NECO Exam Grade Contention Process For SSCE And BECE

NECO Grade contention means the act of challenging your results at the appropriate quarters. It also means your grade on a paper is below your expectations. For instance, you had a D7 in mathematics but felt that what you wrote on the exam should give you a B3. By this, you can contest your grade.

National Examination Council (NECO) is now giving the privilege for those who participated in BECE and SSCE the chance to contest their grade. Before I give you the steps you have to take, I will advise you to be sure before you proceed with this process. I want you to have 100 per cent confidence that you should have been given a better grade. Because if you aren’t sure, it will be a time-wasting effort. The cost of contesting your grade is huge, and the time involved is a factor to consider.

Having understood the above statement, grades can be contested in BECE, SSCE (Internal), and SSCE (External). Also, the timeline for contesting grades is sixteen (16) months after the results of any particular examination.

Conditions for Contesting Grades

  • Candidates must have registered and sat for the examination i.e. BECE, SSCE (internal), SSCE (external)
  • Candidates must apply within the timeframe
  • Candidates must strictly follow the approved channel of seeking redress

For BECE and SSCE (internal) results, complaints be written by the school authority on the school’s letterhead, stamped and signed with the following candidate’s details

  • Candidate’s name
  • Registration number
  • Centre name
  • Centre number
  • Examination type
  • Examination year
  • Subject(s)
  • Nature of complaint

For SSCE (external), candidate(s) should apply independently with the same details as in above.

Candidate(s) must enclose the following accompanying documents

  • Result slip
  • Evidence of payment (payment slip into NECO TSA, receipt of payment issued by NECO official, and generated RRR)

Candidate(s) must have paid the prescribed fee as stated below

  • BECE – N15,000 per paper
  • NECO (internal) – N20,000 per paper
  • NECO (external) – N20,000 per paper

Please note that the above fees are subject to periodic change.

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