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How To Start Selling Tailoring Materials In Nigeria

Tailoring materials is a lucrative business in Nigeria. And this is because of high numbers of fashion designers i.e. tailors in Nigeria. I have never seen an area where there aren’t more than 20 tailors. So this makes selling tailoring materials a very lucrative business especially when it is done either on a small scale or large scale.

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Please don’t be scared of the large-scale stuff I mentioned, it is because of certain things that I have considered that made me say so. Starting on a small scale is good but the profit margin can’t be compared with large scale or a wholesales. For example, a row of a linen which contains 50 yards is N6,000 buying it from a wholesaler. The gain on a row might be N1000 but for you as a retailer selling it at N125 per yard which is the general sales price, the gain is N250. You can see that the profit margin is times four. However, either small scale or large scale, you will definitely maximize profit.

Capital is a major factor in selling tailoring material but the good news is that you can start as small as N50,000. It is not about the capital you start with that really matter, your business acumen and discipline will go a long way to make the business a success. My wife started the business with that amount and the business is flourishing.


List of tailoring materials or tailoring materials name

To start selling tailoring materials, below are the materials that you need to have in your shop because of their daily demand. Before you go to market, pen down the quantity of these materials you will like to buy base on your capital, and make of rough estimate of each material. Finding the cost of each material will help your budget. The tailoring materials are:

  1. Dull face satin fabric
  2. Tapeta silk fabrics
  3. Duchess satin fabric
  4. Raw silk fabrics
  5. Bridal satin
  6. Polish cotton
  7. Bridal net
  8. Chiffon: A sheer fabric of silk or rayon
  9. Needle
  10. Thread
  11. Veil net
  12. Scissors
  13. Linen- China and Aba: A fabric woven with fibers from the flax plant
  14. Stone
  15. Zip
  16. Hard net
  17. Trims
  18. Shuttle
  19. Machine reeler
  20. Sample net
  21. Tape rule
  22. Button
  23. Machine part
  24. Machine oil
  25. Clothing-stays

One good thing about this business is that you can get a shop in any location of your choice. You only need to make sure you are accessible and close to tailors around (they are the potential buyers).

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Places where you can buy tailoring materials in wholesales in Nigeria

The major place where you can buy tailoring materials in Nigeria especially south-west is Lagos and Ibadan.

Lagos Market: Idunmota market, Oshodi, yaba

Ibadan Market: Gbagi, Aleshinloye, Ogunpa


Source: UGlo Fashion, Onikolobo, Abeokuta (08062064265)

Bolarinwa Olajire

An associate lecturer at MAPOLY with demonstrated history of working in the education industry. Skilled in analytical skills, C++, Fortran, and Entrepreneurship. Strong education professional with a M. SC focused in condensed matter from University of Ibadan and PhD student at FUNAAB.


  1. Please am in Porthacourt, were can I get them cheaper

  2. If I intend to sell in wholesale, where do I get my materials from?

    1. Bolarinwa Olajire says:

      Abba is the best place to go

      1. Adeyemi Bisola says:

        Pls if I want to buy at cheaper rate and sell like those people in Lagos island ,where can I get it?thanks

        1. How much can someone used to start a big scale or wholesale tailoring materials business.
          I mean to be selling it to retailerals

          1. Bolarinwa Olajire says:

            You can start with 300k, 400k …1M depending on your pocket.

      2. Alaka balqees says:

        Good afternoon pls am living in ogun stata lafenwa ayobo side pls I want to be selling taloring material at whole sales price and I don’t know where to buy it in aba maket

    2. sosanya Bukola says:

      Thank you for this information,i learnt China is the best place if you want to start big and maximise great profit,pls where in China ?

      1. Bolarinwa Olajire says:

        China is in Asia. It is another country which is not in Africa.

  3. Mrs Olaonipekun says:

    I want to be selling cheaper I mean whole sales prize like people in Lagos island where will I get it and which company will I go or order

    1. Bolarinwa Olajire says:

      You will have to go to Aba (Ariaria in Aba)

      1. Pls do u av anybody’s contacts at Aba that sell wholesales?

  4. Stella Chukwu says:

    Good day.
    Please, is it possible for you to send me the price of those tailoring materials?

    1. Bolarinwa Olajire says:

      Price variation from one market to another will not allow me to send the price for each materials to you. However, you will get those materials cheaper if you visit where they sale in wholesales especially in Aba, Lagos (Idunmota, Oshodi), and Gbagi in Ibadan

      1. Good evening. Pls based on your response ti the above question can you help with the number of any of the wholesales seller in idumota or oshodi market .

