10 Common Attributes Of Candidates Who Passed JAMB

The focus of this article is on candidates who have passed JAMB in the past and also scored high in the exam. There is a unique attribute they possess that made them do well in JAMB, and it is worth emulating.

Isaac Newton said, “I see farther because I stand on the shoulders of elders.” Then it means that any candidate who follows the secrets adopted by these high flyers will produce the same result, i.e., pass JAMB with a high score.

It is common in this country for people to ask successful friends – how did you do it? Because knowing how to do something is a gateway to producing similar achievements.

Do you want to pass JAMB and score high? If yes, then journey with me as I unfold the attributes of candidates that perform excellently well in UTME.


They think and comprehend fast

You can’t do well in JAMB Use of English if you can’t understand passages at a rapid rate. The questions are 100 which you must finish within a short period. But these people know how to think through and comprehend questions within the time allotted.

Goal Setter

They are very good at writing down what they want to score in JAMB and how to achieve it.

Time management

They know how to effectively manage the time given to them to write the exam with minimal errors or mistakes in answering the questions.

Researchers and readers

Most candidates who scored above 270 in JAMB consulted more than two textbooks on a subject before writing the exam. The reason is to dig out hidden facts on each topic for better understanding.

Ability to prioritize

They know how to set their priority right – time to play won’t interfere with time to read. Also, they know how to move from known to unknown during the exam so that they won’t waste time unnecessarily.

They are consistent academically

I believe that students who pass WAEC or NECO without malpractice will do well in JAMB.

Intelligent and smart

You can’t doubt the fact that they have the above ability. They are smart because they have studied the pattern and trend of JAMB questions. This skill enables them to know areas to read and how to work on their weakness in any topic.

A good planner and strategic in execution

Their planning skill is top-notch. There is a saying that “an enterprise is built by wise planning.” The same is true for academic success.

Confidence of success

I have seen the confidence level of my students who did excellently well in UTME, and I can tell you that they are sure that will succeed in JAMB. Their confidence level is based on the fact that they have adequately prepared to pass JAMB.

Ability to guess right

You can’t just take this part away from them. When you are writing UTME, a few questions may seem hard or confusing to answer. But these people know how to pick the right answer out of the options given. This isn’t a magical power, but their adequate preparation for the exam is what gave them clue on which option to pick.

I hope the attributes of candidates who have passed JAMB above with assist you to succeed and score high in your forthcoming UTME.

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