PG and Part-Time Admission

UDUSOK Postgraduate Tuition Fees 2019/2020

This article is about the tuition fees for fresh and returning postgraduate students of Usman Danfodio University Sokoto (UDUSOK).

The UDUSOK Postgraduate tuition fees will also help aspiring applicants who might be seeking admission into Usman Danfodio University Postgraduate school. The list below contains the details of UDUS Postgraduate fees for all students.

UDUSOK Postgraduate Tuition Fees

Programmes Level FEES

Amount (=N=)

1Master of Philosophy Agricultural EconomicsFresh137,000.00 Foreigner
2Master of Philosophy Agricultural EconomicsFresh117,000.00 Local
3Master of Philosophy Agricultural EconomicsReturning133,000.00 Foreigner
4Master of Philosophy Agricultural EconomicsReturning113,000.00 Local
5Master of Philosophy Agricultural Extension and Rural DevelopmentFresh117,000.00 Local
6Master of Philosophy Agricultural Extension and Rural DevelopmentReturning113,000.00 Local
7Master of Science Agricultural EconomicsFresh124,000.00 Foreigner
8Master of Science Agricultural EconomicsFresh104,000.00 Local
9Master of Science Agricultural EconomicsReturning120,000.00 Foreigner
10Master of Science Agricultural EconomicsReturning100,000.00 Local
11Ph. D. Agricultural EconomicsFresh127,000.00 Local
12Ph. D. Agricultural EconomicsReturning123,000.00 Local
13Ph. D. Agricultural Economics and ExtensionFresh127,000.00 Local
14Ph. D. Agricultural Economics and ExtensionReturning123,000.00 Local
15Postgraduate Diploma Agricultural Economics and Extension ServicesFresh141,500.00 Foreigner
16Postgraduate Diploma Agricultural Economics and Extension ServicesFresh105,500.00 Local
17Postgraduate Diploma Agricultural Economics and Extension ServicesReturning140,000.00 Foreigner
18Postgraduate Diploma Agricultural Economics and Extension ServicesReturning100,000.00 Local
19Master of Science Agricultural ExtensionFresh124,000.00 Foreigner
20Master of Science Agricultural ExtensionFresh104,000.00 Local
21Master of Science Agricultural ExtensionReturning120,000.00 Foreigner
22Master of Science Agricultural ExtensionReturning100,000.00 Local
23Ph. D. Agricultural ExtensionFresh127,000.00 Local
24Ph. D. Agricultural ExtensionReturning123,000.00 Local
25Doctor of Philosophy in Animal ProductionFresh147,000.00 Foreigner
26Doctor of Philosophy in Animal ProductionFresh127,000.00 Local
27Doctor of Philosophy in Animal ProductionReturning143,000.00 Foreigner
28Doctor of Philosophy in Animal ProductionReturning123,000.00 Local
29Master of Philosophy Animal ScienceFresh137,000.00 Foreigner
30Master of Philosophy Animal ScienceFresh117,000.00 Local
31Master of Philosophy Animal ScienceReturning133,000.00 Foreigner
32Master of Philosophy Animal ScienceReturning113,000.00 Local
33Master of Science Animal ProductionFresh124,000.00 Foreigner
34Master of Science Animal ProductionFresh104,000.00 Local
35Master of Science Animal ProductionReturning120,000.00 Foreigner
36Master of Science Animal ProductionReturning100,000.00 Local
37Master of Science Animal ScienceFresh124,000.00 Foreigner
38Master of Science Animal ScienceFresh104,000.00 Local
39Master of Science Animal ScienceReturning120,000.00 Foreigner
40Master of Science Animal ScienceReturning100,000.00 Local
41Ph. D. Animal ScienceFresh127,000.00 Local
42Ph. D. Animal ScienceReturning123,000.00 Local
43Postgraduate Diploma Livestock Production & ManagementFresh145,500.00 Foreigner
44Postgraduate Diploma Livestock Production & ManagementFresh105,500.00 Local
45Postgraduate Diploma Livestock Production & ManagementReturning140,000.00 Foreigner
46Postgraduate Diploma Livestock Production & ManagementReturning100,000.00 Local
47Master of Philosophy Crop ScienceFresh117,000.00 Local
48Master of Philosophy Crop ScienceReturning113,000.00 Local
49Master of Science Crop ScienceFresh124,000.00 Foreigner
50Master of Science Crop ScienceFresh104,000.00 Local
51Master of Science Crop ScienceReturning120,000.00 Foreigner
52Master of Science Crop ScienceReturning100,000.00 Local
53Ph. D. Crop ScienceFresh127,000.00 Local
54Ph. D. Crop ScienceReturning123,000.00 Local
55Postgraduate Diploma Crop ScienceFresh145,500.00 Foreigner
56Postgraduate Diploma Crop ScienceFresh105,500.00 Local
57Postgraduate Diploma Crop ScienceReturning140,000.00 Foreigner
58Postgraduate Diploma Crop ScienceReturning100,000.00 Local
59Postgraduate Diploma FisheriesFresh105,500.00 Local
60Postgraduate Diploma FisheriesReturning100,000.00 Local
61M.Phil. Forest Biology and SilvicultureFresh137,000.00 Foreigner
62M.Phil. Forest Biology and SilvicultureFresh117,000.00 Local
63M.Phil. Forest Biology and SilvicultureReturning120,000.00 Foreigner
64M.Phil. Forest Biology and SilvicultureReturning113,000.00 Local
65Master of Philosophy Fisheries Management & AquacultureFresh137,000.00 Foreigner
66Master of Philosophy Fisheries Management & AquacultureFresh117,000.00 Local
67Master of Philosophy Fisheries Management & AquacultureReturning133,000.00 Foreigner
68Master of Philosophy Fisheries Management & AquacultureReturning113,000.00 Local
69Master of Philosophy ForestryFresh137,000.00 Foreigner
70Master of Philosophy ForestryFresh117,000.00 Local
71Master of Philosophy ForestryReturning133,000.00 Foreigner
72Master of Philosophy ForestryReturning113,000.00 Local
73Master of Science Fisheries Management & AquacultureFresh121,000.00 Foreigner
74Master of Science Fisheries Management & AquacultureFresh104,000.00 Local
75Master of Science Fisheries Management & AquacultureReturning120,000.00 Foreigner
76Master of Science Fisheries Management & AquacultureReturning100,000.00 Local
77Master of Science Forest Biology and SilvicultureFresh124,000.00 Foreigner
78Master of Science Forest Biology and SilvicultureFresh104,000.00 Local
79Master of Science Forest Biology and SilvicultureReturning120,000.00 Foreigner