      2. Please can you give me contact of people selling at wholesale price in Ibadan

  5. Ogunlade Abosede says:

    Which busstop is uglo fashion in onikolobo, maybe i can come to your place for more tutor, am used to panseke area.

    1. Bolarinwa Olajire says:

      UGLO Fashion is opposite frontline hotel, Iyana Oluwo, Abeokuta

  6. Thnx so much for this wonderful Information,i learnt alot, i want to start by January with 200000. i’m searching for shop right now. Am in Lagos but my sis inlaw reside in Aba n I want to buy from Aba,did u have idea how I can transport the goods at cheaper price? God bless

    1. Bolarinwa Olajire says:

      You are welcome ma. I don’t really have the idea but your Sister in Aba can be a help to you buy helping you to consult the drivers at the pack.

      1. Chinny precious says:

        Pls am in delima between hair with other hair product and selling of tailoring material business which one is more lucrative I live in lagos both of them at wholesale

  7. Anuoluwapo says:

    Thanks for this information, I want to start the business, am in Ibadan, I want to buy and sell in wholesales price for people, please like how much capital do I need to start with. Thanks

    1. Bolarinwa Olajire says:

      50-100k can kick start the business.

      1. Celestina nnenna okafor says:

        Please help me out i am a stay at home mom of 3 I really love this business at least to support my family I stays in Onitsha please were in Onitsha will I get this tailoring materials in cheap price and like how much will I need to start with?

        1. Bolarinwa Olajire says:

          The good thing about the business is that you can start with any amount from 50k provided you have a shop at a good location.

      2. Good afternoon sir Bolarinwa olajire pls can I get your contact for more information, I want to start the business I’m in Rivers state I need the cheapest market to go for me to have gain

    2. olalere omotayo says:

      we really appreciation all the information you have giving us pls I need you contact or Facebook username

  8. Oluwaremilkun says:

    Thanks for this information ma. I’ve already started this business but pls how would I write a proposal on existing business to obtain loan from the co-operative. Can I get a draft of it. Thanks

  9. Thanks for this info….. I stay in Abuja and I wish to buy directly from the producers and do wholesales and retail distribution… Please how do I go about it

  10. Thanks for this info….. I stay in Abuja and I wish to buy directly from the producers and do wholesales and retail distribution… Please how do I start

    1. Oyewole Diranolufemi says:

      Thanks a lot for this info. Pls., can you forward the Lagos addresses to me where l can be getting the tailoring materials in wholesale

  11. Chika..D,,prinx says:

    I want to buy in pH any link?

  12. I appreciate this publications and i value it thank u so very much and keep it up.

  13. Thanks so so much for the. Information I thought I can’t start with 50k but now I will thanks

  14. Thank you so much for dis information.. Pls I am very much interested in this business but I want to know if it’s worth leaving my job of 40k that doesn’t allow me have time for any other thing (it means I either employ someone or leave my job). My question is, is it worth (prifit wise)leaving d 40k Job to focus on d business myself (I don’t want one sales girl to finish me) ? . Note: I have enough savings to start d business ASAP. Pls kindly reply. Thank u

    1. Bolarinwa Olajire says:

      I will not advise you to leave your job immediately without you knowing the nitty gritty of the business.Business is not what you can jump into thinking you will break even immediately. Although the business is profitable. My advise is this
      1. Start the business and get someone you can trust to look at the business for you
      2. cultivate the act of stock taking
      3. tell him or her to write down every item sold with the amount, then on weekends go to the shop to cross check whether your goods are intact and correspond with the data your sales person gave you.
      Finally, start with a small amount like 80 – 100k and see how it goes in the first three months.

      1. Thank you very much. I might need to put it on hold cos I don’t have anyone to look after the business for me. My aim was to monitor it myself, then employ someone after some months while I job hunt.

      2. Florence Ogunlana says:

        Very nice starting guideline. I will like to do wholesales in this business, how can i be link to the suppliers. Please more information is needed. Thank you.

  15. Thanks for the info. Pls I intend going into fabrics sales ( chiffon, silk and the likes.) How do you advice I go about this. Thanks in anticipation.

  16. Gud morning,pls is it possible to go into selling of tailoring materials nd making of hair nd selling of hair materials in one store.

    1. Bolarinwa Olajire says:

      Demarcating the shop will be a good idea.

