10 Objectives And Scope Of Social Studies

The inclusion of Social Studies, as a subject in the Primary school curriculum is a way to achieve National and Educational goals i.e. to ensure that young people inculcate the right values and attitudes. So in this article, I will discuss the scope and objectives of social studies.

Meaning of Social Studies

Social Studies is the study of man and his environment. It focuses on making us understand the interrelationship between man and his environment. It can be described as a subject that studies the way man lives in his physical and social environment. It is about how man influences his environment and how this environment, in turn, influences him.

Furthermore, Social studies is the interdisciplinary integration of social science and humanities concepts for the purpose of practicing problem-solving and decision making to developing citizenship skills on critical social issues. It is a programme that provides adequate knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will enable people to understand their physical and human environment in order to act or behave as responsive citizens.

Objectives of Social Studies

The primary purpose of social studies is to help young people develop the ability to make informed and reasoned decisions as good citizens in a culturally diverse, democratic society, and an interdependent world.

  • To develop in students, the ability to adapt to their changing environment.
  • To Cultivate a spirit of patriotism: Patriotism and love of country must be cultivated and nurtured in the soul of every citizen. Knowledge of the history of statehood will be able to build and develop a strong identity
  • The acquisition, development, and inculcation of proper value orientation for the survival of the individual and society is another objective of Social Studies.
  • To help us understand our environment, find out its problems, and be able to solve the problems.
  • To help us understand the usefulness of being good citizens of our country. Social Studies is used to teach individuals what it means to be a good citizen, capable of contributing to the positive development of the Nation, by being positive-minded and hardworking.
  • To inculcate national consciousness and national unity
  • To develop a sense of solidarity and sharing based on a sense of security in one’s own identity.
  • To identify the causes and consequences of environmental problems
  • To inculcate social awareness and critical judgment as well as critical thinking
  • To foster interrelationship among people, as well as the relationship between them and their environment

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Scope of Social Studies

Basically, the scope of Social Studies entails man, his environment (physical environment and social environment) as well as science and technology which man uses to make his environment suitable or conducive for him.

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