80Master of Science Forest Biology and SilvicultureReturning100,000.00 Local
81Ph. D. FisheriesFresh127,000.00 Local
82Ph. D. FisheriesReturning123,000.00 Local
83Ph. D. ForestryFresh127,000.00 Local
84Ph. D. ForestryReturning123,000.00 Local
85Postgraduate Diploma ForestryFresh145,500.00 Foreigner
86Postgraduate Diploma ForestryFresh105,500.00 Local
87Postgraduate Diploma ForestryReturning140,000.00 Foreigner
88Postgraduate Diploma ForestryReturning100,000.00 Local
89Doctor of Philosophy in Pedology/Soil SurveyFresh147,000.00 Foreigner
90Doctor of Philosophy in Pedology/Soil SurveyFresh127,000.00 Local
91Doctor of Philosophy in Pedology/Soil SurveyReturning143,000.00 Foreigner
92Doctor of Philosophy in Pedology/Soil SurveyReturning123,000.00 Local
93Doctor of Philosophy Soil & WaterFresh147,000.00 Foreigner
94Doctor of Philosophy Soil & WaterFresh127,000.00 Local
95Doctor of Philosophy Soil & WaterReturning143,000.00 Foreigner
96Doctor of Philosophy Soil & WaterReturning123,000.00 Local
97Master of Philosophy in Soil Fertility/ChemistryFresh137,000.00 Foreigner
98Master of Philosophy in Soil Fertility/ChemistryFresh117,000.00 Local
99Master of Philosophy in Soil Fertility/ChemistryReturning133,000.00 Foreigner
100Master of Philosophy in Soil Fertility/ChemistryReturning113,000.00 Local
101Master of Philosophy in Soil MicrobiologyFresh117,000.00 Local
102Master of Philosophy in Soil MicrobiologyReturning113,000.00 Local
103Master of Philosophy of Pedology/Soil SurveyFresh124,000.00 Foreigner
104Master of Philosophy of Pedology/Soil SurveyFresh117,000.00 Local
105Master of Philosophy of Pedology/Soil SurveyReturning133,000.00 Foreigner
106Master of Philosophy of Pedology/Soil SurveyReturning113,000.00 Local
107Master of Philosophy Soil ScienceFresh137,000.00 Foreigner
108Master of Philosophy Soil ScienceFresh117,000.00 Local
109Master of Philosophy Soil ScienceReturning133,000.00 Foreigner
110Master of Philosophy Soil ScienceReturning113,000.00 Local
111Master of Science in Pedology/Soil SurveyFresh104,000.00 Local
112Master of Science in Pedology/Soil SurveyReturning100,000.00 Local
113Master of Science Soil Fertility/ChemistryFresh124,000.00 Foreigner
114Master of Science Soil Fertility/ChemistryFresh104,000.00 Local
115Master of Science Soil Fertility/ChemistryReturning120,000.00 Foreigner
116Master of Science Soil Fertility/ChemistryReturning100,000.00 Local
117Master of Science Soil MicrobiologyFresh124,000.00 Foreigner
118Master of Science Soil MicrobiologyFresh104,000.00 Local
119Master of Science Soil MicrobiologyReturning120,000.00 Foreigner
120Master of Science Soil MicrobiologyReturning100,000.00 Local
121Master of Science Soil ScienceFresh124,000.00 Foreigner
122Master of Science Soil ScienceFresh104,000.00 Local
123Master of Science Soil ScienceReturning120,000.00 Foreigner
124Master of Science Soil ScienceReturning100,000.00 Local
125Ph. D. Soil ScienceFresh127,000.00 Local
126Ph. D. Soil ScienceReturning123,000.00 Local
127Master of Arts ArabicFresh120,000.00 Foreigner
128Master of Arts ArabicFresh100,000.00 Local
129Master of Arts ArabicReturning116,000.00 Foreigner
130Master of Arts ArabicReturning96,000.00 Local
131Ph. D. ArabicFresh140,000.00 Foreigner
132Ph. D. ArabicFresh120,000.00 Local
133Ph. D. ArabicReturning136,000.00 Foreigner
134Ph. D. ArabicReturning116,000.00 Local
135Master of Arts HistoryFresh100,000.00 Local
136Master of Arts HistoryReturning96,000.00 Local
137Master of Philosophy HistoryFresh130,000.00 Foreigner
138Master of Philosophy HistoryFresh110,000.00 Local
139Master of Philosophy HistoryReturning126,000.00 Foreigner
140Master of Philosophy HistoryReturning106,000.00 Local
141Masters in International StudiesFresh130,000.00 Local
142Masters in International StudiesReturning126,000.00 Local
143Ph. D. HistoryFresh140,000.00 Foreigner
144Ph. D. HistoryFresh120,000.00 Local
145Ph. D. HistoryReturning136,000.00 Foreigner
146Ph. D. HistoryReturning116,000.00 Local
147Postgraduate Diploma African and Development StudiesFresh141,500.00 Foreigner
148Postgraduate Diploma African and Development StudiesFresh111,500.00 Local
149Postgraduate Diploma African and Development StudiesReturning136,000.00 Foreigner
150Postgraduate Diploma African and Development StudiesReturning106,000.00 Local
151Postgraduate Diploma Migration and Refugee StudiesFresh141,500.00 Foreigner
152Postgraduate Diploma Migration and Refugee StudiesFresh101,500.00 Local
153Postgraduate Diploma Migration and Refugee StudiesReturning136,000.00 Foreigner
154Postgraduate Diploma Migration and Refugee StudiesReturning96,000.00 Local
155Master of Arts Islamic StudiesFresh100,000.00 Local
156Master of Arts Islamic StudiesReturning96,000.00 Local
157Master of Philosophy Islamic StudiesFresh130,000.00 Foreigner
158Master of Philosophy Islamic StudiesFresh110,000.00 Local
159Master of Philosophy Islamic StudiesReturning126,000.00 Foreigner
160Master of Philosophy Islamic StudiesReturning106,000.00 Local
161Ph. D. Islamic StudiesFresh140,000.00 Foreigner
162Ph. D. Islamic StudiesFresh120,000.00 Local
163Ph. D. Islamic StudiesReturning136,000.00 Foreigner
164Ph. D. Islamic StudiesReturning116,000.00 Local
165Doctor of Philosophy Degree in LinguisticsFresh140,000.00 Foreigner
166Doctor of Philosophy Degree in LinguisticsFresh120,000.00 Local
167Doctor of Philosophy Degree in LinguisticsReturning136,000.00 Foreigner
168Doctor of Philosophy Degree in LinguisticsReturning116,000.00 Local
169Master of Art French (African Literature in French)Fresh100,000.00 Local
170Master of Art French (African Literature in French)Returning96,000.00 Local
171Master of Art French (Language and Linguistics)Fresh100,000.00 Local
172Master of Art French (Language and Linguistics)Returning96,000.00 Local
173Master of Arts English LanguageFresh100,000.00 Local
174Master of Arts English LanguageReturning96,000.00 Local
