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20 Expected Topics And 100 Questions In JAMB Physics 2023

For this sake of my readers writing JAMB Physics, I will share expected topics and questions in JAMB physics 2023.

From my experience as a tutor and lecturer of physics, I know that there are some repeated topics in physics that JAMB can’t do without bringing out questions.

So, if you want to pass physics in JAMB and score above 60, you must master these topics and make sure you solve all possible questions in them.

I know that writing physics in the exam isn’t as easy as other subjects, but early preparation can help you build the muscle to score high in it.

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20 Expected topics and 70 Questions in JAMB Physics

  1. Questions and answers on electric field
  2. Answers to linear expansivity questions
  3. Solutions to questions on Direct current (D.C)
  4. Questions and answers on work energy and power
  5. Questions and answers on Nuclear physics
  6. Solutions to Gas law questions
  7. Answers to questions on current of electricity
  8. Questions and answers on Alternating current
  9. Magnetic field and E,M induction answers
  10. Questions and answers of Machine and light waves
  11. Answers to questions on heat energy
  12. Capacitance of a capacitor solution
  13. Gravitational field
  14. Stationary waves and Diffraction
  15. Wave motion
  16. Questions and answers on moment of a force
  17. Kinematics and deformation of solid
  18. Measurement
  19. Dynamics
  20. Friction
  21. Dimension Analysis
  22. Fundamental and Derived quantities
  23. Scalar and Vector quantities

Questions to be expected in JAMB Physics

Below are some of the most repeated UTME physics questions but there are still more. But I try to bring some out of them to prepare the ground for you.

(1) Example of vector quantity – velocity, acceleration, moment, displacement, force, electric field intensity, magnetic flux

(2) Examples of scalar quantity – work, time, mass, distance, energy, pressure, speed, temperature

(3) The resultant of two forces acting on an object is maximum if the angle between them is – 0o

(4) The terrestrial telescope has one extra lens more than the astronomical telescope. The extra lens is for -erection of the image

(5) What is the angle of dip at the magnetic equator? – 0o

(6) At resonance, the phase angle in an a.c. circuit  is – 0o

(7) The process of energy production in the sun is – Nuclear fusion

(8) A transistor functions mainly as a – switch and amplifier

(9) Energy losses through eddy currents are reduced by using – insulated soft iron wires

(10) The effect of a particle in a fluid attaining its terminal velocity is that the – weight is equal to the retarding force

(11) Water is a poor thermometric liquid because it – wet glass

(12) To produce an enlarged and erect image with a concave mirror, the object must be positioned – between the principal focus and the pole

(13) The phenomenon that makes sound persist when its source has been removed is known as – reverberation

(14) The colours seen in soap bubbles are due to – dispersion

(15) The electromagnetic wave that can produce a heating effect on the environment is – infra-red

(16) Pure silicon can be converted to a p-type material by adding a controlled amount of – trivalent atoms

(17) The particle that is responsible for nuclear fission in a nuclear reactor is – neutron

(18) The carbon-granule microphone works on the principle of change in – resistance

(19) The phenomenon whereby the water droplets in the atmosphere combine with dust particles in the air to reduce visibility is – fog

(20) In a semi-conductor junction diode, as the depletion or barrier layer is forward biased, the layer – narrows

(21) As the pressure of a fluid increases, its viscosity – increases

(22) To change a d.c dynamo to a.c dynamo – commutator should be replaced with slip rings

(23) Transverse waves can be distinguished from longitudinal waves using the characteristic of – polarization

(24) The North pole of a magnet can never be separated from the South pole because of a property known as – magnetic dipole

(25) The charge carriers in gases are – electrons and ions

(26) The ray which causes gas molecules to glow is known as – cathode ray

(27) Lenz’s law is a law of the conservation of – Energy

(28) The phenomenon of light bending round an obstacle is – diffraction

(29) The instrument that measures both a.c. and d.c. is – moving iron ammeter

(30) What is the leat possible error in using a rule graduated in centimeters? – 0.5 cm

For candidates that are requesting for JAMB likely questions and answers especially on calculations, I have a prepared Physics guide on JAMB UTME Physics. Click here for preparatory physics guide and download.

More Questions to be expected in JAMB Physics

(1) The object moves with uniform speed round a circle. Its acceleration has – constant magnitude and varying direction

(2) The motion of a moving skin of a talking drum can rightly be described as – oscillatory

(3) Isotopes are nuclei which has? – the same atomic number but different mass number

(4) The net charge on the atom is zero because – the neutrons form shield around the charged protons

(5) Gases conduct electricity under – low pressure and high voltage

(6) For resonance to occur in a.c circuit containing a resistor, capacitor and inductor – when the frequency source is such that the reactance of the capacitor is equal to the inductive reactance

(7) In a purely inductive circuit, the current – lags behind the voltage in phase by 90 degree

(8) The principle of operation of an induction coil is based on – Faraday’s law

(9) A dynamo primarily converts – mechanical energy into electrical energy

(10) To convert a milliameter to an ammeter – a low resistance in series is required

(11) In order to convert a galvanometer into an ammeter – a low resistance shunt is connected in parallel

(12) If two parallel conductors carry currents flowing in the same direction, the conductors will – attract each other

(13) A calibrated potentiometer is used to measure the emf of a cell because the – potentiometer takes no current from the cell

(14) The resistance of an open series circuit is – infinite

(15) When white light is dispersed by a spectrometer, the component having the shortest wavelength is – violet

(16) In photo-emission, the number of photoelectrons ejected per second depends on the – Intensity of the beam

(17) The particle nature of light is demonstrated by the – photoelectric effect

(18) Capacitors are used in the induction coil to – prevent electric sparks

I hope that I have be able to help you get hot topics that is likely to come out in JAMB Physics through the UTME Physics past questions. This topics and questions will help you when you are preparing to write your JAMB CBT.

I wish you the best. If you have any question, you can leave a comment below.

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