JAMB Subject Combination for Social Science Courses 2022

Listed below is the Jamb subject combination for social science courses like political science, mass communication, law, economics, accounting, banking and finance, etc.

Some students may ask; what are the social science subjects?

Social science subjects include literature in English, government, Economics, Geography, History, commerce, Principle of Accounting, etc.

JAMB subject combination for Mass communication

Use of English and Any three from Arts or Social Science subjects.

Waiver for mass communication

(i) LAGOS, AUE and BOWEN require Literature in English.

(ii) LAGOS accepts Mathematics as UTME subjects.

(iii) KSU requires Literature in English and any other two Arts or Social Science subjects

(iv) ABU requires Literature in English and any other two subjects.

(v) WESTERN-DEL requires Literature in English and any other two (2) Social Sciences or arts subjects. A pass in Mathematics may be accepted.

(vi) JABU requires Literature in English.

(vii) DELSU requires Mathematics and two other subjects from Economics, Government, Geography and Commerce.

(viii) KWASU requires Mathematics, Literature in English and any other subject.

(ix) SOUTHWESTERN requires Literature in English, Economics and Government.

(x) BAYERO requires any three subjects from Social Science subjects.

JAMB subject combination for political science

  • Government or History
  • Use of English
  • plus two other Social Science/Arts subjects.

Waiver for political science: Click here to read more on the requirements to study political science

JAMB subject combination for law

Use of English and Any three Arts or Social Science subjects.

Waiver for law

(i) BOWEN, ILORIN, UNN, BENIN, AAU and OAU require Literature in English plus any two (2) subjects.

(ii) LAGOS does not accept Music, Fine Arts, and Principles of Account and accepts either Economics or Commerce but not both.

(ii) IBADAN accepts Science subjects.

(iv) EBSU requires Literature in English and either Government, History, CRK or Economics.

(v) RSUST requires History or Government and two other subjects.

(vi) CUAB, DELSU and ABU require Literature in English and any other Arts or Social Science subjects.

(vii) OOU does not insist on Literature in English.

JAMB subject combination for Economics

Use of English, Economics, Mathematics and any of Government, History, Geography, Lit-in-English, French and CRK/IRK.

Waiver for Economics

(I) ABU accepts Arabic

(ii) PHC and ILORIN require Economics, Mathematics either Government or Geography or History.

(iii) OAU requires Mathematics, Economics and Geography or Government.

(iv) IBADAN – Mathematics and any other two subjects

(v) OOU -Mathematics and any one of Economics, Geography, Government, History and Literature in English

(vi) ABU, JOS, MAIDUGURI, PHC, EKSU and ESUTECH – Mathematics is not compulsory

(vii) IMSU – same as Marketing

(viii) ILORIN requires one subject from Accounting, Commerce, Business Method, Geography Government and Statistics.

(ix) AAU and BAYERO require any Social Science subject as the third subject.

(x) DELSU requires Social/Science subject as the fourth subject.

(xi) EBSU and BENIN requires Mathematics, Economics and any other subject.

(xii) BINGHAM also requires Geography and Accounting.

(xiii) CUAB and AAUA require Mathematics, Economics and any other Social Science subject

(xiv) SALEM and EKSU require Mathematics, Economics and one other Social Science subject.

(xv) LAGOS requires Economics, Mathematics and any Arts, Science or Social Science subject but not Commerce, CRK/IRK.

(xvi) AUN Accepts any subject combination which includes Mathematics and any two of Environmental Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Literature in English, Government, History, Economics, Geography, Further Mathematics, Technical Drawing, Visual Arts, Computer Studies, Information Technology, Civics, and French.

(xvii) ABSU requires Five SSCE credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Economics and any two subjects.

(xviii) WESTERN-DEL requires Economics, Mathematics and any of Government, History, Geography, Literature in English.

(xix) FED-LAFIA, DELSU requires Mathematics, Economics and Government.

(xx) NTNU accepts Principle of Accounting or Commerce in lieu of Economics.

(xxi) FUNAAB requires one of Government, Commerce or Geography as the third subject.

(xxii) FED-OYEEKITI requires Mathematics, Economics and other Social Science or Arts subject.

(xxiii) SALEM for Criminology requires Government and any two of Economics, Geography and Literature in English.

(xxiv) UMUDIKE and NTNU – Same as in Accounting.

(xxv) OOU accepts Mathematics/Economics and any two other Social Science subjects.

(xxvi) ABUJA requires Economic, Mathematics, and any other subject in Social & Management Sciences

JAMB subject combination for Accountancy, Business Administration, Public Administration, Marketing

  • Mathematics
  • Use of English
  • Economics
  • and any other Social Science subject

Jamb subject combination for Banking and Finance

  • Mathematics
  • Use of English
  • one Social Science subject
  • and any other subject

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  1. Please admin, i chose maths,govt & economics for sociology. I want to know if i’m correct in my registration. Reply pls

    1. You are very correct. The reason is that Goverment is most compulsory, Economics and mathematics are accepted by most of the schools as JAMB subject combination for sociology.

  2. hello, please admin which courses are available for a candidate with English, Mathematics, Government and IRS jamb combination. Thanks.

  3. Pls what can i study with this jamb subject combination,English,government,accounting and commerce?
    What of sociology?

  4. I wanna choose Mathematics, English, Economics and Commerce for business administration. Are they all right? Am I good to go?
    And does OAU offer business Administration?

  5. Hello Admin. Urgent please! I chose English, Mathematics, economics and commerce for utme subject combinations for industrial relations and personnel management for university of Lagos. Is this okay?

  6. Pls admin, I want to study Accounting Unilorin and my subjects combination are Maths, English, economics and Accounting… Hope am in order.

  7. Please sir with these subject combination (Eng, Govt Econs and commerce)what course can i study with it in Kwasu can i still study public administration?

  8. Hello Admin,
    I want to study international relations at OAU
    But my literature is D7 ( am i good to go??)

    Also the jamb subject combinations
    English, Economics, Government Literature
    English, Mathematics, Economics, Government

    Please which of the subject combinations is the right one?.

    Thank you.

  9. Can I use math, eng, eco, accounting and office practice as o level combo for business administration?

  10. Hello admin Which course can I chose for this subject combination. Use of English , Literature, Mathematics and Biology.As an art student and also school.Need ur response urgent sir,Thanks.

  11. Please what course can i study with these following utme subject combination
    use of eng, literature, government, Yoruba

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