175Master of Arts LinguisticsFresh100,000.00 Local
176Master of Arts LinguisticsReturning96,000.00 Local
177Master of Arts Literature in EnglishFresh100,000.00 Local
178Master of Arts Literature in EnglishReturning96,000.00 Local
179Master of Philosophy English LanguageFresh110,000.00 Local
180Master of Philosophy English LanguageReturning106,000.00 Local
181Master of Philosophy FrenchFresh110,000.00 Local
182Master of Philosophy FrenchReturning106,000.00 Local
183Master of Philosophy Literature in EnglishFresh130,000.00 Foreigner
184Master of Philosophy Literature in EnglishFresh110,000.00 Local
185Master of Philosophy Literature in EnglishReturning126,000.00 Foreigner
186Master of Philosophy Literature in EnglishReturning106,000.00 Local
187Ph. D. English LanguageFresh140,000.00 Foreigner
188Ph. D. English LanguageFresh120,000.00 Local
189Ph. D. English LanguageReturning136,000.00 Foreigner
190Ph. D. English LanguageReturning116,000.00 Local
191Ph. D. FrenchFresh140,000.00 Foreigner
192Ph. D. FrenchFresh120,000.00 Local
193Ph. D. FrenchReturning136,000.00 Foreigner
194Ph. D. FrenchReturning116,000.00 Local
195Ph. D. Literature in EnglishFresh140,000.00 Foreigner
196Ph. D. Literature in EnglishFresh120,000.00 Local
197Ph. D. Literature in EnglishReturning136,000.00 Foreigner
198Ph. D. Literature in EnglishReturning116,000.00 Local
199Master of Arts HausaFresh100,000.00 Local
200Master of Arts HausaReturning96,000.00 Local
201Ph. D. HausaFresh140,000.00 Foreigner
202Ph. D. HausaFresh120,000.00 Local
203Ph. D. HausaReturning136,000.00 Foreigner
204Ph. D. HausaReturning116,000.00 Local
205Ph. D. AnatomyFresh127,000.00 Local
206Ph. D. AnatomyReturning123,000.00 Local
207Doctor of Philosophy in Public HealthFresh147,000.00 Foreigner
208Doctor of Philosophy in Public HealthFresh127,000.00 Local
209Doctor of Philosophy in Public HealthReturning143,000.00 Foreigner
210Doctor of Philosophy in Public HealthReturning123,000.00 Local
211Master of Public HealthFresh104,000.00 Local
212Master of Public HealthReturning100,000.00 Local
213Ph. D. Public Health and Preventive MedicineFresh147,000.00 Foreigner
214Ph. D. Public Health and Preventive MedicineFresh127,000.00 Local
215Ph. D. Public Health and Preventive MedicineReturning143,000.00 Foreigner
216Ph. D. Public Health and Preventive MedicineReturning123,000.00 Local
217Ph. D. Chemical PathologyFresh127,000.00 Local
218Ph. D. Chemical PathologyReturning123,000.00 Local
219Ph. D. Pathology and MicrobiologyFresh127,000.00 Local
220Ph. D. Pathology and MicrobiologyReturning123,000.00 Local
221Master of Philosophy in PharmacologyFresh137,000.00 Foreigner
222Master of Philosophy in PharmacologyFresh117,000.00 Local
223Master of Philosophy in PharmacologyReturning133,000.00 Foreigner
224Master of Philosophy in PharmacologyReturning113,000.00 Local
225Master of Science PharmacologyFresh104,000.00 Local
226Master of Science PharmacologyReturning100,000.00 Local
227Ph. D. PharmacologyFresh127,000.00 Local
228Ph. D. PharmacologyReturning123,000.00 Local
229Ph. D. PharmacyFresh127,000.00 Local
230Ph. D. PharmacyReturning123,000.00 Local
231Doctor of Philosophy in PhysiologyFresh147,000.00 Foreigner
232Doctor of Philosophy in PhysiologyFresh127,000.00 Local
233Doctor of Philosophy in PhysiologyReturning123,000.00 Local
234Master of Philosophy PhysiologyFresh137,000.00 Foreigner
235Master of Philosophy PhysiologyFresh117,000.00 Local
236Master of Philosophy PhysiologyReturning133,000.00 Foreigner
237Master of Philosophy PhysiologyReturning113,000.00 Local
238Master of Science PhysiologyFresh104,000.00 Local
239Master of Science PhysiologyReturning100,000.00 Local
240Master of Education Adult EducationFresh100,000.00 Local
241Master of Education Adult EducationReturning96,000.00 Local
242Master of Education Primary EducationFresh120,000.00 Foreigner
243Master of Education Primary EducationFresh100,000.00 Local
244Master of Education Primary EducationReturning116,000.00 Foreigner
245Master of Education Primary EducationReturning96,000.00 Local
246Ph. D. Adult EducationFresh143,000.00 Foreigner
247Ph. D. Adult EducationFresh123,000.00 Local
248Ph. D. Adult EducationReturning136,000.00 Foreigner
249Ph. D. Adult EducationReturning119,000.00 Local
250Ph. D. Primary EducationFresh143,000.00 Foreigner
251Ph. D. Primary EducationFresh123,000.00 Local
252Ph. D. Primary EducationReturning139,000.00 Foreigner
253Ph. D. Primary EducationReturning119,000.00 Local
254Master of Education Language EducationFresh120,000.00 Foreigner
255Master of Education Language EducationFresh100,000.00 Local
256Master of Education Language EducationReturning116,000.00 Foreigner
257Master of Education Language EducationReturning96,000.00 Local
258Master of Philosophy Language EducationFresh133,000.00 Foreigner
259Master of Philosophy Language EducationFresh113,000.00 Local
260Master of Philosophy Language EducationReturning129,000.00 Foreigner
261Master of Philosophy Language EducationReturning109,000.00 Local
262Ph. D. Language EducationFresh143,000.00 Foreigner
263Ph. D. Language EducationFresh123,000.00 Local
264Ph. D. Language EducationReturning139,000.00 Foreigner
265Ph. D. Language EducationReturning119,000.00 Local
266Master of Education Educational Administration & PlanningFresh120,000.00 Foreigner
267Master of Education Educational Administration & PlanningFresh100,000.00 Local
268Master of Education Educational Administration & PlanningReturning116,000.00 Foreigner
269Master of Education Educational Administration & PlanningReturning96,000.00 Local
270Master of Education Educational PsychologyFresh120,000.00 Foreigner
271Master of Education Educational PsychologyFresh100,000.00 Local
272Master of Education Educational PsychologyReturning116,000.00 Foreigner
273Master of Education Educational PsychologyReturning96,000.00 Local
