Government should not kill public primary and secondary schools in Nigeria


It is not news that private primary and secondary schools are stealing the show from the public schools because of the attitude of government to the development of public schools especially primary and secondary schools. I believe this topic is debatable because I believe educators, parents, students and government have different views about this topic.

I can remember vividly that private schools gain ground because of frequent strike action embark on by teachers and this strike action was as a result of one agitation or the other by teachers toward the government. Parents believe the best way to save the future of their children is by sending them to private schools because it is seemingly impossible to hear about strike in private schools. Some of the reasons for the strike is because teachers and government are unable to come to a reasonable term, teachers welfare are not properly looked into, teachers are not encouraged, public schools are in a bad shape e.t.c. Sometimes I’m depressed looking at the learning environment in public schools and the way teachers are treated in those schools. I don’t know why government feel they shouldn’t do much for education or why they don’t see it as a priority. Any nation that wants to develop must make education one of its priority. Education should not be left solely in the hands of private organisation, government should also see to it.

Before anyone can draw a conclusion on this topic, one must be able to know how many parents can afford sending their children to private schools. Although, I am of the opinion that education isn’t cheap but we must not be blind to the fact some need help to go to school. I believe one of the reasons why public schools were founded is for government to provide help for children whose parents are less privilege financially in the society. Teachers in public schools are impressive because most people in their 40’s and above attended public schools and majority of them are doing quite well in life. If public schools can produce those that are in government now, I believe they should look seriously into how to sustain these schools. It is rare to see a teacher that didn’t have grade II or NCE or B.Ed or M.Ed is either public primary schools or secondary schools, but in some private primary and secondary schools teachers with SSCE can be find there. Since there are atleast reasonable qualified teachers in public schools, government should make use of this advantage to transform education in Nigeria. I believe if public schools are rehabilitated, teachers are taking care of and the environment of learning are conducive enough our eduactional system will rejuvenate. Some private schools are actually killing education in Nigeria because of low quality teachers and sub-standard learning condition. Some private schools are situated in an area that is not situable for learning.

Although, I know that government may have difficulty in financing the bill to rejuvenate public schools, but they should just take the bull by the horn to save the educational system that is collapsing in Nigeria. Government has control on the public schools than the private schools, so any serious intervention on education can start from the public schools.




Bolarinwa Olajire

A tutor with a demonstrated history of working in the education industry. Skilled in analytical skills. Strong education professional with a M. SC focused in condensed matter. You can follow me on Twitter by clicking on the icon below to ask questions.

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