The Secrets and how to become a Straight-A Student

Being a Straight-A student isn’t a rocket science, it just requires that you follow the universal principle that is peculiar to students who always make straight-As in an exam. The secrets of a Straight-A student is explained below.

How to become a Straight-A Student

  1. Manage your time and deal with the urge to procrastinate.

Time management is very crucial if you want to be a straight-A student because it helps you remember, plan, and complete important tasks before the very last moment. And also little planning goes a long way toward reducing your daily stress levels.

Like the old saying “there is time for everything in life; time to eat, time to talk, time to read, time to watch a football match, etc.” Being an A student doesn’t mean you shouldn’t participate in extracurricular activities or to have to-do list rather you must be very skillful in managing time.

Moreover, you must deal with the urge to procrastinate. Everyone has a propensity to postpone or delay needlessly what one should do or be doing. However, a straight-A student knows how to deal with the urge to procrastinate.

From my localized research, I found out that students that fail an exam or doesn’t perform excellently well in any exam are guilty of time management and procrastination. It may even shock you that students that are not Nerd on-campus graduate with a first class. And studies have shown that these people are expert in time management.

In order for you to become skillful in time management, you must follow the steps below

  • Prioritize wisely
  • Know when to say No
  • Plan ahead
  • Eliminate distractions
  • Take time to unwind and rest
  1. Take targeted and smart notes in class

Don’t miss class for any reason because class attendance is so important. Not because learning is power, or it’s what your parents would want you to do, but because it saves you time. If you attend class regularly, you will significantly cut down on the amount of studying required to score high grades.

It is important that you master the act of notes taking when you are in class or in the library making a research. During my undergraduate days, the note of the best graduating student in my department was quite different from all of us. He has a different pen that he used to mark out points according to their importance. And most importantly the way he arranged key points was classic. You can’t have his notes and you won’t be tempted to steal it from him.

  1. Prepare efficiently for exams

According to physics, efficiency means work output divided by work input multiply by 100%. This means it isn’t the number of hours you use to read that matters but how efficiently you maximize the time. Let me throw more light on this, it is better to use forty-five minutes without distraction than to use five hours with many distractions.

Studies have shown that reading several short sessions of one to two hours apiece is more effective than one long marathon. Let say you have 6 hours to read a particular text, you can divide the 6 hours into four fractions: 1 hour 30 minutes for each fraction. “Don’t just read for the six hours without rest, you won’t assimilate much if you use that method. “Students who do superior study skills can do more in less time – Rielle”

Straight-A students know that the bulk of the work required to ace an exam has already been accomplished through identifying big ideas in lectures, extracting arguments from reading assignments, and solving problem sets. By the time the test date rolls around, all that’s left is a targeted review of the ideas that they have already mastered and internalized.

  1. Master the art of exam-taking

Before exam follow the the steps below:

  • Ask questions in class
  • Develop the habit of talking to your professor briefly after class.
  • Ask classmates if you are still unclear
  • Attend exam receive session

During the exam

For you to have a high grade, you must give grade A answers in any exam. You must avoid some potential pitfalls during an exam, the most common are:

  • Running out of time
  • Providing answers that don’t fully answer all parts of the question being asked.
  1. Conduct thorough research

Straight-A students are very thorough when conducting a research. Conducting a thorough research when you are writing a term paper, preparing for the seminar, and final year project will fetch you a high grade. Most students have below grade A in the project due to poor or average research work.

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