274Master of Education Guidance & CounsellingFresh120,000.00 Foreigner
275Master of Education Guidance & CounsellingFresh100,000.00 Local
276Master of Education Guidance & CounsellingReturning116,000.00 Foreigner
277Master of Education Guidance & CounsellingReturning96,000.00 Local
278Master of Education Philosophy of EducationFresh100,000.00 Local
279Master of Education Philosophy of EducationReturning96,000.00 Local
280Master of Education Sociology of EducationFresh120,000.00 Foreigner
281Master of Education Sociology of EducationFresh100,000.00 Local
282Master of Education Sociology of EducationReturning116,000.00 Foreigner
283Master of Education Sociology of EducationReturning96,000.00 Local
284Master of Philosophy Educational Planning & AdministrationFresh133,000.00 Foreigner
285Master of Philosophy Educational Planning & AdministrationFresh113,000.00 Local
286Master of Philosophy Educational Planning & AdministrationReturning129,000.00 Foreigner
287Master of Philosophy Educational Planning & AdministrationReturning109,000.00 Local
288Master of Philosophy Guidance & CounsellingFresh133,000.00 Foreigner
289Master of Philosophy Guidance & CounsellingFresh113,000.00 Local
290Master of Philosophy Guidance & CounsellingReturning129,000.00 Foreigner
291Master of Philosophy Guidance & CounsellingReturning109,000.00 Local
292Master of Philosophy Philosophy of EducationFresh133,000.00 Foreigner
293Master of Philosophy Philosophy of EducationFresh112,000.00 Local
294Master of Philosophy Philosophy of EducationReturning129,000.00 Foreigner
295Master of Philosophy Philosophy of EducationReturning109,000.00 Local
296Master of Philosophy Sociology of EducationFresh133,000.00 Foreigner
297Master of Philosophy Sociology of EducationFresh113,000.00 Local
298Master of Philosophy Sociology of EducationReturning129,000.00 Foreigner
299Master of Philosophy Sociology of EducationReturning109,000.00 Local
300Ph. D. Educational Administration & PlanningFresh143,000.00 Foreigner
301Ph. D. Educational Administration & PlanningFresh123,000.00 Local
302Ph. D. Educational Administration & PlanningReturning139,000.00 Foreigner
303Ph. D. Educational Administration & PlanningReturning119,000.00 Local
304Ph. D. Educational ManagementFresh143,000.00 Foreigner
305Ph. D. Educational ManagementFresh123,000.00 Local
306Ph. D. Educational ManagementReturning139,000.00 Foreigner
307Ph. D. Educational ManagementReturning119,000.00 Local
308Ph. D. Educational PsychologyFresh143,000.00 Foreigner
309Ph. D. Educational PsychologyFresh123,000.00 Local
310Ph. D. Educational PsychologyReturning139,000.00 Foreigner
311Ph. D. Educational PsychologyReturning119,000.00 Local
312Ph. D. Guidance & CounsellingFresh143,000.00 Foreigner
313Ph. D. Guidance & CounsellingFresh123,000.00 Local
314Ph. D. Guidance & CounsellingReturning139,000.00 Foreigner
315Ph. D. Guidance & CounsellingReturning119,000.00 Local
316Ph. D. Philosophy of EducationFresh143,000.00 Foreigner
317Ph. D. Philosophy of EducationFresh123,000.00 Local
318Ph. D. Philosophy of EducationReturning139,000.00 Foreigner
319Ph. D. Philosophy of EducationReturning119,000.00 Local
320Ph. D. Sociology of EducationFresh143,000.00 Foreigner
321Ph. D. Sociology of EducationFresh123,000.00 Local
322Ph. D. Sociology of EducationReturning139,000.00 Foreigner
323Ph. D. Sociology of EducationReturning119,000.00 Local
324Postgraduate Diploma EducationFresh141,500.00 Foreigner
325Postgraduate Diploma EducationFresh101,500.00 Local
326Postgraduate Diploma EducationReturning136,000.00 Foreigner
327Postgraduate Diploma EducationReturning96,000.00 Local
328Master of Education Mathematics EducationFresh120,000.00 Foreigner
329Master of Education Mathematics EducationFresh100,000.00 Local
330Master of Education Mathematics EducationReturning116,000.00 Foreigner
331Master of Education Mathematics EducationReturning96,000.00 Local
332Master of Education Science & Vocational EducationFresh100,000.00 Local
333Master of Education Science & Vocational EducationReturning96,000.00 Local
334Master of Philosophy Mathematics EducationFresh133,000.00 Foreigner
335Master of Philosophy Mathematics EducationFresh113,000.00 Local
336Master of Philosophy Mathematics EducationReturning129,000.00 Foreigner
337Master of Philosophy Mathematics EducationReturning109,000.00 Local
338Master of Philosophy Science EducationFresh133,000.00 Foreigner
339Master of Philosophy Science EducationFresh113,000.00 Local
340Master of Philosophy Science EducationReturning109,000.00 Local
341Master of Science & Vocational EducationFresh125,000.00 Local
342Master of Science EducationFresh100,000.00 Local
343Master of Science EducationReturning96,000.00 Local
344Ph. D. Mathematics EducationFresh143,000.00 Foreigner
345Ph. D. Mathematics EducationFresh123,000.00 Local
346Ph. D. Mathematics EducationReturning139,000.00 Foreigner
347Ph. D. Mathematics EducationReturning119,000.00 Local
348Ph. D. Science EducationFresh143,000.00 Foreigner
349Ph. D. Science EducationFresh123,000.00 Local
350Ph. D. Science EducationReturning139,000.00 Foreigner
351Ph. D. Science EducationReturning119,000.00 Local
352Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic LawFresh140,000.00 Foreigner
353Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic LawFresh120,000.00 Local
354Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic LawReturning136,000.00 Foreigner
355Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic LawReturning116,000.00 Local
356Master of Information & Communication Technology LawFresh220,000.00 Foreigner
357Master of Information & Communication Technology LawFresh130,000.00 Local
358Master of Information & Communication Technology LawReturning116,000.00 Foreigner
359Master of Information & Communication Technology LawReturning126,000.00 Local
360Master of LawFresh120,000.00 Foreigner
361Master of LawFresh100,000.00 Local
