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How to use wdms zkteco without license key

WDMS is web data management server, developed by zkteco for managing their finger prints devices and time attendance software. This article is aimed at how to use wdms without license key.

How to crack wdms zkteco license software

Iclock server provides a solution to integrate attendance solution data storage to your own apps. It’s like an intermediary between the device you bought and your own app. It gives a real time and integrated attendance data storage for companies with many branches.

Disadvantage of iclock server (WDMS)

You cannot add more devices into wdms without their license key.

How to add more devices into WDMS

Download HeidiSQL (its an open source database tool). The job it does for you is to manage different database on your machine inasmuch you know the connection to the database.

Extract the downloaded WDMS file and open the folder

Click on setup and follow the installation instruction

After the WDMS installation, install the HeidiSQL setup by following the instruction.

Double click the HeidiSQL icon on your desktop (I believed you have installed it)

On your left panel rename the session by right clicking on it to serverDB

Your hostname:

User: root


Port: 83306

Click on open button. (Note: this is the connection string to WDMS iclock database on your machine)

After your database has open

Click on file menu on the menu bar

Click on new query tab

Type this sql statement : SELECT * FROM iclock_license

Update the following table column to:

Pro: 1

Companyname: yourname

Emailaddress: youremail

LastActivity: 2018-04-12 19:36:14

dl: 20

el: 200

time: 2050-04-12 19:36:06

license: 30

Note: After updating this table, go and open your Web-based Data Server and add devices

Device am using wdms with is iclock680

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