Online JAMB CBT Practice Quiz

Welcome to servantboy CBT Practice for subjects of your choice. We are committed to make sure that you have a wonderful JAMB UTME score. And that is the reason why we create this online JAMB CBT practice. Taking this online CBT will give you an edge over your colleagues and affect your overall performance positively in UTME.

For optimum performance and speed, use high end browser to take this online test (Chrome, Firefox, etc.)

Note: more questions are being added daily. If you want any clarification on any question that looks difficult, you can send an email to the Admin.

Choose any subject of your choice

Use of English   [qsm_link id=2]Click here[/qsm_link]

Mathematics JAMB  CBT Test   [qsm_link id=3]Click here[/qsm_link]

Biology JAMB CBT Test   [qsm_link id=4]Click here[/qsm_link]

Chemistry Test   [qsm_link id=6]Click here[/qsm_link]

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