362Master of LawReturning116,000.00 Foreigner
363Master of LawReturning96,000.00 Local
364Masters in Islamic LawFresh100,000.00 Local
365Masters in Islamic LawReturning96,000.00 Local
366Ph. D Islamic LawFresh140,000.00 Foreigner
367Ph. D Islamic LawFresh120,000.00 Local
368Ph. D Islamic LawReturning136,000.00 Foreigner
369Ph. D Islamic LawReturning116,000.00 Local
370Ph. D. LawFresh140,000.00 Foreigner
371Ph. D. LawFresh120,000.00 Local
372Ph. D. LawReturning136,000.00 Foreigner
373Ph. D. LawReturning116,000.00 Local
374Master of Philosophy AccountingFresh130,000.00 Foreigner
375Master of Philosophy AccountingFresh110,000.00 Local
376Master of Philosophy AccountingReturning126,000.00 Foreigner
377Master of Philosophy AccountingReturning106,000.00 Local
378Master of Science AccountingFresh100,000.00 Local
379Master of Science AccountingReturning96,000.00 Local
380Ph. D. AccountingFresh140,000.00 Foreigner
381Ph. D. AccountingFresh120,000.00 Local
382Ph. D. AccountingReturning136,000.00 Foreigner
383Ph. D. AccountingReturning116,000.00 Local
384Postgraduate Diploma Accounting and FinanceFresh141,500.00 Foreigner
385Postgraduate Diploma Accounting and FinanceFresh111,500.00 Local
386Postgraduate Diploma Accounting and FinanceReturning136,000.00 Foreigner
387Postgraduate Diploma Accounting and FinanceReturning106,000.00 Local
388Executive Master of Business AdministrationFresh220,000.00 Foreigner
389Executive Master of Business AdministrationFresh140,000.00 Local
390Executive Master of Business AdministrationReturning216,000.00 Foreigner
391Executive Master of Business AdministrationReturning136,000.00 Local
392Master of Business AdministrationFresh135,000.00 Local
393Master of Business AdministrationReturning131,000.00 Local
394Master of Philosophy ManagementFresh130,000.00 Foreigner
395Master of Philosophy ManagementFresh110,000.00 Local
396Master of Philosophy ManagementReturning126,000.00 Foreigner
397Master of Philosophy ManagementReturning106,000.00 Local
398Master of Science ManagementFresh100,000.00 Local
399Master of Science ManagementReturning96,000.00 Local
400Ph. D. Business AdministrationFresh140,000.00 Foreigner
401Ph. D. Business AdministrationFresh120,000.00 Local
402Ph. D. Business AdministrationReturning136,000.00 Foreigner
403Ph. D. Business AdministrationReturning116,000.00 Local
404Ph. D. ManagementFresh140,000.00 Foreigner
405Ph. D. ManagementFresh120,000.00 Local
406Ph. D. ManagementReturning136,000.00 Foreigner
407Ph. D. ManagementReturning116,000.00 Local
408Postgraduate Diploma ManagementFresh141,500.00 Foreigner
409Postgraduate Diploma ManagementFresh111,500.00 Local
410Postgraduate Diploma ManagementReturning136,000.00 Foreigner
411Postgraduate Diploma ManagementReturning106,000.00 Local
412Masters in Public AdministrationFresh130,000.00 Local
413Masters in Public AdministrationReturning126,000.00 Local
414Ph. D. Public AdministrationFresh140,000.00 Foreigner
415Ph. D. Public AdministrationFresh120,000.00 Local
416Ph. D. Public AdministrationReturning136,000.00 Foreigner
417Ph. D. Public AdministrationReturning116,000.00 Local
418Postgraduate Diploma Public AdministrationFresh141,500.00 Foreigner
419Postgraduate Diploma Public AdministrationFresh111,500.00 Local
420Postgraduate Diploma Public AdministrationReturning136,000.00 Foreigner
421Postgraduate Diploma Public AdministrationReturning106,000.00 Local
422Master of Science Medical Laboratory ScienceFresh104,000.00 Local
423Master of Science Medical Laboratory ScienceReturning100,000.00 Local
424Master of Philosophy BiochemistryFresh137,000.00 Foreigner
425Master of Philosophy BiochemistryFresh117,000.00 Local
426Master of Philosophy BiochemistryReturning133,000.00 Foreigner
427Master of Philosophy BiochemistryReturning113,000.00 Local
428Master of Science BiochemistryFresh124,000.00 Foreigner
429Master of Science BiochemistryFresh104,000.00 Local
430Master of Science BiochemistryReturning120,000.00 Foreigner
431Master of Science BiochemistryReturning100,000.00 Local
432Ph. D. BiochemistryFresh147,000.00 Foreigner
433Ph. D. BiochemistryFresh127,000.00 Local
434Ph. D. BiochemistryReturning143,000.00 Foreigner
435Ph. D. BiochemistryReturning123,000.00 Local
436Postgraduate Diploma BiochemistryFresh145,500.00 Foreigner
437Postgraduate Diploma BiochemistryFresh105,500.00 Local
438Postgraduate Diploma BiochemistryReturning140,000.00 Foreigner
439Postgraduate Diploma BiochemistryReturning100,000.00 Local
440Doctor of Philosophy BiologyFresh147,000.00 Foreigner
441Doctor of Philosophy BiologyFresh127,000.00 Local
442Doctor of Philosophy BiologyReturning143,000.00 Foreigner
443Doctor of Philosophy BiologyReturning123,000.00 Local
444Master of Philosophy BiologyFresh137,000.00 Foreigner
445Master of Philosophy BiologyFresh117,000.00 Local
446Master of Philosophy BiologyReturning133,000.00 Foreigner
447Master of Philosophy BiologyReturning113,000.00 Local
448Master of Philosophy BotanyFresh137,000.00 Foreigner
449Master of Philosophy BotanyFresh117,000.00 Local
450Master of Philosophy BotanyReturning133,000.00 Foreigner
451Master of Philosophy BotanyReturning113,000.00 Local
452Master of Science BiologyFresh104,000.00 Local
453Master of Science BiologyReturning100,000.00 Local
454Master of Science BotanyFresh104,000.00 Local
455Master of Science BotanyReturning100,000.00 Local
456Master of Science ZoologyFresh104,000.00 Local
457Master of Science ZoologyReturning100,000.00 Local
458Ph. D. BotanyFresh147,000.00 Foreigner
459Ph. D. BotanyFresh127,000.00 Local
460Ph. D. BotanyReturning143,000.00 Foreigner
461Ph. D. BotanyReturning123,000.00 Local
462Ph. D. ZoologyFresh147,000.00 Foreigner
463Ph. D. ZoologyFresh127,000.00 Local
464Ph. D. ZoologyReturning143,000.00 Foreigner
465Ph. D. ZoologyReturning123,000.00 Local
466Ph. D. Zoology (Entomology & Parasitology)Fresh147,000.00 Foreigner
