The route to 7.0 cgpa at UI – Daniel Nkemelu


Daniel Nkemelu graduated with 7.0 cgpa at University of Ibadan where he studied computer science.

Below are some hints to how he arrived at such fantastic grade:

“My initial intention as a freshman was to do well and hopefully get a First Class result. However, after my first session, I started having loftier dreams”

“My reading pattern was very dynamic. I didn’t have a fixed time or location. My kind of course requires broad understanding of concepts and practical application, so I could spend the whole day programming or reading tech blogs and reviews.”

“I visited the school library occasionally because it was conducive and distraction was minimal. I also held periodic tutorials that made me read in depth, so I could explain properly to others”

“God’s guidance and support from friends, course mates and family; focus and determination; comprehensive teaching from my lecturers”

” Healthy relationships help you to get better at what you do; I loved and was loved in return. Bad relationships or friendships can affect academic performance, sincerely”

I learn from lots of people. No single person holds that monopoly”

“I always tell young people; define what success means to you and give it what it takes. Everyone may not end up as perfect CGPA holders but everyone can excel at something. Be open to learn and do your best to make a difference”

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