Traffic Regulations And Importance

Traffic regulations encompass a set of guidelines and directives that govern the conduct and actions of road users. These regulations are implemented with the primary objective of averting accidents and facilitating the smooth movement of traffic.

Traffic signs tell you about traffic regulations, special hazards, other road conditions, construction areas, speed limits, etc.

Importance of Traffic Regulations

  • To ensure a seamless, secure, and unimpeded movement of traffic among road users.
  • To prevent road accidents and injuries
  • To prevent traffic jams or hold-ups and other forms of road hazards.
  • To instil discipline among road users.
  • To educate motorists on road safety matters and accident prevention control.
  • To promote and create a safer and more civilized road culture among Nigerians.

Some Traffic Regulations

  • Do not drink and drive: Users of the road should avoid alcohol before and while driving
  • Vigilance: Pedestrians crossing roads should be vigilant in order not to cause accidents.
  • Avoid hands-free/earpiece: All road users are required to avoid all forms of hand-free/earpiece as this may not allow them to hear well and concentrate.
  • Wearing of seat belts: Motorists are expected to wear seat-belts whenever they are driving, passengers should also use the seat belt where they are provided
  • Noise pollution: All road users are expected to guide against noise pollution. Drivers of
  • vehicles should not blow their horns excessively to disturb or distract others
  • Obstruction parking: All road users should avoid packing on the road as this may lead to obstruction for other road users, thereby leading to heavy traffic.
  • Making calls while driving: Making and receiving calls should be avoided while driving as this can cause distraction and lead to accidents.
  • Use of trafficator: Road users should trafficate before entering or leaving the road to indicate and create awareness for other vehicles coming behind; this will help to avoid an accident
  • Speed limit: All road users should avoid packing on the road as this may lead to obstruction for other road users, thereby leading to heavy traffic
  • Bridges and zebra crossing points: Pedestrians should use pedestrians bridges or zebra crossing points where they are provided

Observance of the traffic regulations and signs is for the benefit of all road users. So, it shouldn’t be violated but to be obeyed.

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