467Ph. D. Zoology (Entomology & Parasitology)Fresh127,000.00 Local
468Ph. D. Zoology (Entomology & Parasitology)Returning143,000.00 Foreigner
469Ph. D. Zoology (Entomology & Parasitology)Returning123,000.00 Local
470Postgraduate Diploma Biological ScienceFresh145,500.00 Foreigner
471Postgraduate Diploma Biological ScienceFresh105,500.00 Local
472Postgraduate Diploma Biological ScienceReturning140,000.00 Foreigner
473Postgraduate Diploma Biological ScienceReturning100,000.00 Local
474Doctor of Philosophy of Computer ScienceFresh147,000.00 Foreigner
475Doctor of Philosophy of Computer ScienceFresh127,000.00 Local
476Doctor of Philosophy of Computer ScienceReturning143,000.00 Foreigner
477Doctor of Philosophy of Computer ScienceReturning123,000.00 Local
478Master of Information TechnologyFresh130,000.00 Local
479Master of Information TechnologyReturning126,000.00 Local
480Master of Philosophy Computer ScienceFresh137,000.00 Foreigner
481Master of Philosophy Computer ScienceFresh117,000.00 Local
482Master of Philosophy Computer ScienceReturning133,000.00 Foreigner
483Master of Philosophy Computer ScienceReturning113,000.00 Local
484Master of Philosophy MathematicsFresh117,000.00 Local
485Master of Philosophy MathematicsReturning113,000.00 Local
486Master of Philosophy StatisticsFresh117,000.00 Local
487Master of Philosophy StatisticsReturning113,000.00 Local
488Master of Science Computer ScienceFresh104,000.00 Local
489Master of Science Computer ScienceReturning100,000.00 Local
490Master of Science MathematicsFresh104,000.00 Local
491Master of Science MathematicsReturning100,000.00 Local
492Master of Science StatisticsFresh104,000.00 Local
493Master of Science StatisticsReturning100,000.00 Local
494Ph. D. MathematicsFresh147,000.00 Foreigner
495Ph. D. MathematicsFresh127,000.00 Local
496Ph. D. MathematicsReturning143,000.00 Foreigner
497Ph. D. MathematicsReturning123,000.00 Local
498Ph. D. StatisticsFresh147,000.00 Foreigner
499Ph. D. StatisticsFresh127,000.00 Local
500Ph. D. StatisticsReturning143,000.00 Foreigner
501Ph. D. StatisticsReturning123,000.00 Local
502Postgraduate Diploma Computer ScienceFresh145,500.00 Foreigner
503Postgraduate Diploma Computer ScienceFresh105,500.00 Local
504Postgraduate Diploma Computer ScienceReturning140,000.00 Foreigner
505Postgraduate Diploma Computer ScienceReturning100,000.00 Local
506Postgraduate Diploma StatisticsFresh145,500.00 Foreigner
507Postgraduate Diploma StatisticsFresh105,500.00 Local
508Postgraduate Diploma StatisticsReturning140,000.00 Foreigner
509Postgraduate Diploma StatisticsReturning100,000.00 Local
510Master of Science MicrobiologyFresh104,000.00 Local
511Master of Science MicrobiologyReturning100,000.00 Local
512Ph. D. MicrobiologyFresh146,000.00 Foreigner
513Ph. D. MicrobiologyFresh127,000.00 Local
514Ph. D. MicrobiologyReturning143,000.00 Foreigner
515Ph. D. MicrobiologyReturning123,000.00 Local
516Master of Philosophy PhysicsFresh117,000.00 Local
517Master of Philosophy PhysicsReturning113,000.00 Local
518Master of Science PhysicsFresh104,000.00 Local
519Master of Science PhysicsReturning100,000.00 Local
520Ph. D. PhysicsFresh147,000.00 Foreigner
521Ph. D. PhysicsFresh127,000.00 Local
522Ph. D. PhysicsReturning143,000.00 Foreigner
523Ph. D. PhysicsReturning123,000.00 Local
524Doctor of Philosophy in Pure ChemistryFresh147,000.00 Foreigner
525Doctor of Philosophy in Pure ChemistryFresh127,000.00 Local
526Doctor of Philosophy in Pure ChemistryReturning143,000.00 Foreigner
527Doctor of Philosophy in Pure ChemistryReturning123,000.00 Local
528Master of Philosophy Applied ChemistryFresh117,000.00 Local
529Master of Philosophy Applied ChemistryReturning113,000.00 Local
530Master of Philosophy Petroleum ChemistryFresh117,000.00 Local
531Master of Philosophy Petroleum ChemistryReturning113,000.00 Local
532Master of Philosophy Renewable EnergyFresh117,000.00 Local
533Master of Philosophy Renewable EnergyReturning113,000.00 Local
534Master of Science Applied ChemistryFresh104,000.00 Local
535Master of Science Applied ChemistryReturning100,000.00 Local
536Master of Science Petroleum ChemistryFresh104,000.00 Local
537Master of Science Petroleum ChemistryReturning100,000.00 Local
538Master of Science Pure ChemistryFresh104,000.00 Local
539Master of Science Pure ChemistryReturning100,000.00 Local
540Master of Science Renewable EnergyFresh104,000.00 Local
541Master of Science Renewable EnergyReturning100,000.00 Local
542Ph. D. Applied ChemistryFresh147,000.00 Foreigner
543Ph. D. Applied ChemistryFresh127,000.00 Local
544Ph. D. Applied ChemistryReturning143,000.00 Foreigner
545Ph. D. Applied ChemistryReturning123,000.00 Local
546Ph. D. Petroleum ChemistryFresh147,000.00 Foreigner
547Ph. D. Petroleum ChemistryFresh127,000.00 Local
548Ph. D. Petroleum ChemistryReturning143,000.00 Foreigner
549Ph. D. Petroleum ChemistryReturning123,000.00 Local
550Ph. D. Renewable EnergyFresh147,000.00 Foreigner
551Ph. D. Renewable EnergyFresh127,000.00 Local
552Ph. D. Renewable EnergyReturning143,000.00 Foreigner
553Ph. D. Renewable EnergyReturning123,000.00 Local
554Master of Science EconomicsFresh120,000.00 Foreigner
555Master of Science EconomicsFresh100,000.00 Local
556Master of Science EconomicsReturning106,000.00 Foreigner
557Master of Science EconomicsReturning96,000.00 Local
558Masters in Banking and FinanceFresh130,000.00 Local
559Masters in Banking and FinanceReturning126,000.00 Local
560Ph. D. EconomicsFresh140,000.00 Foreigner
561Ph. D. EconomicsFresh120,000.00 Local
562Ph. D. EconomicsReturning136,000.00 Foreigner
563Ph. D. EconomicsReturning116,000.00 Local
564Postgraduate Diploma Banking and FinanceFresh141,500.00 Foreigner
565Postgraduate Diploma Banking and FinanceFresh111,500.00 Local
566Postgraduate Diploma Banking and FinanceReturning136,000.00 Foreigner
567Postgraduate Diploma Banking and FinanceReturning106,000.00 Local
