Solution In Sending NIN To 55019 Or 66019 For JAMB Profile Code

Since the commencement of this year JAMB registration, many candidates have had issues creating their JAMB Profile Code when sending their NIN to 55019 or 66019.

I will be providing likely solutions to this issue that some candidates are facing while trying to generate the code.

Update: The National Identity management has instructed candidates registering for UTME to check their National Identity Number (NIN) status using the short code *346# before proceeding for JAMB registration. Furthermore, candidates whose NIN could not be verified should send a mail containing their NIN and full name to nimc-jamb2022@nimc.gov.ng.

The first solution I will expect you to seek for when registering for 2022 JAMB is to try the alternative USSD code – 66019. Send your NIN to 66019, and if it doesn’t work, follow the instructions below.

The profile code simply means the code you need to generate your Profile and this is only unique for a candidate. You need to understand that without this code, you can’t register for JAMB.

55019 Not Responding

There may be different reasons why you may be experiencing this USSD not working. It might be due to failure why sending the SMS, it might be insufficient airtime, it might be network problem, it might be a glitch from JAMB, it might be that your SIM is new, your phone number has not been linked with NIN, etc.

To resolve this issue

  • Try to have enough credit on your SIM (at least N100), although the service charge is N50
  • Ensure you have registered your SIM perhaps, your SIM is new
  • Ensure you have linked your SIM with NIN
  • Ensure the network of your service provider is strong in your area
  • Wait and try later if the glitch is from JAMB

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Use USSD Option

To use this option, candidate are expected to dial *55019*1*NIN# or *66019*1*NIN# on their mobile phone. This option can solve the problem you are encountering while generating your profile code.

Invalid Character

If after you sent NIN to 55019 or 66019 and you get a message that reads invalid character found, this might be because you used a wrong format. To resolve this, ensure you use the right format [NIN 32456789011]. The spacing between you NIN and the 11 digits is just one and not a double spacing.

Passport Obtained From NIMC Is Invalid

This problem is from NIMC. Your image that was captured when during your NIN registration is not acceptable by JAMB and that is why you are getting such error. One of the things to do to resolve this is to go to the nearest NIMC office and complain. Also you can send your complaint to nimc-jamb2021@nimc.gov.ng for rectification.

For 2022 JAMB, you are to send a mail containing their NIN and full name to nimc-jamb2022@nimc.gov.ng for quick attention.

No Record Found When Sending NIN To 55019 0r 66019

This might be a network issue or because of the high volume of request JAMB is currently receiving. I will advise that you keep trying especially around 12 midnight and 6:00 am when the traffic is minimal and the network isn’t congested.

Lastly, JAMB has provided a means by which you can lodge at issue you are facing before or during registration. This is by creating JAMB Support Ticket. All issues will be responded to and resolved after you have created the ticket.

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  1. please help me out cos Jamb is closing soon Cos I send it will show it have been received and they will remove my charges what wrong

  2. Kindly send a message to them. Use any of the medium that I have provided.

  3. Please I need my profile code.
    I have done everything, but I can’t still get it. Please help me

  4. Keep trying, JAMB is ensuring this problem is solved. Just ensure you send your NIN via a Sim that has been linked.

  5. Can I sendy NIN through someone’s sim
    Can I get my profile code like that,cos I have been trying my two sims since,its isn’t working

  6. Please sir what should I do am even sending it to nimc-jamb2022atnimc.gov.ng but it’s writing wrong address please sir am afraid

  7. I don’t understand what is happen I have been trying to send my NIN number to nimc-jamb2021atnimc.gov.ng.com but it not successful failure notice massages

  8. GoodMorning Sir, When I Send My Nin To 55019 It Say Wrong Parameters When I Send It Again It Say No Record Found Please What Should I Do

  9. Ensure you use this format for sending the message

    NIN 0000000000

    Replace the zeros with your NIN number

  10. Pls i’m having issues generating my profile code , it keeps showing no record found and i am being charged with 50naira

  11. No record found.
    And I don’t know how i would send my name and NIN to nimc_jamb2021(at)nimc.gov.ng.
    Pls help me sir

  12. Been trying to get my profile code but it keep saying unable to verify NIN at the moment

  13. can i use my father’s phone number because my SIM is not sending any message

  14. Just chill till midnight and retry!!
    Around 12 midnight or 6 in the morning!
    You have the same issue i had..the problem is that they are too much of people registering of jamb!

  15. Am trying to send my nin but it’s telling me wrong parameters
    And I also try to send my nin and my full name to nimc-jamb2022(at)nimc.gov.ng but still the same

  16. Have validate it it saying no record found that i should send my full name and gmail and nin to nimc-jamb2022(at)nimc.gov.ng

  17. I have been sending my NIN up to now I have not received my profile code
    Monday Dingem Mophet

  18. I have been having an issue getting my profile. What else can I do to get it

  19. That means you don’t have enough airtime………..You should have up to #50 in your airtime balance

  20. Send your nin using this format
    NIN 000000000 make sure you use a capital letter and just a space gap

  21. Please this nimc-jamb2021(at)nimc.gov.ng email address isn’t working
    I keep getting a message that my number has been used by another candidate in e-facility

  22. please help me out the jambs is getting close i didn’t receive my profile code please help out before jambs getting close NIN

  23. please have send email to nimc-jamb 2022@nimc gov.ng is still telling about wrong address,pls what’s happened

  24. Sir please since on Thursday 10th March, 2022 that I keep on trying to get my profile code but they keep saying No record found, but they keep charging me. Please what will I do? Because jamb is closing on 26th please

  25. I will advise you go to the nearest jamb office for immediate rectification. Also you can visit any of the jamb registration centres for assistance.

  26. I used last year profile code but my surname isn’t correct, I already change the name on nin since last year but when I want to register this year jamb it was showing this (Surname Supplied Does Not Correspond to that Supplied During your
    NIMC Enrolment)
    I already went to jamb office since Friday and even today but they said I wait again because I’m afraid that jamb is closing on Saturday sir

  27. Pls sir I sent my Nin to 55019 and I got d reply of no record found. Wat do I do now? Have been using MTN and Airtel to send it yet the same no record found or unable to verify your Nin at the moment.
    Wat can I do?

  28. Sir please am finding it difficult to validate my NIN And also get my profile code.

  29. Please sir I have been trying to get my profile code they keep saying record not found please sir what should I do I need help badly

  30. Sir, i was told that i can still use my last year profile code to register this year jamb with it, is it possible?

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