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UNILAG Postgraduate Courses And Admission Requirements

This article list all the Postgraduate courses offered in the University of Lagos (UNILAG) and their general admission requirements. All applicants seeking postgraduate admissiion into the school should check the courses below before applying to University of Lagos.

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UNILAG Masters Courses

The list below comprises of the UNILAG Masters degree courses offered in the school

  1. Master of Business Administration (MBA) (F/T, P/T & Executive)
  2. Master of Science in Actuarial Science (F/T & P/T)
  3. Master of Science in Risk Management & Insurance (F/T & P/T)
  4. Master of Risk Management (P/T)
  5. Master of Science in Management (F/T & P/T)
  6. Master of Science in Marketing (F/T & P/T)
  7. Master of Science in Operations Research (F/T & P/T)
  8. Master of Science in Organisational Behaviour (F/T & P/T)
  9. Master of Science in Production/Operations Management (F/T& P/T)
  10. Master of Science in Finance (F/T & P/T)
  11. Master of Development Finance (P/T)
  12. Master of Industrial & Labour Relation (MILR) (P/T)
  13. Master of Science in Industrial Relations & Personnel Management (F/T)
  14. Master of Employment & Labour Studies (F/T & P/T)
  15. Master of Science in Geography & Planning (F/T)
  16. Master of Geographic Information System (MGIS) (P/T)
  17. Master of Transportation Planning & Management (P/T)
  18. Master of Disaster Management (P/T)
  19. Master of Science in Economics (F/T & P/T)
  20. Master of Science in Public Health (F/T & P/T)
  21. Master of Public Health (MPH) (F/T)
  22. Master of Law (F/T & P/T)
  23. Master of International Law & Diplomacy (MILD), (P/T)
  24. Master of Education in Educational Admin & Planning (F/T & P/T)
  25. Master of Science in Mass Communications (F/T & P/T)
  26. Master of Public & International Affairs (MPIA), (P/T)
  27. Master of Science in Political Science (F/T)
  28. Master of Public Administration (MPA), (P/T)
  29. Master of Science in Psychology (F/T)
  30. Master of Managerial Psychology (P/T)
  31. Master of Science in Sociology (F/T & P/T)
  32. Master of Criminology (F/T & P/T)
  33. Master of Environmental Management (MEM), (P/T)
  34. Master of Information Technology (MIT) (P/T)
  35. Master of Natural Resource Management (P/T)
  36. Master of Science in Botany (F/T)
  37. Master of Science in Cell Biology & Genetics (F/T)
  38. Master of Science in Analytical Chemistry (F/T)
  39. Master of Science in Chemistry (F/T)
  40. Master of Science in Environmental Chemistry (F/T)
  41. Master of Applied Geophysics (P/T)
  42. Master of Science in Geophysics (F/T)
  43. Master of Science in Mathematics (Applied Option) (F/T & P/T)
  44. Master of Science in Mathematics (Pure Option) (F/T & P/T)
  45. Master of Science in Statistics (F/T & P/T)
  46. Master of Science in Microbiology (F/T)
  47. Master of Science in Physics (F/T)
  48. Master of Aquatic Resource & Pollution Management (P/T)
  49. Master of Science in Fisheries (Aquaculture) (F/T)
  50. Master of Science in Fisheries Biology & Management (F/T)
  51. Master of Science in Marine Biology (F/T)
  52. Master of Science in Marine Pollution & Management (F/T)
  53. Master of Science in Applied Entomology & Pest Management (F/T)
  54. Master of Science in Environmental Toxicology & Pollution Mgt (F/T)
  55. Master of Science in Natural Resources Conservation (F/T)
  56. Master of Science in Parasitology & Bioinformatics (F/T)
  57. Master of Science in Computer Science (F/T)
  58. Master of Science in Anatomy (F/T)
  59. Master of Science in Biochemistry (F/T)
  60. Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering (F/T)
  61. Master of Science in Clinical Pathology (F/T)
  62. Master of Science in Clinical Pharmacy (F/T)
  63. Master of Science in Haematology & Blood Transfusion (F/T)
  64. Master of Science in Medical Microbiology (F/T)
  65. Master of Science in Medical Parasitology (F/T)
  66. Master of Science in Pharmaceutics & Pharm. Microbiology (F/T)
  67. Master of Science in Pharmaceutics & Pharm. Technology (F/T)
  68. Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Chemistry (F/T)
  69. Master of Science in Pharmacognosy (F/T)
  70. Master of Science in Pharmacology (F/T)
  71. Master of Science in Physiology (F/T)
  72. Master of Science in Physiotherapy (F/T)
  73. Master of Science in Medical Physics (F/T)
  74. Master of Science in Clinical Chemistry & Molecular Diagnosis