  17. Dasola joana says:

    Please I need Ibadan address for the sewing materials like chiffon,lacra,jeans and many more but I don’t want to go to aba

  18. Tnx for dis tips….please can you link me with ur dealer? I am in Ibadan

  19. I love the business, but is it a must I learn the business before start selling it.

    1. Bolarinwa Olajire says:

      It is not a must

  20. Thanks a million for this educating ideas to was so confused on what I can do now I’m convinced on wot to do please I’m in Abuja how do get it if i wants to buy in bulk

    1. Bolarinwa Olajire says:

      We also sell in bulk but the price is slightly higher than what is obtainable in Aba and the same as Lagos price. You can contact me via the number posted on the article.

      1. Lagos n aba where is the best place to buy in bulk

  21. Maria Erima says:

    I so much love this business,am trying my best to set it up by next year.

  22. Thanks so much for this information am about to start the business ending of this month have gotten shop already i stay at oshogbo am buying my goods at ibadan which is near to to my town ..

    1. Bolarinwa Olajire says:

      You are welcome.

  23. Adebisi victoria says:

    Can I sell tailoring materials with readymade cloth and shoes

    1. Bolarinwa Olajire says:

      Yes you can.

  24. Adebisi victoria says:

    Then can I start with 30or 40000

  25. Since it’s not mandatory for someone to learn d business b4 venturing into it. Pls what are d necessary or primary things one needs to know b4 starting d business. Thanks

  26. Thanks so much, it’s really helpful…… Hope to see more of it…..

  27. What is the cost difference btw buying materials in Aba and Lagos. I want to know which one is preferable if my location is in Ife osun state.

    1. ijeomadave says:

      buy in lagos because of transportation

  28. Godwin confidence says:

    Am in abuja I want to buy in bulk and sell at a cheaper price to retailers but where can I buy from I want to invest 3-5 million in the business

    1. Bolarinwa Olajire says:

      Aba will be a good place for you.

  29. Is it possible for one to sell tailoring materials nd other fabrics like crepe, jersey nd d likes

    1. Bolarinwa Olajire says:

      Yes, you can.

  30. Alaka balqees says:

    Pls can you give me direction to aba maket thanks.

    1. Bolarinwa Olajire says:

      Ariaria is located at Faulks Road, Off Aba-Owerri Road, Aba.

  31. Opawande damilola says:

    Thank you sir, please where can I buy cheap tailoring material in oshodi

  32. Please can one sew and sell tailoring materials at the same time. How do I manage both

    1. Bolarinwa Olajire says:

      Yes you can.

  33. Okeke ngozi says:

    Please sir, where can I buy cheap tailoring materials at onitsha.

  34. Thanks for this….. I wish to start with 150- 200k, but I want to maximize profit, would you advise I get them in Lagos or Aba, though I reside in Ibadan and I know Ibadan is not as cheap as that of Lagos… which will you advice (Lagos or Aba). Thanks

    1. Bolarinwa Olajire says:

      With the said amount, it will be adviseable to buy your goods from Lagos.

  35. Thank you so much for this information.
    God bless you

  36. sir. I really love you article. pls I stay in Abuja & i want to start this businees, pls is it profitable if i go to lagos to buy the tailoring materia? because am trying to considering the transportation fee in cheeping them. I have 100 – 150 for starting this business.

    1. Bolarinwa Olajire says:

      Lagos is a cool place to get the materials cheap especially when you know where to get them.

      1. Falode yetunde says:

        Which place can I get it in lagos I want to sell wholesale

      2. Please where in Lagos can we get them cheaply and I will appreciate if you can recommend someone you trust. Thanks

  37. Thanks for the info. But am in Niger state, and I HV got 50k to start and I can’t go beyond ilorin for now,pls can u recommend a place to get it in ilorin because I don’t know places. Thanks

  38. Edun temidayo says:

    Pls concerning transportation issues how can I get to aba without spending much I mean at a cheaper price cos some said d transport fare from ondo to aba is close to 13k while some said 4k but none of them is ready to give assistance on how to get there cheaper. Pls help a sister

  39. Sir thanks for this article, am in to this business already.l also want to sell wholesale. As you said you also sell too. can you sell at the price that will pay me

  40. Thanks for this information. I really appreciate. Please I stay in Ifo, and I plan starting the business next year by God’s grace. If you won’t mind, I will like to visit your shop one of this days for more enquiry into the business. Thanks and God bless.

  41. Am ready to start the business,all I need now is a supplier

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