Your children need your help


I have never seen a child that does not need the help of his parents. One of the greatest help parents can offer to their children is to encourage them. It baffles me a lot when I see parent talk down, abuse or even curse their children because they are not doing well academically. I have never seen a child that became great in an atmosphere that is devoid of encouragement. If you child isn’t doing well now, all he needs is for you to stay behind him. He wants to hear you whisper to his ears that she can do it.

Children are expecting much from us. They know we are loaded with experience as a result of our age on this earth, so they expect us to reassure them of success. They want us to give them different strategies they can use to succeed academically. The most unfortunate thing we see in this part of the world is parents assisting/encouraging their child to cheat in examinations. What such parents are passing out to that child indirectly is that you are good for nothing, you are dull, and nothing tangible can come out of your life unless you are assisted. Yes, It is good to be assisted but not in the exam hall.

I personally believe that every child has the potential to be successful academically. Academics aren’t a rocket science. It just requires parents to understand their children, encourage them when they are not doing well and also when they are doing well. Parents should try all workable means to put their children on right track.

The children the Lord has given unto you are for signs and wonders ((Isaiah 8:18). Give them encouragement and you see their lives transform. Never compare them with other students that are doing well now {“but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise”- 2 corinthians 10:12b}. Always whisper to them ‘I love you and I know you can do it’. You will be surprised at the rate he / she will change academically in your very eyes.

A child that can never perform well academically is not yet born

Bolarinwa Olajire

An associate lecturer with demonstrated history of working in the education industry. Skilled in analytical skills, C++, Fortran, and Entrepreneurship. Strong education professional with a M. SC focused in condensed matter from University of Ibadan and PhD student at FUNAAB.

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