Number Of Questions In JAMB And How Score Are Calculated 2024

Are you looking for how many questions are in JAMB and number of hours given for all the questions? If yes, then you are in the right place to get the information. In the JAMB 2024, there are 180 questions in total, Use of English is 60 questions and other subjects are 40 questions each. This means subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry, government, biology, literature in English, economics, principle of accounting, etc. are forty (40) questions each.

You should not forget that the exam is CBT and not paper test, so all the questions JAMB will ask will be displayed on the computer at the testing centres.

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How Many Hours is JAMB Exam

The total number of hours JAMB allocated for each candidate to finish the 180 questions is 2 hours. This means you must submit your work or the system will log you out once you have spent two hours on all the questions given to you. My advice is that you must know how to manage your time and finish within the stipulated time.

How JAMB Score Calculated Or Graded 2024

Let’s say you registered for Math, English, Physics, Chemistry, then

Math = 40 questions

Use of English = 40 questions

Physics = 40 questions

Chemistry = 40 questions

Total = 180 questions

Don’t forget that the total score in JAMB is 400. So it won’t be out of place if we say that each question carries 0.45 marks. However, it won’t be balanced since you will be taking 4 subjects and each subject takes 100 marks in the 400 marks.


Let’s say you correctly answer 40 out of the 60 questions in English, that will be;

40/60 x 100 = approximately 67. Which means you had 67 over 100.

Let’s say you correctly answer 35, 32, 26 in Math, Physics, and Chemistry respectively

For Math, you have;

35/40 x 100 = 75

For physics, you have;

32/40 x 100 = Approximately 88

And for chemistry, you have;

26/40 x 100 = 70

Adding the scores in all the four subjects:

83 + 75 + 88 + 70 = 316

So, that’s actually 316 out of 400 in JAMB.

Now, that’s how JAMB score are calculated. Although, they don’t do this manually but with the help of computers since there are millions of candidates.

I believe I have answered your question as regard the number of questions JAMB do ask for all the subjects.

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