5 Steps To Get Good Marks In Maths

Maths is a subject I love so much and getting good marks in it hasn’t been difficult for me. What helped me back then was because I took some smart steps to make sure I get good marks in maths.

I got motivated to start aiming for a high score in mathematics when I was in grade 4 (Senior Secondary School 1). It happened when the first time exam results came out; one of my classmates had 98/100 in maths. This got me thinking and I was convinced that it is possible to consistently do well in mathematics.

That said, another reason why I take the subject as my delight is because it helps to enhance analytical and logic skill. And this can only be possible through perseverance and persistence in the subject.

Now I will discuss the smart steps I used to get high marks in maths.

Steps To Get Good Marks In Maths

  1. Love the subject

Loving mathematics is the first step to having your desired grade in the subject. I love it because it makes me think through a problem for a long time and by so doing I become more alert mentally. It will be difficult to give in your best to a subject you don’t love.

  1. Practice with a lot of questions

There are many textbooks on mathematics for each grade, therefore, lay your hands on those recommended by your school and the ones you like the author(s). For every topic you are taught in class, go to your textbooks and look for related questions and solve them. By so doing, you are building mental capacity to address any questions in maths.

  1. Never jump steps when answering theory questions in maths

The easiest way to be marked down in mathematics is when you jump steps to arrive at your answer. Each of it has a mark attached to it which contributes to the overall mark you will score. This will show the examiner that you understand the question and not gambling.

  1. Have a shortcut when answering objective questions

Some exams are purely objective and need you to complete the whole questions in the shortest time. This is not a time to start showing long workings; you have to be a fast and accurate as possible.

It then means that when practicing try to device a shortcut approach to solving different questions.

  1. Don’t rush when solving problems in mathematics

It is easy to make a mistake when you are in haste when answering questions in mathematics. You must be meticulous for you to have good marks in maths.  For you to have an excellent grade, you have to understand the question and solve it step by step.

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