain.

Education informs/teaches the mind

John F Kennedy says “A child miseducated is a child lost.”

A proper education will enable a child to understand that he doesn’t need to get involved in any of the types of corruption named above to get to his destination in life. He would have developed a mind to ask WHY of every of his action. For example, why should I take a bribe or why should I favor nepotism against merit or why should I misappropriate public fund and get the nation in a long time mess? These are moral questions that the mind will be bombarded with if it is properly educated.

Furthermore, how would one know he can live within his income without taking a bribe if he hasn’t been taught financial discipline at every stage of his life? Financial education makes one know how to save, invest, deals with impulse spending etc.

We hope that you have been informed about the importance of education in fighting corruption through this page.

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