Indiscipline In School Causes And Remedies

Indiscipline in school has been one of the major concerns of educators, especially among secondary school students. And to provide lasting remedies, one must be able to understand the causes of indiscipline in schools.

It is generally known that discipline is at the root of every great achievement. And lack of it will spell doom for students.

Every misbehavior (vandalism, examination malpractice, lateness, violence, sexual misconduct, improper dressing, and poor academic performance among students) whether within or outside the school has its cause(s). For this reason, I have decided to write an article to the best of my knowledge on some causes and solution to indiscipline in school.

That said, there is a need to know the meaning of indiscipline. Ali et al. define it as

Behavior exhibited by the learners or students within the school premises and outside the school, which attract condemnation (instead of praise) by the public and the school staff.

Causes of Indiscipline in Schools

  1. Over permissiveness

It is crucial that parents must understand that not everything permissible is lawful. When you give too much freedom to a child without setting a boundary, then you are offering such child access to misbehaving. Someone said freedom without discipline is captivity without knowing.

This anomaly could make parents lost control over their children.

  • Poor teaching or Inadequate class control

One of the ways of knowing an effective teacher is by the way he controls or manages his class whenever a lecture is going on.

It is not uncommon to see students misbehaving when a teacher with poor teaching style is around. Some students see it as a time to chew gum, gist, laugh, sleep, etc. while a lecture is ongoing.

  • Bad Associates

The kind of students your child move with will determine their behavior. Some children learn smoking, drinking of alcohol, cheating in an exam, etc. through their friends.

There is an adage that says, “bad company corrupts good manners.”

  • Unsatisfactory home condition

Some children are faced with a broken home, persistence quarrel or fight between their parents, etc. And these poor home conditions affect how they behave outside. Children from this home are prone to social vices.

  • Lawlessness

When rules are not enforced students tend to misbehave. And where there is no law, there is no sin. Enforcement of law and order in schools instill discipline in students.

One thing I have observed is that a student that enjoys a good relationship with his/her parents and teachers tend to be disciplined.

  • Poor school organization
  • Poor Work ethic

Solutions to Indiscipline in Schools

Remedy to indiscipline is a collective effort by all stakeholders. Parents, teachers, school owners, and students must be involved in putting an end to this act.

I will be discussing below some of the solutions that can bring an end to indiscipline.

  • Awarding well-behaved students: This is a way of influencing students to do what is right within and outside the school. Everyone loves praise and reward.
  • Teachers should be friendly
  • Cooperation between parents and teachers:
  • Regulations to be clearly stated: When rules are set, they send a signal to every student neural that every form of disobedience will be punished.
  • Involving students in decision-making
  • Counseling for difficult students

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