NBTE Adds Mandatory Skills Qualification As a Requirement for Graduation in Polytechnics

The National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) has decided to add a Mandatory Skills Qualification (MSQ) as a requirement for graduation for all newly reviewed National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND) Curricula. This means Diploma holders will soon be graduating with a National Skills Qualification (NSQ) or its equivalent as an additional qualification.

This is an important requirement that will lead to what may be called dual certification of Diploma holders and is expected to enhance employability. However, NBTE is aware of the limited skills training facilities in Polytechnics and is therefore allowing a phased introduction.

The NSQ is a certification system designed to assess and recognize the skills and competencies of individuals in various fields. It focuses on vocational skills and is typically obtained through vocational training programs, apprenticeships, and assessments conducted by approved skill assessment bodies. The NSQ aims to bridge the gap between formal education and industry needs by providing individuals with practical skills that are relevant to the job market.

It was also noted that the dual certification of obtaining both a National Skills Qualification and a National Diploma (ND) in Nigeria will equip the students with a deeper understanding of their chosen field and enhance their ability to perform effectively in various work environments.

One of the implementation modalities is that the ND students will be allowed to choose a skill area of their interest but related to his/her field of study and be trained, assessed, and certified on attaining competency with their NDII (Semester I and II, 4 credits in total). The training should be carried out in a registered SDC, leading to the award of NSQ of appropriate level (2 or 3) by an approved awarding body.

Furthermore, assessors play a vital role in this process by evaluating the quality of education and training in various technical and vocational fields. According to the board’s Head of Media, their role will include assessing standards, learning outcomes, and the overall performance of Skills Development Centres (SDCs) in polytechnics and other TVET institutions. She noted that under the MSQ, HND level students who have acquired NSQ at the ND level can enroll in Quality Assurance Assessor (QAA) training as an alternative to another NSQ.

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