568Master of Gender, Environment & DevelopmentFresh220,000.00 Foreigner
569Master of Gender, Environment & DevelopmentFresh130,000.00 Local
570Master of Gender, Environment & DevelopmentReturning126,000.00 Local
571Master of Geographical Information SystemFresh130,000.00 Local
572Master of Geographical Information SystemReturning126,000.00 Local
573Master of Philosophy GeographyFresh130,000.00 Foreigner
574Master of Philosophy GeographyFresh110,000.00 Local
575Master of Philosophy GeographyReturning126,000.00 Foreigner
576Master of Philosophy GeographyReturning106,000.00 Local
577Master of Science GeographyFresh100,000.00 Local
578Master of Science GeographyReturning96,000.00 Local
579Ph. D. Gender, Environment & DevelopmentFresh140,000.00 Foreigner
580Ph. D. Gender, Environment & DevelopmentFresh120,000.00 Local
581Ph. D. Gender, Environment & DevelopmentReturning136,000.00 Foreigner
582Ph. D. Gender, Environment & DevelopmentReturning116,000.00 Local
583Ph. D. Geographical Information SystemFresh140,000.00 Foreigner
584Ph. D. Geographical Information SystemFresh120,000.00 Local
585Ph. D. Geographical Information SystemReturning136,000.00 Foreigner
586Ph. D. Geographical Information SystemReturning116,000.00 Local
587Ph. D. GeographyFresh140,000.00 Foreigner
588Ph. D. GeographyFresh120,000.00 Local
589Ph. D. GeographyReturning136,000.00 Foreigner
590Ph. D. GeographyReturning116,000.00 Local
591Postgraduate Diploma Geographical Information SystemFresh141,500.00 Foreigner
592Postgraduate Diploma Geographical Information SystemFresh111,500.00 Local
593Postgraduate Diploma Geographical Information SystemReturning136,000.00 Foreigner
594Postgraduate Diploma Geographical Information SystemReturning106,000.00 Local
595Master of Governance & Public PolicyFresh220,000.00 Foreigner
596Master of Governance & Public PolicyFresh130,000.00 Local
597Master of Governance & Public PolicyReturning216,000.00 Foreigner
598Master of Governance & Public PolicyReturning126,000.00 Local
599Master of International Affairs & DiplomacyFresh220,000.00 Foreigner
600Master of International Affairs & DiplomacyFresh130,000.00 Local
601Master of International Affairs & DiplomacyReturning116,000.00 Foreigner
602Master of International Affairs & DiplomacyReturning126,000.00 Local
603Master of Philosophy Political ScienceFresh130,000.00 Foreigner
604Master of Philosophy Political ScienceFresh110,000.00 Local
605Master of Philosophy Political ScienceReturning126,000.00 Foreigner
606Master of Philosophy Political ScienceReturning106,000.00 Local
607Master of Science Political ScienceFresh100,000.00 Local
608Master of Science Political ScienceReturning96,000.00 Local
609Ph. D. Political ScienceFresh140,000.00 Foreigner
610Ph. D. Political ScienceFresh120,000.00 Local
611Ph. D. Political ScienceReturning136,000.00 Foreigner
612Ph. D. Political ScienceReturning116,000.00 Local
613Master of Philosophy SociologyFresh110,000.00 Local
614Master of Philosophy SociologyReturning106,000.00 Local
615Master of Science SociologyFresh100,000.00 Local
616Master of Science SociologyReturning96,000.00 Local
617Master of Social PolicyFresh130,000.00 Local
618Master of Social PolicyReturning126,000.00 Local
619Ph. D. SociologyFresh140,000.00 Foreigner
620Ph. D. SociologyFresh120,000.00 Local
621Ph. D. SociologyReturning116,000.00 Local
622Doctor of Philosophy Veterinary PhysiologyFresh127,000.00 Local
623Doctor of Philosophy Veterinary PhysiologyReturning123,000.00 Local
624Doctor of Philosophy Veterinary AnatomyFresh147,000.00 Foreigner
625Doctor of Philosophy Veterinary AnatomyFresh127,000.00 Local
626Doctor of Philosophy Veterinary AnatomyReturning143,000.00 Foreigner
627Doctor of Philosophy Veterinary AnatomyReturning123,000.00 Local
628Master of Science Veterinary AnatomyFresh104,000.00 Local
629Master of Science Veterinary AnatomyReturning100,000.00 Local
630Doctor of Philosophy in Veterinary MedicineFresh147,000.00 Foreigner
631Doctor of Philosophy in Veterinary MedicineFresh127,000.00 Local
632Doctor of Philosophy in Veterinary MedicineReturning143,000.00 Foreigner
633Doctor of Philosophy in Veterinary MedicineReturning123,000.00 Local
634Master of Veterinary MedicineFresh104,000.00 Local
635Master of Veterinary MedicineReturning100,000.00 Local
636Doctor of Philosophy Veterinary MicrobiologyFresh147,000.00 Foreigner
637Doctor of Philosophy Veterinary MicrobiologyFresh127,000.00 Local
638Doctor of Philosophy Veterinary MicrobiologyReturning143,000.00 Foreigner
639Doctor of Philosophy Veterinary MicrobiologyReturning123,000.00 Local
640Doctor of Philosophy Veterinary ParasitologyFresh147,000.00 Foreigner
641Doctor of Philosophy Veterinary ParasitologyFresh127,000.00 Local
642Doctor of Philosophy Veterinary ParasitologyReturning143,000.00 Foreigner
643Doctor of Philosophy Veterinary ParasitologyReturning123,000.00 Local
644Master of Science Veterinary Parasitology & EntomologyFresh104,000.00 Local
645Master of Science Veterinary Parasitology & EntomologyReturning100,000.00 Local
646Master of Science Veterinary PathologyFresh104,000.00 Local
647Master of Science Veterinary PathologyReturning100,000.00 Local
648Master of Veterinary PharmacologyFresh124,000.00 Foreigner
649Master of Veterinary PharmacologyFresh104,000.00 Local
650Master of Veterinary PharmacologyReturning120,000.00 Foreigner
651Master of Veterinary PharmacologyReturning100,000.00 Local
652Master of Veterinary Pharmacology and ToxicologyFresh124,000.00 Foreigner
653Master of Veterinary Pharmacology and ToxicologyFresh104,000.00 Local
654Master of Veterinary Pharmacology and ToxicologyReturning120,000.00 Foreigner
655Master of Veterinary Pharmacology and ToxicologyReturning100,000.00 Local
656Ph. D. Veterinary PharmacologyFresh147,000.00 Foreigner
657Ph. D. Veterinary PharmacologyFresh127,000.00 Local
658Ph. D. Veterinary PharmacologyReturning143,000.00 Foreigner
