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Instruments And Uses For JAMB

In this article, I will list some instruments and what they are used to measure. Several instruments are used for different purposes. And it is in their purpose lies their design.

Fathometer: It is used to measure the depth of the ocean. It also produces an echo. It is used on ships to determine the depth of the ocean. Also, fathom is the unit used to measure the depth of the ocean.

Galvanometer: It is an electromechanical measuring instrument that is used for detecting the presence of small current and voltage. It works by deflecting a pointer in response to an electric current flowing through a coil in a constant magnetic field.

Udometer: It is also known as a rain gauge used by a meteorologist or hydrologist to measure the amount of liquid precipitation of a predefined area over a period of time.

Dynamometer: It is a measuring device used to determine the torque, force, speed, and power required to operate the drive on a machine or motor. There are two categories of dynamometers and they are power absorption and power transmission.

Anemometer: It is used to measure wind speed and wind pressure.

Pyrometer: It is an instrument that measures temperature, and this is done by measuring radiation from the object without having to be in contact.

Altimeter: It is a device that measures altitude i.e. the distance of a point above sea level.

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Other instruments include,

A hydrometer is used to measure density or specific gravity

A manometer is used to measure the pressure of a particular gaseous or liquid matter, while a barometer is used for measuring atmospheric pressure

A fluxmeter is used to measure Magnetic Flux.

An ammeter is used for measuring the current in a circuit.

A voltmeter is used to measure the voltage or potential difference between two points in an electrical or electronic circuit.

Fathometer  Measures depth of ocean
GalvanometerMeasures electric current
Udometer  Measures amount of rainfall
Dynamometer  Used to determine the torque, force, speed, and power required to operate the drive on a machine or motor
AnemometerFor measuring wind speed
Pyrometer  For measuring temperature
Altimeter  To measure altitude
HydrometerTo measure specific gravity
ManometerFor measuring pressure
FluxmeterTo measure magnetic flux
AmmeterTo measure electric current in a circuit
VoltmeterTo measure voltage in a circuit

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