When Will NECO Result 2023 Be Out

I know many candidates who wrote NECO examination will be eager to know when NECO result will be out. This is not uncommon especially when they have written the last paper of the exam. To know when exactly the result will be released, you have to count from when the exam ended on the NECO timetable.

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Update: It is now official that NECO result will come out on 11th October 2023 (today). This was made known via the official Twitter handle of NECO. So, the result is coming out 61 days after the examination was conducted.

NECO registrar, said that the NECO SSCE results will be made public within three months after the exercise,” he added. For NECO, results will be available 45 days following the last paper. Candidates can remain assured.”

Unlike WAEC who over 3 years known for releasing their result 45 days after the last paper, NECO just made a public announcement this year as to when the result will be out. However, on average it do take more than 2 months after the last paper before the examination result will be out. From the information I gathered from past years, NECO result do come out within 90 days. But the current registrar is making effort to reduce it to 43 days. So far, it has not been achieved.

When Will NECO Result Come Out?

The registrar of National Examination Council has made a public statement that candidates should expect their result 45 days after the last paper. According to NECO timetable, the last paper was on the 11th August 2023.

If we should go by what Prof. Wushishi said, the result will be release on the 26th September 2023. However, 2022 NECO result came out exactly 47 days after the last paper. So, this year result will likely come out between 45 to 70 days after the last paper. We can now see that the 45 days announcement made by the registrar doesn’t come to reality. But candidates should expect the result within the first two weeks of October.

NECO marking will commence on 4th September 2023 and end 18th of September 2023. This means the council will need 8 days to process all the marked scripts to be able to meet up with the 26th September set date to release the result.

The possibility of this is a bit narrow but NECO registrar has released the official statement as to when the result will be out. Let’s hope it won’t change.

Normally, candidates should expect NECO result to come out within 60 – 70 days after the last paper.

For example, 2021 NECO examination ended on 16th August 2021 and the result came out 29th October 2021. If my calculation is correct, the result came out 74 days ( 2 months and 14 days) after the last paper. This implies that candidates should start waiting for their result 2 months and few days after the last paper.

We promised that once NECO is out, this is one of the places you will first hear about the release. Also, kindly note that there is no official backing as to the release date. The inference was made based on my calculations and the duration it do take from the time past.

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