7 Reasons Why Female Education Is Better Than Male Education

Someone rightly said that if you educate a male child, you educate a family, and if you educate a female child, you educate a whole nation. This means educating female children has more effect on the nation than their male counterparts.

This article is not intended to demean any gender but rather to assist students you want to debate on the topic.

Education means studying in order to obtain a deeper knowledge and understanding of a variety of subjects to be applied to daily life. This way, you have stability in life and other benefits that come with it.

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Reasons Why Female Education is Better

Gender Equality

It is no longer news that over the years, male child has enjoyed a quality education than their female counterparts, leading to inequality in all areas of life. For instance, male children are more financially secure and more self-dependent. To correct this anomaly, a female child should be given more preference than a male child regarding education.


Some professions need empathetic people, such as the medical profession. So, this profession needs more female children than male children. Expressing empathy is highly effective and powerful, which builds patient trust, calms anxiety, and improves health outcomes. So, educating female children in line with this profession will practically bring significant improvement to the health sector.


This describes the performance of a set of different tasks in a short period of time, and this requires a greater cognitive demand. So this means that educating a female child will be more helpful in the nation’s development.


It is the non-observance of national ethics and discipline in countries in the world that has given rise to fraud, political unrest, embezzlement of public funds, corruption, etc. So, when someone’s conduct is in line with its effect on the nation, he/she is bound to participate in the activities that will bring good name and development of the nation.

With the right education and this quality (discipline) in a female child, the nation is bound to experience development.

Economic growth

Female children are more resourceful and know how to manage scarce resources, and this is crucial for economic growth. Countries with higher literacy rates (male and female) tend to be in better economic situations.


Female children are co-creator i.e. having the ability to jointly create something of high benefit with another person. So, given the right education to this set of gender will improve families and the world at large.

Peace and Unity

Female children are more peaceful and more unifying than their male counterparts. For example, Mary Slessor who was a missionary in Nigeria adopted all the abandoned babies she found and cared for them at the Mission House. She also successfully stopped the killing of twins in Calabar after so many obstacles. So, if a girl child is educated the nation will see positive changes in all aspect.

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