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National Common Entrance Cut Off Mark For Unity Schools 2022/2023

Federal Government Secondary Schools (Unity Schools) cut off mark is a major criteria which determines candidates that will be offered admission or not into any of the 104 unity schools in Nigeria after the National Common Entrance Examination has been conducted.

Kindly note that the 2022/2023 NCEE minimum mark is not yet out by the Federal Government. However, you can use the 2020/2021 cut off mark below to have a clue and to know if your ward stand a chance to be admitted. I will update this post once the minimum score is out.

Update: You can now check the 2021 unity schools admission status.

The national cut off marks for 2020/2021 has been peg at 142. Three students got the highest scores, Umeonyiagu Chinua Crucifixio, Anambra scored 199, Onwuamanam Udochukwu, Enugu scored 198 while Salaam Mariam Aderemilekun, Lagos scored 197 respectively.

According to the minister for education, the admission criteria set by FG for unity schools is as follows:

  • National merit or the cut off mark would take 60%, equality of state 30%, and other factors 10%
  • Candidates who apply for schools outside their state of origin would be given priority

It is also worthy to let you know that each Federal Government Secondary Schools are more competitive than the other. King’s College, Queen’s College, FGCS Benin, FGCS Akure, etc. are among the best federal secondary schools in Nigeria and are highly competitive. This is so because of the performance of the students in WASSCE and national competitions. Also the volume of applicants seeking JSS 1 admission into the schools is high.

So apart from the unity schools cut off mark, the admission will favour those in the top percentile. Meaning that candidates that score more than the minimum required mark in the national common entrance examination (NCEE) will be given preference over those that manage to meet the cut off point.

Unity School Cut off Mark for Each State

  • Abia – 130
  • Adamawa – 62
  • Akwa-Ibom – 123
  • Anambra – 139
  • Bauchi – 35
  • Bayelsa – 72
  • Benue – 111
  • Borno – 45
  • Cross River – 97
  • Delta – 131
  • Ebonyi – 112
  • Edo – 127
  • Ekiti – 119
  • Enugu – 134
  • Gombe – 58
  • Imo – 138
  • Jigawa – 44
  • Kaduna – 91
  • Kano – 67
  • Katsina – 60
  • Kebbi – 9 (male) 20 (female)
  • Kogi – 119
  • Kwara – 123
  • Lagos – 133
  • Nasarawa – 58
  • Niger – 93
  • Ogun – 131
  • Ondo – 126
  • Osun – 127
  • Oyo – 127
  • Plateau – 97
  • Rivers – 118
  • Sokoto – 9 (male) 13 (female)
  • Taraba – 3 (male) 11 (female)
  • Yobe – 2 (male) 27 (female)
  • Zamfara – 4 (male) 2 (female)
  • FCT Abuja – 90

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  1. With the above cut off marks , it means that the unity is not can fall mark get admitted .
    It’s partial. Of the highest order.
    Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  2. Each state has a quota in each unity college. if for instance Bauchi has 5 quote for FGC Jos, it means even if candidates from Imo get the highest scores in the exams, they will only fill their state’s quota, while Bauchi with low scores than candidates of Imo will still get their own quote. Remember its unity school, if you allow those with the highest scores to get admission, their will be a disbalance in the representation of each states and hence the idea of unity is defeated.

  3. Greetings
    I am Evans a parent, please i will like the authority to prove to me they don’t use sentiment to give this children admission,my child with the exam No ( 426580HI ) score 142 and was not admitted,to my understanding on this units schools cut off mark,I don’t think this boy should not be admitted even to any unity schools of his choice.

  4. Please is there anything wrong with the admission process of pupils into Federal Government unity schools?
    I don’t understand why pupils that scored over 150 were not given admission and some that scored less than 60 marks were admitted in the same school of choice.
    Please note, none of them is from the northern state.
    It’s so unfortunate

  5. what is going on in this country because I’m started thinking otherwise now, wether the less privilege people of this country still have future in this country. How can a child write ncee exam with registration number 400712IC and scored 155 and still not admitted, if the federal government know that the admission is mean for satin people they should stop to be selling the form to the public

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