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24 Courses To Study With Pass in Physics

One thing I want you to understand is that each university has different requirements; some courses can be studied without physics or require a pass in physics (d7 or E8), while others require a credit pass in physics (A1 – C6) before you can gain admission into their university.

The information below is obtained from JAMB Brochure and you can confirm it. Through its brochure, JAMB provides information about the list of universities offering a particular course, Jamb combination subjects, O’level requirements, and special consideration (waiver). It is there to assist you in making informed decisions about the university of your choice.

List of courses to study without credit pass in Physics

  1. Agriculture
  2. Agricultural Economics
  3. Agronomy
  4. Anatomy
  5. Animal Production and Science
  6. Architecture
  7. Biological Sciences
  8. Botany
  9. Building and building technology
  10. Chemistry
  11. Crop Production and Science
  12. Estate Management
  13. Fishery
  14. Food Science and Technology
  15. Forestry
  16. Geography
  17. Industrial Chemistry
  18. Mathematics
  19. Microbiology
  20. Statistics
  21. Soil Science
  22. Transport management technology
  23. Urban and Regional Planning
  24. Zoology

List of Engineering courses With pass in physics

Below are the engineering courses to study without physics, i.e., without credit pass in physics with universities that accept it:

  • Building and building technology – MAUTY accepts mathematics and any three of the following: building construction, geography, economics, physics or chemistry, and technical drawing.
  • Computer Engineering – NTNU accepts English Language, Mathematics, and either Physics or Chemistry and any other two Science subjects.
  • Electrical/Electronics Engineering – NTNU accepts English Language, Mathematics, Physics or Chemistry or any other two Science subjects.
  • Food science and Technology – BELLS requires five SSCE Credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics/ Agricultural Science/ Geography, or Economics/ Food and Nutrition. You may consider a pass in physics at the O’ level.
  • Transport management technology – LAUTECH requires any two Science Subjects from Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Agric Science
  • Urban and regional planning – FUTA requires five credits at not more than two sittings in SSCE, WASSCE, NECO, or its equivalent in the following subjects: English Language, Mathematics, Geography, and any two subjects from Chemistry, Biology/Agric. Science, Economics, and Technical Drawing. The prospective candidate must have at least a pass in Physics.

Science courses to study without physics

Below are the science courses to study without physics i.e., without credit pass in physics with the universities that accept it:

  • Biochemistry – EBSU accepts Agric. Sci in place of Biology and a pass in Physics. EBSU requires credits in Mathematics or Physics. GOUU accepts credit pass in any other Science subject in place of Physics. SAU accepts credit pass in Technical Drawing, Agricultural Science or Geography in place of Physics
  • Biological science – Five SSCE credit passes are required to include English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, and any other science subject.  These are the general O-level requirements for biological science. BSU, OOU, KSU, FUTO, FED-LOKOJA, OSUSTECH, CRUTECH, ABU, FUNNAB, FUTA, and GOUU require credit pass in Physics. However, universities like NDA (require the fifth subject from Physics, Agricultural Science, Geography, or Health Science). BAUCHI requires at least a pass in Physics.
  • Geology – FUTMINNA requires at least D7 or E8 in Physics. This means having pass (d7 or E8) in physics is acceptable by Futminna to study geology.
  • Geography – You can study geography at any University offering it with D7 or E8 in physics. The general O’ level requirements are five SSCE credit passes, including English language, mathematics, geography, and any other two science subjects.”
  • Statistics – The O’ level requirements are mathematics and at least three subjects: physics, statistics, chemistry, further mathematics, economics, and geography. This means you can study statics in most universities offering statics with physics pass. However, IMS, KWARARAFA, FUNAAB, FUTA, AUE, FED-LAFIA, LAUTECH, FUTO require credit pass in physics.

Industrial mathematics

ESUTECH requires English Language, Mathematics and three credit passes out of Physics, Statistics, Economics, Biology, Chemistry, Further Mathematics and Agricultural Science.

EBSU accepts two other credit passes from Biology, Economics, Physics and Statistics.

BENIN accepts Credit passes in English language, Mathematics and any three of Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Agric. Science or Geography.

DELSU accepts English Language, Mathematics and any of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Further Mathematics, Economics and Geography.

This means you may have pass physics and still study industrial mathematics at the above universities


GOUU and KUST require five ‘O’ level credit passes including English Language, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology and any other Science subject.

AJAYI (Ajayi Crowder University) accepts Geography instead of Physics

AUN requires Five ‘O’ level credit passes including English Language, Mathematics, and any other three subjects from the following; Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science, Biology, Further Mathematics, Literature in English,

MINNA (FUTMINNA) requires five ‘O’ level credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry and any other two subjects from Physics, Biology, Further Mathematics, geography and Technical Drawing.

FED-DUTSE accepts ND, HND, NCE, IJMB in addition to 5 O/level Credit passes in Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics/Physics.


BENIN (Uniben) and ABSU accept D7 or E8 in Physics

UI requires 5 or 6 ‘O’ level credits passes at one or two sittings, include English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and any one or two of Physics, Geography and Agric Science

FED-OYEEKITI (plant science and biotechnology) accepts five ‘O’ level Credit passes to include English language and Mathematics and any three of Biology, Chemistry, Technical Drawing, Agricultural Science and Geography.

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O’level general requirements English Language, Mathematics, Biology and two other science subject.

LASU requires chemistry plus at least  D7 or E8 in Physics.

UYO requires a Credit passes in Mathematics and Chemistry and may accept P.7 in Physics.


MADONNA and EBSU accept D7 or E8 in Physics with credit in Mathematics.

MINNA requires at least a pass in Physics with a Credit pass in any other Science subject

KSUSTA accepts credit pass in Geography or Agricultural Science in place of Physics


(a) For Environmental Science and Toxicology, accept credit pass in Geography instead of Physics.

(b) For Microbiology accepts any other Science subject in place of Physics.

Note: There are still more courses you can study without physics i.e. with pass in physics, if you check through the brochure for special consideration for some universities.

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