JAMB Direct Entry To Write Cognitive And Verbal Reasoning In 2024

JAMB has announced that starting in 2024, candidates taking the Direct Entry examination must participate in cognitive and verbal reasoning tests. Prof. Is-haq Oloyede, the Registrar, confirmed this during a virtual meeting with Commissioners of Education from the 36 States of the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory.

According to a bulletin released by the Board, Oloyede emphasized that JAMB will introduce an Aptitude Test for all Direct Entry candidates in 2024. This test evaluates their academic potential, career suitability, and mental and physical capacity. Unlike traditional subject-based assessments, the new test will measure the candidate’s cognitive skills.

The Registrar outlined that the aptitude test will include Verbal, Abstract, Mechanical and Numeric Reasoning, Data Checking, and Work Sampling sections. Furthermore, Oloyede clarified that Direct Entry registration will only be conducted at JAMB Offices nationwide.

During the registration process, candidates must provide essential information such as the Registration/Matriculation Number from the previous school, qualification subjects, Awarding Institution, Institution attended, and the Year of graduation. Additionally, admission letters may be required where applicable.

Verbal and numeric reasoning tests provide insights into students’ cognitive abilities. Verbal reasoning evaluates their comprehension, analytical, and language skills, while numeric reasoning assesses their mathematical and analytical capabilities.

These tests help in gauging students’ academic potential beyond subject-specific knowledge. They measure their general aptitude and problem-solving skills, offering a broader understanding of their intellectual capabilities. Assessing these skills helps educators identify students who excel in approaching challenges logically and analytically, which are valuable traits in various academic disciplines and real-world scenarios.

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