  75. Master Degree in Molecular Diagnosis
  76. Master of Education in Adult Education Management (F/T)
  77. Master of Education in Community Development & Social Work(F/T)
  78. Master of Education in Manpower Training & Development (F/T & Sandwich)
  79. Master of Education in Business Education (F/T & Sandwich)
  80. Master of Education in Curriculum Theory (F/T)
  81. Master of Education in Igbo Education (F/T)
  82. Master of Education in Early Childhood Education (F/T& Sandwich)
  83. Master of Education in Economics Education (F/T & Sandwich)
  84. Master of Education in English Education (F/T & Sandwich)
  85. Master of Education in French Education (F/T)
  86. Master of Education in Geography Education (F/T)
  87. Master of Education in History (F/T)
  88. Master of Education in Religion Education (CRS) (F/T)
  89. Master of Education in Religion Education (IRS) (F/T)
  90. Master of Education in Social Studies (F/T)
  91. Master of Education in Yoruba Education (F/T)
  92. Master of Education in Comparative Education (F/T)
  93. Master of Education in Educational Psychology (F/T & Sandwich)
  94. Master of Education in Guidance & Counselling (F/T & Sandwich)
  95. Master of Education in Measurement & Evaluation (F/T & Sandwich)
  96. Master of Education in Philosophy of Education (F/T)
  97. Master of Education in Sociology of Education (F/T)
  98. Master of Science (Education) in Exercise Physiology (F/T)
  99. Master of Science (Education) in Health Education (F/T & Sandwich)
  100. Master of Science (Education) in Sports Administration/Mgt. (F/T)
  101. Master of Science (Education) in Sports Psychology (F/T)
  102. Master of Education in Biology Education (F/T)
  103. Master of Education in Chemistry Education (F/T & Sandwich)
  104. Master of Education in Mathematics Education (F/T)
  105. Master of Education in Physics Education (F/T)
  106. Master of Science in Accounting (F/T & P/T)
  107. Master of Research & Public Policy (MRPP), (F/T)
  108. Master of Security & Intelligence Studies (MSIS), (P/T)
  109. Master of International Relations & Strategic Studies (MISS), (P/T)
  110. Master of Process Engineering (P/T)
  111. Master of Science in Chemical Engineering (F/T)
  112. Master of Science in Electrical/Electronics (Communications Option) (F/T & P/T)
  113. Master of Science in Electrical/Electronics (Control Option) (F/T)
  114. Master of Science in Electrical/Electronics (Electrical Power Option) (F/T & P/T)
  115. Master of Science in Electrical/Electronics (Electronics Option) (F/T & P/T)
  116. Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (F/T)
  117. Master of Science in Metallurgical & Materials Engineering (F/T)
  118. Master of Geoinformatics Information Technology (MGIT), (F/T)
  119. Master of Science in Surveying & Geoinformatics (F/T)
  120. Master of Science in Civil & Environmental Engineering (F/T & P/T)
  121. Master of Science in Systems Engineering (F/T)
  122. Master of Engineering Systems Management (MESM), (P/T)
  123. Master of Architecture (M.Arch)
  124. Master of Environmental Design (F/T)
  125. Master of Landscape Architecture (P/T)
  126. Master of Urban Design (P/T)
  127. Master in Project Management (P/T)
  128. Master of Science in Construction Management (F/T)
  129. Master of Science in Construction Technology (F/T)
  130. Master of Science in Estate Management (F/T)
  131. Master in Facilities Management (P/T)
  132. Master of Housing Development & Management (P/T)
  133. Master of Science in Quantity Surveying (F/T)
  134. Master in Urban & Regional Planning (P/T)
  135. Master of Science in Urban & Regional Planning (F/T)
  136. Master of Conflict Management (P/T)
  137. Master of Dispute Resolution (P/T)
  138. Master of Legal Studies (P/T)
  139. Master of Arts in Music (F/T)
  140. Master of Arts in Theatre Arts (F/T)
  141. Master of Arts in Visual Arts (F/T)
  142. Master of Art in English Language (F/T & P/T)
  143. Master of Art in English Literature (F/T & P/T)
  144. Master of Arts in French (F/T)
  145. Master of Arts in Teaching of French as a Foreign Language (P/T)
  146. Master in Diplomacy & Strategic Studies (MDSS), (P/T)
  147. Master of Arts in History & Strategic Studies (F/T)
  148. Master of Art in Igbo (Language Option) (F/T)
  149. Master of Art in Igbo (Literature Option) (F/T)
  150. Master of Art in Yoruba (Language Option) (F/T)
  151. Master of Art in Yoruba (Literature Option) (F/T)
  152. Master of Art in Philosophy (F/T)
  153. Master of Professional Ethics (P/T)