659Ph. D. Veterinary PharmacologyReturning123,000.00 Local
660Ph. D. Veterinary Pharmacology and ToxicologyFresh147,000.00 Foreigner
661Ph. D. Veterinary Pharmacology and ToxicologyFresh127,000.00 Local
662Ph. D. Veterinary Pharmacology and ToxicologyReturning143,000.00 Foreigner
663Ph. D. Veterinary Pharmacology and ToxicologyReturning123,000.00 Local
664Doctor of Philosophy in Veterinary Public HealthFresh147,000.00 Foreigner
665Doctor of Philosophy in Veterinary Public HealthFresh127,000.00 Local
666Doctor of Philosophy in Veterinary Public HealthReturning143,000.00 Foreigner
667Doctor of Philosophy in Veterinary Public HealthReturning123,000.00 Local
668Master of Science Preventive Veterinary MedicineFresh104,000.00 Local
669Master of Science Preventive Veterinary MedicineReturning100,000.00 Local
670Master of Veterinary Public HealthFresh104,000.00 Local
671Master of Veterinary Public HealthReturning100,000.00 Local
672Ph. D. Preventive Veterinary MedicineFresh127,000.00 Local
673Ph. D. Preventive Veterinary MedicineReturning123,000.00 Local
674Master of Science Veterinary Surgery and RadiologyFresh104,000.00 Local
675Master of Science Veterinary Surgery and RadiologyReturning100,000.00 Local
676Master of Veterinary SurgeryFresh104,000.00 Local
677Master of Veterinary SurgeryReturning100,000.00 Local
678Ph. D. Veterinary Surgery and RadiologyFresh147,000.00 Foreigner
679Ph. D. Veterinary Surgery and RadiologyFresh127,000.00 Local
680Ph. D. Veterinary Surgery and RadiologyReturning143,000.00 Foreigner
681Ph. D. Veterinary Surgery and RadiologyReturning123,000.00 Local
682Doctor of Philosophy in TheriogenologyFresh147,000.00 Foreigner
683Doctor of Philosophy in TheriogenologyFresh127,000.00 Local
684Doctor of Philosophy in TheriogenologyReturning143,000.00 Foreigner
685Doctor of Philosophy in TheriogenologyReturning123,000.00 Local
686Master of Veterinary Science TheriogenologyFresh104,000.00 Local
687Master of Veterinary Science TheriogenologyReturning100,000.00 Local
688Ph. D. Animal ProductionFresh127,000.00 Local
689Ph. D. Animal ProductionReturning123,000.00 Local
690Master of Philosophy LinguisticsFresh110,000.00 Local
691Master of Philosophy LinguisticsReturning106,000.00 Local
692Master of Science Medical Laboratory Science (Haematology)Fresh104,000.00 Local
693Master of Science Medical Laboratory Science (Haematology)Returning100,000.00 Local
694Master of Science Medical Laboratory Science (Histopathology)Fresh104,000.00 Local
695Master of Science Medical Laboratory Science (Immunology)Fresh104,000.00 Local
696Master of Science Medical Laboratory Science (Medical Microbiology)Fresh104,000.00 Local
697Master of Science Medical Laboratory Science (Chemical Pathology)Fresh104,000.00 Local
698Master of Science Medical Laboratory Science (Histopathology)Returning100,000.00 Local
699Master of Science Medical Laboratory Science (Immunology)Returning100,000.00 Local
700Master of Science Medical Laboratory Science (Medical Microbiology)Returning100,000.00 Local
701Master of Science Medical Laboratory Science (Chemical Pathology)Returning100,000.00 Local
702Master of Public Health and Preventive MedicineFresh104,000.00 Local
703Ph.D. Public Health and Preventive MedicineFresh127,000.00 Local
704Ph.D. Public Health and Preventive MedicineReturning123,000.00 Local
705Master of Public Health and Preventive MedicineReturning100,000.00 Local
706Master of Philosophy in Islamic LawFresh110,000.00 Local
707Master of Philosophy in Islamic LawReturning106,000.00 Local
708Master of Philosophy LawFresh110,000.00 Local
709Master of Philosophy LawReturning106,000.00 Local
710Master of Science AnatomyFresh104,000.00 Local
711Master of Science AnatomyReturning100,000.00 Local
712Master of Science in Chemical PathologyFresh104,000.00 Local
713Master of Science in Chemical PathologyReturning100,000.00 Local
714Master of Science in Veterinary EpidemiologyFresh104,000.00 Local
715Master of Science in Veterinary EpidemiologyReturning100,000.00 Local
716Master of Science Zoology (Parasitology and Entomology)Returning100,000.00 Local
717Master of Science Zoology (Parasitology and Entomology)Fresh104,000.00 Local
718Master of Science Veterinary MicrobiologyReturning100,000.00 Local
719Doctor of Philosophy Vet. SurgeryFresh127,000.00 Local
720Master of Education Educational TechnologyFresh100,000.00 Local
721Master of Education Educational TechnologyReturning96,000.00 Local
722Master of Philosophy Educational TechnologyFresh113,000.00 Local
723Master of Philosophy Educational TechnologyReturning109,000.00 Local
724Ph. D. Educational TechnologyFresh123,000.00 Local
725Ph. D. Educational TechnologyReturning119,000.00 Local
726Master of Education Curriculum StudiesFresh100,000.00 Local
727Master of Education Curriculum StudiesReturning96,000.00 Local
728Master of Philosophy Primary EducationFresh113,000.00 Local
729Master of Philosophy Primary EducationReturning109,000.00 Local
730Master of Science Renewable EnergyFresh124,000.00 Foreigner
731Master of Science Renewable EnergyReturning120,000.00 Foreigner
732Master of Philosophy Curriculum StudiesFresh113,000.00 Local
733Master of Philosophy Curriculum StudiesReturning109,000.00 Local
734Doctor of Philosophy Vet. SurgeryReturning123,000.00 Local
735Master of Veterinary ParasitologyFresh104,000.00 Local
736Master of Veterinary ParasitologyReturning100,000.00 Local

I hope I have been able to help with the UDUSOK Postgraduate tuition fees that I have listed above for all the PG courses offered in the school.

Bolarinwa Olajire

An associate lecturer at MAPOLY with demonstrated history of working in the education industry. Skilled in analytical skills, C++, Fortran, and Entrepreneurship. Strong education professional with a M. SC focused in condensed matter from University of Ibadan and PhD student at FUNAAB.

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