10 reasons to use social media to your advantage as a student

Social media is a tool whereby a billion individuals worldwide can be connected and networked together to create, collaborate, and contribute their knowledge and wisdom [Christy M.K et al., 2010].

Social media use has increased rapidly among the young between 18 and 29. According to Andrew Perrin, social media usage among young adults has grown from 12% in 2005 to 90% in 2015, consistent with the adoption of smartphone technology.

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The growth and popularity of online social networks have created a new world of collaboration and communication among students to their advantage. Although social media has many disadvantages for students, there are a lot of benefits to social media.

Reasons to use social media to your advantage

  1. It allows you to share knowledge and exchange ideas. Also, sharing information becomes easy (information like valuable documents, videos, files, links, etc.)
  2. Currently, 3.196 billion individuals are active users of social media in the world. This high number implies that you can access the network (student-to-student interaction) and collaborate with many people online.
  3. Since it is used for communication, it can enhance discussion on topics you don’t understand for better understanding.
  4. It increases social influence
  5. Prompt access to opportunities that can advance one’s career
  6. It is a platform of discussions for assignments and other coursework; you get feeds on class schedules, class venues receive and send information among your peers, explore coursework-related issues, and a host of others.
  7. It provides an avenue to earn extra income as a student while studying
  8. Social media has also been identified as being used to build and strengthen campus community by actively encouraging student involvement and participation in school activities
  9. The social media communication platform impacts student motivation to learn, effective learning, and classroom climate.
  10. It helps students to multitask, i.e., a digital juggling of daily activities and commitments.

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