  1. PGD in Risk Management (P/T)
  2. PGD in Finance (P/T)
  3. PGD in Economics (P/T)
  4. PGD in Education (F/T & P/T)
  5. PGD in Educational Admin & Planning (P/T)
  6. PGD in Mass Communications (F/T & P/T)
  7. PGD in Psychology (F/T)
  8. PGD in Computer Science (P/T)
  9. PGD in Cell Biology & Genetics (Forensic Biology) (F/T)
  10. PGD in Cell Biology & Genetics (Genetic Counseling) (F/T)
  11. PGD in Mathematics (P/T)
  12. PGD in Statistics (P/T)
  13. PGD in Molecular Diagnosis
  14. PGD in Health Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  15. PGD in Applied Geophysics (P/T)
  16. PGD in Anaesthesia (F/T)
  17. PGD in Biomedical Engineering (P/T)
  18. PGD in Guidance & Counselling (P/T)
  19. PGD in Chemical Engineering (P/T)
  20. PGD in Philosophy (P/T)
  21. PGD in Metallurgical & Materials Science (P/T)
  22. PGD in Surveying & Geo-informatics (F/T)
  23. PGD in Civil & Environmental Engineering (P/T)
  24. PGD in Music (F/T)
  25. PGD in Theatre Arts (F/T)
  26. PGD in Visual Arts (F/T)
  27. PGD in Maritime Communications & Navigation (P/T)
  28. PGD in Maritime Environmental Studies (P/T)
  29. PGD in Maritime Administration & Management (P/T)
  30. PGD in Environmental Design (P/T)
  31. PGD in English Language (P/T)


UNILAG Postgraduate General Admission Requirements

An applicant for admission to a programme shall be:

  1. Must possess a Bachelors’s degree of this University or any approved University;
  2. A person who holds other qualification(s) recognized by senate of the University of Lagos;
  3. In addition to (1) and (2) above, an applicant may be required, as a condition for admission, to undergo a selection process in the form of written and/or oral examinations.


General Requirements

Masters of Philosophy (M.Phil)

To qualify for admission to the above programme:

  • Candidates must possess a Bachelor’s honours degree from this University or any other approved University with at least a Second Class (Upper Division).
  • Candidates with a Master’s degree with a minimum of CGPA of at least 3.50.
  • All candidates to the M.Phil. programmes must contact the respective department for availability of supervisors before applying.
  • The candidate may be required to undergo a selection process as determined by the respective department.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)

  • A candidate who has obtained the degree of Master of Philosophy must have a minimum CGPA of 4.0.
  • A candidate who has obtained the degree of Masters of Science must have a minimum CGPA of 4.0.
  • Candidates must clear with the respective Departments as to the availability of vacancies/supervisors before applying.
  • All candidates may be required to undergo a selection process as may be determined by the department.

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