Importance of Science Laboratory Technology And What They Do

SLT is one of the hottest courses in the Polytechnic especially in the school of science. And this is why I want to discuss the importance of Science Laboratory Technology and what they do for all candidates aspiring to study the course.

I know that the reason why you are reading this article is to gather enough knowledge about the course and even to know the career path. Don’t fret; I will give you all you need to make an informed decision.

The Units that make up Science Laboratory Technology in all polytechnics are Chemistry, Physics, and Biology.

This course can also be studied at the university and there are some universities in Nigeria offering SLT.

Please don’t confuse this course with Medical Laboratory Science. In Nigeria, a person who graduated with a degree or diploma in SLT is not allowed to work in the medical lab i.e. They can’t work in a clinical laboratory-like hospital or private laboratory where they carry out a variety of tests.

So after your graduation, your area of specialization includes:

  • Applied Biology and Microbiology
  • Applied Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Physics and Electronics

Science laboratory technicians are involved in the roles listed below

  • Standardization of Science Laboratories for
    teaching, research, and services.
  • Laboratory Personnel Capacity Building.
  • Laboratory Administration and Management.
  • Laboratory Equipment Management and Maintenance.
  • Laboratory Inspection, Accreditation and
  • Laboratory Building and Infrastructure Design.
  • Laboratory Chemical and Reagents standardization
    and certification.
  • Development of Standard Operating Procedure
    (SOP) for Science Equipment and Procedures.
  • Development of Science and Technology Education
    Teaching Aids.
  • Research into the production, standardization,
    and use of laboratory chemicals and reagents
  • Maintains contact with Overseas Science
    Equipment Manufacturers and also maintain a database of such.
  • Operate and maintain standard science laboratory
    practice for secondary school pupils training in Physics, Chemistry, and
  • Consultancies on science laboratory development,
    equipment procurement, projects, and laboratory services
  • Laboratory Equipment Design and Fabrication

Job Prospect and Salary

Science Laboratory Technician can work in

  • Environmental health institutions where they may
    involve in food analysis to protect public health or the water industry where they
    can be involved in water analysis.
  • Secondary school and tertiary institutions as
    science teachers or help in biology or chemistry laboratories as a
  • Establish research laboratories for food and
    water analysis for public health protection.

Some of the career options you can choose from are Pathologist, Biological Technician, Chemical Technician, Laboratory Technician, etc.

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The salary varies depending on where you are working. If you are working with the Federal Government or State Government, your salary will differ however, you will start from level 8. This means you will be collecting remuneration that is due to a level 8 staff.

In summary, there is no clear cut on the average salary but you can have it at the back of your mind that wherever you are likely to work, your salary will be more than N60,000.

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